Made to be a Maid
I was at my gym working out on a Thursday morning when I ran into Mike. Mike grew up in the house
directly behind mine. He was twentyyears old and had just finished his sophomore year of college. He
hasa full ride scholarship as a linebacker at a Division II school. He is six-feet, five-inches, two
hundred forty-five pounds, and all muscle.He kept his head completely shaven claiming it made him
"high speed - low drag". I couldn't help but watch him.His workout was brutal. Well, he also looked
good, too. He was even better looking than his father. My mind began to wander. My husband, whom
I love dearly, had been out of town for a week and wouldn't be home for a week more. Too be honest,
I was horny. About threeyears ago Mike's dad, Carl, and I had a one night fling after a neighborhood
bash. Both of our spouses were out of town. We had flirted heavily for a couple ofyears and at the
party one thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was waking up naked in Carl's bed. He had
the most amazing hard-on and I had a choice. I could either sneak out embarrassed or own what had
happened. Well, it was an incredible cock, so I owned it and started sucking it. Carl woke up, flipped
me onto my back, and plunged as hedrove it right in. Suddenly,there was a knock on the door. It was
Mike letting his dad know he was heading to school for Saturday practice. From the sound of his
voice he had no clue that I was there.Carl and I spent the next two hours fuckingsince now we were
sure we had the house to ourselves. We never hooked up again. It had been incredible but we were
too good of friends with each other's spouses. As I watched Mike I wondered if his cock was as
beautiful as his dad's, or better! Mike was more nicelybuilt, taller and heavier,too. Even though I was
looking at him I was too engrossed in my lewd thoughts to realize he was looking at me and smiling.
Finally I blushed andwaved. My knees got weak when he stopped doing his planks and walked
towards me. As he neared he made no effort to hide the fact he was looking me up and down. My
workout outfit wasn't exactly modest. A low cut sports bra, tight yoga shorts, and tennies. All he had
on was shorts and a bit too small tank top which was drenched in sweat. Grinning at me he said, "Hi,
Mrs P. You are looking good!" Still looking me up and down. Mostly down, as I am only five-feet, fourinches.
I do work to keep my figure fit at36DD-28-34 andone hundred thirty-four pounds. Apparently
he thought so as well.I was a bit intimidated by his grinning inspection and looked down. The tent in
his shorts told me not only was he more endowed than his father but heliked what he saw. I had to
get control of things or this could get embarrassing. "How is college going? I hear from your folks
you're going to start next year?" We talked about that for a bit, then went on to his classes. The whole
time he still had the grin on his face. It was not a goofy grin. It was more of the grin of a predator
assessing his prey. That not only made me a bit uncomfortable but I also realized I liked it. He began
to comment on how good I looked, I countered with asking about all the co-eds that must be chasing
him. "None of them excite me. I don't like girls, I like women!" Danger sirens went off in my head. My
mind was telling me to change the subject as my libido was revving up. "Aren't your folks in Belize on
vacation?" "Yea they are... They get back Sunday, and that is kind of a problem, The house is a bit of
a mess. Don't tell them but I had a few friends over and we had a small party.Nothing outlandish but
the basement party room is a bit of a disaster. Can I ask a favor and have you help me clean it
please?" Mike has always been intelligent and well spoken. Polite and respectful,not counting the
look of a hungry wolf he was wearing right now, soas a result I could not say no. "Let me finish my
workout, get cleaned up, and I will meet you at your house. After, I will take you to dinner." "Thank
you, but I will owe you big time, so how does this sound?Let me help you with your workoutand after
the cleanup I will buy us a pizza. The Cubs are playing the Cardinals tonight.I know what a fan you
are, and me as well. Pizza, beer, and baseball." I was going to point out he was underage but let that
go. My favorite pitcher on the Cubs was starting, and as much as I love the Cubs, I hatethe
Cardinals."Deal." Before I realized it I was drenched in sweat and groaning. He was working me
harder than any trainer I had ever had. A combination of flattery, flirting, cajoling, challenging and
even daring me to push myself. He was pretty free with his hands helping me, which was nothelping
my moral compass to keep my growing lust repressed. Finally, I just wanted to show him I could do
better at something just to wipe that grin off his face.I challenged him to a planking contest; first one
to drop was the loser. "I don't know, Mrs P.That isn't something we really work on." I hadhim, so I
teased him about being chicken. "We can even make it a bet.If I win, you can come over and wash
my car tomorrow." He cocked an eyebrow. "Okay, if I win you have to wear a maid's uniform and
