I went to a Ski Patrol meeting straight from flying one night, dressed in a flight suit. Not my normal dress, but I had some important work to do there and didn't want to get there late or miss out on the staff meeting that is held first-off.

Dennis, our President convened the meeting and introduced Madeline, his new Administrator. He has great taste in fellow workers! She was about 30, lithe, shoulder length auburn hair and a laugh that would make any man want her.

We all at the staff table introduced ourselves to her and each received a warm smile in return. A lovely addition to our team, to be sure!

A week later, I was back and at a file cabinet where all my paperwork was stored. Madeline was at her nearby desk as I came into the room. When I opened the drawer, I felt a push from behind and I turned around to see Madeline in front of me. So close I could smell her intoxicating scent, both perfume and natural. She told me that she loved what I did to my flight suit the previous week and hoped I would wear it again. She then pushed me back against the filing cabinet and kissed me, not in just a friendly way, but in a way used by lovers. Hard, lots of tongue and with a body tight against mine.

I was shocked at first, but began to enjoy her aggression. I returned her kiss and grabbed her lithe body and pressed it hard against mine. She knew then that I was as interested in her as she was in me.

We played and toyed with one another for several weeks without it becoming anything more than sexy teasing.

I had duty at a nearby ski slope one weekend and headed off on Friday to spend several days at a hotel near the resort. On Saturday morning, I checked in and, to my delight, Madeline was there for the same tour as me. We skiied as a team nearly all day and had more fun just talking. When the hills closed, we took the shuttle bus to town and we both got off at the same stop - my, and her, hotel.

As she got off the bus in front of me, she had a smile that indicated a fun weekend for both of us. As we walked into the lobby, she asked my room number. I gladly told her and expected a naughty phone call that evening. We hopped on the elevator and, as the doors closed, we kissed in a manner close to our file cabinet debut many weeks ago. She got off at the floor below mine and I told her that I'd talk to her later. She made no comment.

I got to my room and stripped off sweaty clothes and laundry-bagged them all. I turned on the shower, got the bathroom steamy and climbed in the tub for a refreshing bath. Aaaaah!

Then there was a loud knock on the door.

I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around me and answered it. Madeline immediately pushed her way into my room as soon as the door was unlatched. She was dressed in shorts and Tee that came off almost instantly! What an incredibly beautiful woman she was (and is)!
She went into the bathroom and into the shower and called out what my problem was. I answered by jumping back in, but this time with a naked, warm and wet woman in my shower.

I pulled her to me, loving the feel of her against my flesh. She and I kissed and I have no idea who initiated it, but it was the start of a million kisses thereafter. Tongues, moaning, caresses of bottoms, breasts, necks, pussy and erection.

We finally realized that we needed to wash before either of us would smell close to sexy. I took a wash cloth and my soap to her magnificent, lithe body. Face, neck, chest, breasts, ribs, tummy, pussy, legs, ass, back then shampoo...

She took the cloth and caressed my body with it as she both played and washed me, paying extra attention to a very hard erection.

The soap rinsed off, we hopped out and applied warm towels to each others' bodies then dropped them so we could stand tight against one another, caressing asses and backs as we ground fiercely together.

It was time to do something more than hug and kiss, so I took her hand and led her to the bedroom and the king sized bed ready for us.

I peeled down the covers and gently helped her to lie down. I bent to kiss her and we both moaned in sexual need. Then I climbed in next to her, kissed one nipple then the other. She told me that she loves her nipples pulled - HARD. Gladly! I pinched one and bit the other as she screamed and writhed. I got down to sucking, biting and devouring one as the other got a treat from my fingers. In a few seconds, she came. I have never experienced anyone orgasming from just playing with her breasts before, but I wasn't one to question my good fortune.

Soon it was time for me to minister to her needs further down her body. As I moved south, Madeline spread her legs in anticipation. I first kissed her, then teased her opening with my tongue. She was already soaked with sweet juices I love to drink. I hummed against her labia and she moved hard up against my face. Then I found her clit and kissed it, circled it, criss-crossed it with my tongue then devoured it! I nibbled it, sucked on it then took it into my mouth, using my lips and teeth. She came again, this time pushing my face hard into her pussy.

"Fuck me, Baby", is all I needed to hear. In our chats, I learned she loves doggy, so I lifted her up, turned her onto her knees and slipped a pillow under her head. I moved behind her and kissed a swollen pussy and then I rimmed her lovely ass. I was in heaven! She swore at me and told me that she needed my prick deep in her, NOW! I spanked her ass and then took my cock and spanked her pussy before sliding it into her entrance. She moaned and I felt her open to my size, I pushed a little, letting her cunt take me and pushed some more until we were one! What a wonderful feeling!

I started to stroke her, our bodies in perfect sync, my cock burying itself deep into her and she moaned her response to my fucking. She told me to go faster, so I grabbed her hair and pulled her down onto me HARD! I sped up the pace and soon she was telling me that she was gonna cum. I knew, because her pussy was taking hold of my hardon and squeezing it. She was cumming when she shouted out expletives not normally heard in public and I responded by fucking her harder.

I felt wetness on my legs. And her tight pussy played havoc with my self-control and I told her I was about to cum, too. I rammed deep into her and stayed there as my cock swelled, pulsed and filled her with my hot jism. Wow! what a fuck! She was fantastic.

I collapsed and slid out of her, lying on my side and she nestled onto my lap. I took two fingers and slipped them into her pussy, soaking them and then touched her lips with them.
She took them hungrily, licking and sucking them clean.

i repeated the finger soaking for my benefit, this time. We were sweet and delicious.

And you know what, we are still lovers to this day, 31 years later. She is still fantastic and we never stop finding new ways to pleasure each other.
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