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For two days, they sat on opposite sides of the conference table. He had a dark handsome face, and when he smiled, his perfect white teeth, and warm brown eyes had the most unsettling effect on Magda. There was also a deep but quiet strength in his eyes.

In spite of her best effort to stay calm, Magda felt the fire of lust begin to consume her as the heat of her passion began to rise and spread from her now moist pussy to the rest of her body.

Magda lost all concentration throughout the rest of the day's session, and when the facilitator of the session called a recess for lunch, she quickly gathered her papers, meaning to rush out of the room. She made it as far as the door, then she turned when someone tapped her lightly on the shoulder, "Aren't you forgetting something", he said in his soft yet deep male voice. He reached out and handed her a small card, and then walked away without as much as a backward glance.

Magda looked at the card on her dressing table for the umpteenth time, Don - Room 1204'; she repeats in her mind, knowing well that she had to go to him if she was to have any peace of mind. She had bathed, and chosen her sexy silk thong and bra to match carefully. She finished dressing herself in her short red silk evening gown, almost breathless with anticipation; she picked up her purse and left her hotel room, wondering what awaited her.

She knocked softly on his door and waited for a response. After a long nerve wrecking wait, the door opened and there he was, standing there in his white terrycloth bathrobe, 6'10" of raw sexual energy. Magda was transfixed; she could neither move nor say a word. Her eyes were glued to the bulge of his huge erection, pushing against the front of his robe.

No sooner had the door closed than Don took her face in his strong hands and sealed her lips with his in a deep, passionate kiss. Going completely weak at the knees, Magda thought; 'Oh my goodness, he is such a great kisser too'. When he broke their kiss and pulled her further into the room, she suddenly realized that her dress had mysteriously fallen off her, and now rested around her ankles on the lush carpet of his hotel room.

When he parted his robe, the sight of his big black cock made her breath catch for an instant. She hungrily licked her lips and he guided his stiff cock into the warmth of her sensuous mouth.

Magda kept on willing herself to stay focused and not 'wolf down' his cock as hungrily as she felt at that instant. She licked its shiny head, and then down the veined shaft. Reaching his balls she lifted his shaft higher and sucked each ball in turn.

He pulled back his waist and then shoved his cock back deeper into the comfort of her mouth. After a good sucking on her part she heard his distant moans, "yeah! Suck on it harder.... Take it deeper".

When he had had enough, he simply pulled out of her mouth and pushed her gently towards the bed. He bent her over and removed her thongs, and then he knelt down behind her, and began to plant kisses all over her nice pert ass. He caught a whiff of her supercharged pussy scent, but he resisted the temptation to go after it yet.

He licked the crack of her ass, and gradually licked his way to her swollen pussy lips. Her moans were getting louder as she shoved her ass at his face. He licked her pussy until her moans filled the room, then he stabbed his tongue deep into her dripping wet cunt. Crying out in desperation she asked him in Spanish to take her right there and then; "Please fuck me now" she begged, but Don didn't understand a word she was saying.

As Don felt the fever of her lust reaching a peak, he slowed down and shifted his tongue to her tight asshole; he licked it gently and blew wisps of air into it with each lick. Then when she began to shiver again, he pushed his tongue hard against the resistance of her anal sphincter. He felt the musky sour sweetness of her ass as his tongue prevailed.

He rose to his feet and gently turned her around, laying her on her back, with her bra gone, he knelt in between her thighs and buried his face once again in her pussy, this time he ate her pussy, hungrily yet with a sense of purpose. Her moans got louder and reached a crescendo when he teased back the hood of her clitoris and sucked on it.

Her body began to shiver as she let off 'rapid-fire Spanish' in a breathless passion soaked rendition. This turned Don on seriously, although he didn't understand a word of it.

Pulling her closer, he took hold of his cock and slid it into her very wet cunt slowly sinking it to the hilt. He began pounding in and out of her faster and harder as he fucked her with all of his tremendous sexual energy.

She tried to meet his every thrust with her own but soon, waves upon waves of pleasure seized her body, as she exploded in one huge mind bending orgasm.

As she descended from the clouds, she felt him pulling out of her and climbing up to her face, she opened up her mouth to receive him. He shoved his cock into her mouth and shot a heavy load of cum which she swallowed down to the very last drop.

It was impossible for Magda to know how long they had been fucking, for she lost all sense of time. It seemed like eternity though, and she didn't want it to end, ever.


She was jarred out of her dreamy state by the sound of his voice; "how would you like to be my white bitch Magda?"

Feeling so contented, and well fucked, all she could manage was a simple "Yes!" Besides, there was something about the way he asked her to be his bitch, it sounded more like a statement of fact rather than a question. This "fait accompli" tone of his words only served to further cement his dominance over her.

To Be Continued.......
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