clean the basement while I watch.Or are youchicken?" Caught by my own cleverness, as well as the
fact I didn't want to lose, I agreed. Well, I lost and I lost big. I tried to get some dignity back and
blurted out, "Okay, but you have to get the uniform." Then I smiled at him. We agreed to meet at his
house in twohours. I kissed him on the cheek and headed to have a steam, then shower. I was
incredibly sore and a steam always helps me. While in the steam room, I shut my eyes and relaxed. I
drifted off. The happily married wife let down her guard and the next thing I knew I was rubbing
myself, having a flashback to the night with Carl, except it wasn't Carl. it was Mike.Feeling guilty I
stopped. At the appointed time I let myself in the back porch door and called for Mike. He told me to
head into the den, sayingmy uniform was on the couch. When I entered and sawit I gasped.He had
gone all out. The actual dress didn't leave much to the imagination. Even before putting it on I knew
almost the entire top half of my heavy but firm breasts would be exposed. I just hopedthe dress would
be long enough to cover my ass, but wasn't going to bet on it. In addition there was a braless
corset/garter cincher. Black silk seamed stockings, a G-string, and fiveinch stiletto heels. The part of
me that was Mike's mother's best friend was screaming that this was NOT a good idea.But the sex
loving, lonely part just laughed. Biting my lower lip I started to dress. I did promise myself that all I
would do was wear this for him. Once dressed I was very aware that not only were the garter straps
showing but so was the very bottom of my ass cheeks.I will say, I did look hot.I headed to the
basement. Mike was already down there organizing it. I was relieved to see nothing was broken or
stained, just messy. When he turned and saw me my heart (and pussy) fluttered. The predatory smile
cameback on his face. Blushing, I started to clean. Mike went and sat down on the couch and
watched me. I admitted to myself I was having fun.I liked this young Ebony God watching me.I really
began to work it, bending over, letting him see my firm tight ass.I do work hard at keeping it that way.I
want my husband to be proud of me and I do like the attention. Crawling around on all fours picking
things up, it was obvious by his lap tent he liked it too.I was so wet. It did take almost twohours to
clean. I have to admit I was sore, both from the workout before and nowthe cleaning. When I finished
I turned to look at Mike and was shocked! He had his cock out and was stroking it! It was HUGE!
As I stared, he spoke. "I know about you and my dad. I saw you two come home drunk.I could hear
you from my room." Slowly stroking that black, baseball bat cock. "When I said was going to practice I
didn't havepractice.I hid and watched you two fuck all around the house. My dad knew it, too!" His
grin went from the hunter enjoying the chase to the hunter knowing his prey was his! "He told me to
watch, that nothing fit on black cock better than firm, rich, white, married MILF! Ever since then I've
been awaiting this day.Deep down, you have too, haven't you?" I found myself nodding yes. "Now,
why don't you crawl over here and suck my black cock like you were born to." Things blurred as I
found myself on all fours crawling to him, going between his long, thick legs, my mouth homing in on
that wonderful cock. Next thing I knew I was working it into my throat. "Oh, fuck yes. This is why I like
women and not girls! You know you're here to be used!" That talk really turns me on. He was his
father's son.I'm very talented with my mouth and managed to work most of it in. Then I started
bobbing up and down on him, one hand stroking him while the other played with his balls.
"Fuck,yes.Those college bimbos don't know to pay attention to my balls.Oh, yes, go bitch, go!" When
he called me bitch aninvoluntary groan erupted. "You like that, don't you bitch?" I moaned that I did. I
knew what he wanted next even if he didn't. I let that massive cock pop out of my mouth. I ran my
tongue down the bottom vein andwhen I arrived at his balls I opened up and took them in, massaging
them with my tongue. In a deep basso growl he let out,"Fuck, bitch, Dad said you were the most
talented slut he ever had!" I wasnot only not upset, but aroused by that. I wasalmost ready to explode
and he haddone nothing to me yet.His hands found my head and fingers wove into my hair. I
keptstroking him as I sucked his balls. A few minutes of this and he pulledme off his balls and puthis
cock back in my mouth, taking control. He beganto fuck himself using my mouth to do it.Letting go, I
keptfucking him with my mouth. His long arms pushed his hands down my back. One liftedmy already
short maid skirt as the other hookedthe G-string. With his extraordinary strength, a quick jerk, and a
yelp from me it wasoff. "You won't be needing this!" Then with the smooth grace of a trained
athlete,simultaneously pulling me off his cock and pushing me over, we rolledbackwards.My legs
splayed out toeither side of him. Still in one motion he linedhis cock expertly up with my shaven pussy
and entered.I almost blackedout from the intensity of the feeling. "You're too biggg!" I screamed.
