My Surprise Gift

After our first threesome with Paul, Alex and I knew that it wouldn't be our last. So, we met Paul often and developed a trusting relationship with him. I was blown away by how much I enjoyed being with both these men but more importantly what really pulled at my heart was to see just how much Alex enjoyed being fucked by Paul. Don't get me wrong Alex loves his women and being the filthiest he can. Stretching and filling all holes be it man or woman, but he also enjoys having the cock whenever he could. He is a man of few words showing no emotions, but when he gets a cock you see the craving, the vibration, the enthusiasm in his eyes. I wanted to push the envelope a little.

The three of us were having a date night this coming weekend as Paul's girlfriend was away this time, we were having it at our place so when Saturday arrived Alex had a meeting to attend and said he was going to be a little bit late. I started getting ready, nothing fancy, just my stocking, heels, a braless t-shirt and a miniskirt. As I was putting the final touches on myself the doorbell rang. I pushed the buzzer to let Paul in, we hugged, and he kissed my cheek as I greeted him.

We sat on the couch sipping wine, talking when I asked him, "if he had been with other men?" he replied "he had" which didn't surprise me. I'd asked him if he had ever been with more than one guy at a time and he said no. I told him that I wanted to surprise Alex and let him experience two guys while I watched. Paul thought about it for a few minutes and said he had the perfect partner, a friend of his. He asked if we should wait, talk to Alex. I said "no, I preferred to surprise him".

So, Paul reached out to his trans friend. David agreed to meet Alex and I, so we gave him the address inviting him over. When he arrived, Paul introduced me to him. I'd say he was around late 40s early 50s salt pepper hair, lean, very handsome, I was immediately at ease with him. I told the guys basically what I was looking for wanting to watch Alex fuck and be fucked by both guys. They were both happy and excited with the idea, eager to participate in my surprise. As the three of us sat on the couch drinking wine without even thinking I put my hand on each of their crotches. Smiling at how hard they both were which made me excited.

Paul reached over nibbling on my neck sliding his hand up my skirt moaning, whispering "God Victoria you're so sexy and wet I want to fuck you right now." David looked at me with his sheepish grin asking if he could remove my top. I said "absolutely" he slid the T-shirt over my head and lowered his mouth onto my nipple sucking it hard as his other hand pinched my other nipple rolling it between his fingers. I inhaled deeply having David suck my tits and Paul fingering my velvet cunt. Whispering between my moans I said, "why don't we get more comfortable." Let's get rid of these clothes.

Neither of the guys are like Alex who is very manly, large, extremely thick, the thought of Alex's cock sends chills through me, making me so fucking horny, hungry and wanting his cock. Paul and David are long and slender, all three of us now naked except for my stockings and heels. I sat between the guys stroking them each as they were getting hard, tightening my grip moving up and down at a fast pace. I was so horny I couldn't hold off any longer. Getting up on my hands and knees I lowered my mouth onto David's hard cock running my tongue around the rim of his cock head. Moving up and down steadily, yet slowly ass up in the air, when I suddenly felt this hard stiff rod sliding in. "Mmmm I moaned," sucking David harder as I felt Paul shoved his cock all the way in my hole wasting no time. I inhaled deeply at the sensation of his cock being in my ass, Fuck this was magnificent.

I sucked harder each time I went on David's cock, also gently massaging his balls, being fucked in the ass by a hard, long slender cock, while moving my hand from his balls to rub my clit fast and hard, I was so wet the juices were dripping from my cunt. I could taste precum from David, and Paul was pounding harder and faster with each thrust. It wouldn't be long now, and just like that it was as though Paul read my mind "I'm going to cum where do you want it baby" I stopped sucking long enough to say, "I want you both to cum in my mouth." Paul pulled his cock out as I lowered myself to the floor, both guys stroking themselves. Opening my mouth each slapping my face with their cock, my knees bent, legs opened wide as my fingers fucked my cunt and ass. Stroking hard, and fast David was the first to drop his load, as cum shot across my face. I began licking the cum from David's cock, when suddenly Paul turned my head, filling my mouth with his cum gagging/choking as some cum oozed out dripping down over my tits, neck and chin. It was thrilling having both guys fill my mouth and cover me in their cum.

Sucking and licking two cocks at the same time. Mmm... I moaned loudly letting the guys know I was ecstatic.
The door to the suite opens, and in walks Alex, with a look of surprise on his face but hunger in his eyes. Alex says, "it looks like I may be a little late for this party." I responded "you're just on time babe" let me grab you a drink, walking and kissing him on his lips so he could taste Paul and David's delicious cum still lingering on my lips. Pouring a glass of wine, I handed it to Alex. Looking into his eyes, winking at him and whispering, "sorry babe I couldn't wait". "Bullshit !!! you planned this my little fuckhole" I giggled. "Oh, did I ever," I hope you enjoy it. Be back soon jumping in the shower.

