Magic in Saigon
I returned to my apartment one night after a long day of flying to see a lovely woman sitting on the porch out front of my apartment. I thought to myself that this was most unusual so late at night. I stopped before going into my suite and asked if I might help her. This lovely woman, about 25, in a silken au dai, was disturbed by something. She told me that her sister was living with an Army guy in another apartment, and she was here to visit her. There was one problem, her sister was actively engaged in getting laid and wanted no help from her sister.

I sat and talked to her at length, discovering that she was a teacher from a nearby city, took the bus to Saigon and walked from the bus station for the visit. She had not eaten since breakfast time, so I went in and made sandwiches for us both. Also a Coke was appreciated to wash it down.

After the light lunch, I told her that I was tired and had to get some sleep. I promised that, if she had any problem, my door would be open and she could hide in the apartment. Off I went to bed.

At about midnight, I awoke to the shower running. No lights, but I knew who it had to be. I stayed in bed for some time until I heard her come out of the bathroom and slip into bed next to me.

Since it is so warm in the city, I slept with nothing on. Soon, I discovered she did the same. She moved next to me, nestling into a spoon with her tiny ass in my lap and sweet smelling damp hair in my face. How lucky could a guy get?

I caressed a small breast and she stirred and moaned then turned to me...We kissed and she took the initiative of slipping her tongue into my mouth. I was instantly erect. We played eagerly and our hands found all the buttons that got us hotter and hotter.

I rolled her to her back and kissed her sweet lips first as my hands played with both breasts and nipples. The dark aureoles hardened as she moaned quietly. I then kissed her neck, her chest, her breasts, her ribs, her tummy then her soft mound. I instantly tasted sweet arousal and licked the cleft of her labia then slipped my tongue into her wetness, humming, vibrating her clit.

Her hands held my head, fingers in my hair as she moaned. I took two fingers and pressed them home to find her sensitive spot deep up inside her. My tongue found her clit and teased it as she started to soar, moaning and writhing. I loved her subtle guiding me to her orgasm and gladly followed her lead.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. She flooded my lips with sweet wetness and I drank it gleefully. Then I heard the three most beautiful words of the moment, "Please fuck me!"

I moved to between her legs and felt her hand take me and guide my erection into her wet pussy. She was very tight and I pressed gently so she would take my size, she smiled as we merged and pulled my hips to take all of me. Then, as we started to move in sync, she wrapped her legs around me and lifted her hips on every stroke. She felt magical.

We really got into it. The motion was almost violent until a disaster happened. The Vietnamese-made bed self destructed. One of the bottom legs fell off and we rolled onto the floor. We were laughing, fucking and getting re-positioned all at the same time. Undismayed, we continued until she started to cum and I felt her pussy squeezing me hard. That got to me and soon I felt that wonderful heat in my groin before my cock swells, pulses and spurts my cum deep. Wow! She was perfection.

Once we came down from our orgasmic high, I pulled out of her, got up from the floor, found a pile of books to prop up the foot of the bed, and we pushed the mattress back on and kind of remade the bed. Soon we were snuggled tight together in a spoon like our first contact position.

I fell fast asleep. When I awoke, she was gone. It was my day off, so I slept until aout 7am and finally arose. My maid came in with coffee as usual, and was giggling. It seems the entire Vietnamese population of the building knew about our fun and the bed disintegration.

From then on, I always got a knowing grin from the maids. I never knew who my then lover was nor did I ever see her again.
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