Chuckling, he pinnedboth my hands over my head with one powerful arm and continuedto enter me. I
couldn't take it. I exploded, cumming harderthan I ever hadbefore! "God damn it! Oooh, fuuuck!" He
didn't let up, pushing farther in. I couldn't even speak, I wasgroaning mindlessly, having spasmson
him.His free hands pressed my breasts and kneaded them roughly. "Damn, Mrs P, your pussy is so
fucking tight.Goddamn, you feel good!" He startedpumping slowly then picking up the pace.
"God.You'rebetter than Dad said!" "Fuck me, baby, fuck meee! You're better than your dad,oh god,
fuck me!" Obliging me he startedpumping harder and faster. I cameagain.Not bothering to pull outhe
pulledmy left leg up over his headputting me on my right side and keptpumping me. He
switchedholding my handsstill pinned over my head and his left hand startedgroping my ass.
Suddenlyhe insertedhis thumb into my asshole. Using his thumbas ahook he guidedme up onto all
fours and keptfucking. I feltmy maid's outfit being unzipped, my breasts coming free. Suddenly he
spankedmy ass. "You like that, bitch, don't you. Fucked and spanked like a dog." "Come on baby, do
it harder!" SMACK. Mike was pumping fast. I felthim tensing and a moment later he explodedinto my
pussy, filling me! He wasstill hard as he pulledout. I waspanting. "Stand up, Mrs P.Take that outfit off.
Let me see the lingerie." Slowly I staggered to my feet. I wanted nothing more at the moment than to
do what my young lover toldme to do.I wiggledthe outfit over my hips, letting it fall. He patted the
couch next to him for me to join him. "Time for first pitch." I wasstunned.We had been fucking for an
hour. "Double cheese and sausage?" I laughed and nodded at him. He playedwith his phone. I
assumedhe wasordering it. About thirtyminutes later the doorbell rang. "Go get it, Mrs P," handing me
a five dollarbill,. "I paid on line. Here's his tip. Unless you're too chicken to answer and give him a
thrill?" I wasstill super horny. The orgasms hadonly made me more horny.I smiledwith an 'am not'look
andgot up togo answer the door. My bronze tanned breasts were out,bare, and my sore pussy was
exposed. I opened the door and there was another well-built black kid. Holding a pizza hesized meup
as Ididhim.I held out the five.Instead of taking it he just walkedby me and headedto the basement. I
chased after him. "Wait!" He just laughed. "Mike, you here?" I stopped in my tracks, confused. I heard
them greeting each other in the basement. Determined to find out what the hell was going on, I
headed downstairs. Mike and the other kid were sitting on either end of the couch drinking beer and
holding pizza. "Mrs P, meet my teammate, Tyrone." Tyrone grinned."She'sas hot as your Dad said.I
assume you fucked her already?" "She took it and wanted more.Fucking her was better than any
bimbo at school.Mrs P, come on over. Let Tyrone see you.Hell sit on his lap!" I didn't hesitate toobey
him. His hands explored my body and Iloved it. His finger fuckedmy ass for a bit, making me squirm
all over his lap. "I love rich, white, married bitches." "Well, baby, I am your bitch then," and I kissed
him hard. I then slidbetween them. I realized I wasstarving, but not for pizza. I learned Tyrone was a
Cardinal fan.My inner slut breaking free I got back on my knees. "I don't want anyone to feel left out.
So here are the rules. When the Cubs are batting I suck Mike. Cardinals, Tyrone. Between innings,
whoever I just sucked eats me.Whoever's team wins gets to fuck my ass.I assume you boys have the
stamina for that?" Everyone was in agreement! I really worked Tyrone since he was one orgasm
behindMike. He shot down my throat in the sixth inning. Around and around we went. I was so turned
on I came everytime. I was exhausted but kept going. In the end, the Cardinals won. Tyrone put me
on all fours withmy head between Mike's legs. Without askinghe fucked my pussy to lube his cock up.
Then dipping his fingers into my sopping pussy he rubbed my ass. "Get ready, my white bitch!" To be
honest, Tyrone was smaller than Mike and I was a bit relieved. I barely handled Mike in my pussy. In
Tyrone's defense, he still was bigger than most.I moved forward enough so I could take Mike in my
mouth, grinning at him. "You're a Cubs fan so you get me all night if you want me." I couldn't say
anymore as Tyrone pushed forward into me. Mouth full of cock, mumbling incoherently was all I
coulddo.The two soon got in a rhythm and I was their happy, slutty, white bitch.We spent the next
hour fucking in so many different combos I have no clue the number of my orgasms. I mainly
remember the double penetration when Mike was in my cunt and Tyrone kept ramming my ass.Every
time I felt I couldn't go on they just kept fucking.We all passed out on the floor. They were naked, I
was in my lingerie. When I awoke I saw Mike lying on his back, his cock hard and sticking up like a flag
pole. "Like father like son!" I got on all fours and crawled over to take it in my mouth...
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