As I headed to the bathroom, I looked over my shoulder as Alex began to loosen his tie and unbutton his dress shirt, stopping I say, "have fun but not too much fun until I get back".
Getting out of the shower I quickly dry off, wrapping a towel around myself. The hall is dark, so the guys didn't notice me as I peek around the corner of the doorframe. I'm happy at what I saw so emotional, pure, and unimaginable. David leaning back against the couch, Paul holding each leg back, as he was pounding him hard. Alex on the floor licking all the juices and leakage drizzling out of David's ass, licking/sucking Paul's balls and cock with each thrush he pounded.

The moans and grunts the three were making were enough to make anyone aroused. I quietly entered the room and sat in the big comfy chair, my eyes never leaving them as I was excited at what was transpiring in front of me. Paul pulled his cock out and all you could see was how wet it was, a stream of juice ran out of David's ass down to his balls. Alex was lapping it up as fast as he could, until Paul whipped his creamy wet covered cock at Alex saying, "here have this". Alex began licking and sucking until he had the whole cock in his mouth, his head bobbing back and forth at a fast pace.

Looking down Paul said, "hey man your turn fuck him in the ass he's all yours". Alex then forcefully plunged his large thick cock into David's ass. David gasped loudly, Alex moving his hips back and forth, he reached out, gripping David's cock tightly and started stroking. Between the stroking, the pounding he had a nice rhythm going on, a pleasing, yet satisfying look on his face.

I couldn't contain my enthusiasm anymore, bringing my legs up, I glided my hand down and started fingering my cunt and asshole. Gawd, I had an urgency to have all my holes filled, I was wet, horny, and hungry. And a huge desire to join in on this experience. The more I watched Alex fuck David eyeing the way he stroked his cock. Watching Paul masturbate himself I was so turned on to the point of no return. Walking over Alex was pounding David hard you could tell he was about to cum, his breathing was heavy you could see the veins popping through his hand at the tightness of holding David's cock. Suddenly all you heard was Ahhhh. I knew instantly Alex had cum, sliding in between Paul and Alex I said, "honey move over I want to suck all the juices out". Alex pulled his cock out as I said "David push that cum out so I can suck it all in, bending down the white cream just oozed out. Smothering my face in between the crack of David's ass I sucked as hard as I could wanting to take it all and taste it all.

We were all pretty exhausted, but we weren't done. At my suggestion we make our way to the bedroom, it's Alex's turn to get fucked in the ass. I mentioned maybe David would like to take Alex first. Laying across the bed Alex bends his legs back, as David slides his long slender cock in Alex's ass pushing deep, Alex inhaled deeply. Paul sitting on the floor licking Alex's balls waiting for the juices to flow. David hammers Alex hard, deeper with each thrush, faster with such force. Again, feeling a little jealous I walk over crawling on the bed I straddle Alex's face with my hot wet cunt. Rocking back and forth feeling Alex's tongue slithering around my velvet lips, dipping deep into my hole I reach down taking Alex's cock licking the pre cum as I slide my lips over the head cock and glide down with ease.

I get into the same rhythm as David. Hammering Alex hard David says, "I'm about to cum". Paul says, "I'm ready, let it go, let me taste Alex's cum". Between stroking, and sucking Alex's cock I knew he was about to drop his load any minute between sucks I whisper, "honey just let me have it" and just like that an explosion shoots back into the back of my throat. I gag a bit trying to swallow, David pulls out as Paul takes over sucking as much cum out of Alex's ass as he can. I slide off Alex so he can breathe a little easier and all four of us lay various ways on the king size bed. Breathless, our bodies tremble, yet savoring what just happened.

It seemed like forever before anyone spoke, when I said, "are we tired or do we have enough in us for one more surprise". Looking at one another the guy's grind. Alex said, "what do you have in mind babe?" looking into his eyes I said, "I'd like to try two cocks while you deepthroat me". As I position myself across the bed, Paul holds my legs back over my head so Alex can stretch my cunt nice and big. Alex starts with two fingers getting me loose then adds a third then forth, going in as deep as he can. He looks at me smiling and says, "you ready babe?" I shake my head "yes". Looking at Paul and David he says, "she's all yours".

Paul is the first lubricating me with his spit then sliding his cock in, moving back and forth. I moan. Alex holds both my legs over my head, so my ass is off the bed, David stands beside Paul and slides his cock in. I inhale deeply, feeling one cock slide in while the other sides out. My head bent back; my mouth opened wide. Alex forcefully rams his thick, large cock as deep as he can, at first, I gag and cough, he doesn't let up. Fucking my throat as hard and as deep as he can, and the other two hammering me hard, my hands clutching the bedsheets, my body trembles.

Before I get a chance to refocus, I feel this warm sensation on my stomach, tits, oozing down my ass, and deep in the back of my throat, as Alex pulls out cum sprays all over my face and hair. All three men start licking it off my body as I lay in a daze. The rest is a haze, as I woke hours later covered in a blanket and Alex sleeping beside me. This was my surprise to Alex, but something tells me it was a surprise for all of us. Only one word SENSATIONAL. And yes, it will happen again.

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