Magical Housewife - Office Visit
Excerpt from my ongoing series at

A sexy housewife with magical powers uses visits her handsome husband at work and satisfy their needs.

Artwork can be found here:


Tiffany was exhausted.

Sweaty and still gloriously naked, the busty blonde stepped out from her lavish bedroom while holding a purple bed sheet up over her giant, round breasts. She looked up at the sun high above and felt its rays caress her as her bare toes sizzled on the hot balcony while an early afternoon breeze blew through her golden curls. She felt the warmth of nature envelope her body and beg her to remove her purple sheet and expose her perfect body to the sky. Nature wasn't the only thing begging for Tiffany's nudity either as the blonde woman soon heard a soft voice call out to her from inside her bedroom.

"Come back inside, honey." Tiffany heard a woman behind her beg. Tiffany said nothing as she felt the naked body of another woman ease up along her back. This woman's hands slipped around the blonde babe's thighs, along her tiny waist, and up under her monumental breasts. This naked woman who had joined Tiffany under the afternoon sun grabbed hold of the powerful woman's breasts, cupping them over the thin, purple bed sheet and squeezing them with desire. Tiffany closed her eyes and let this woman touch her in anyway she wanted to. She felt this woman's bare nipples tickle her own bare back while her wet lips began to kiss Tiffany's neck. She moaned as this woman wrapped her arms around Tiffany as if Tiffany was her girlfriend, as if Tiffany was her long-time lesbian lover who wasn't supposed to leave their bedroom. Tiffany let this naked woman enjoy kissing her and fondling her for this woman was none other than the world famous tabloid queen Kim Kardashia, and that afternoon she was naked in Tiffany's home and eager for lesbian sex.

The black-haired, foxy-eyed beauty whose own body rivaled Tiffany's pulled at the blonde girl's sheet as she held it up over her 32HH breasts and begged her to be naked with her. Tiffany let Kim pull the sheet from her naked body. With a rip, Kim Kardashia exposed Tiffany's naked body to the sun as they stood together on her balcony. She continued to roll Tiffany's breasts in her hands while her own 32DD breasts brushed up against the blonde girl's bare back. Finally, unable to control herself, Kim spun Tiffany around and pressed her own world-famous body up against Tiffany's nudity. Tiffany parted her thighs and parted her lips, kissing the voluptuous, black-haired babe as she slipped her own leg between Tiffany's thighs. Kim and Tiffany let their hands roam all over each other's naked bodies for a moment as they stood on the balcony deep in their lesbian embrace. It had been a very wild morning for both girls, and Kim hoped it would continue.

But Tiffany was exhausted.

She had spent all morning having hot, uncontrollable, lesbian sex and even her own superpowers couldn't seem to revive her. With the help of a certain magazine her friend Jasmine had loaned her, she had used her powers to simply pull Kim Kardashia right out of the photos of the magazine and bring her to life in her bedroom. As the blonde babe sat in her bed, closed her eyes, and waved her hands about, she  conjured up one of her fabulous spells and recreated Kim Kardashia in her own image. Once the voluptuous, black-haired woman appeared before Tiffany in her tiny black bikini, the blonde tossed her purple bed sheets aside and exposed her fantastically naked body before the famous woman. Being that she was not the real Kim Kardashia and just a mere copy, Tiffany had made sure that Kim's lesbian desires were fully charged, causing Kim to leap from where she stood and tackle Tiffany upon her bed. The two women rolled over and over each other, kissing and touching and licking and sucking until Kim suggested they invite more girls.

Tiffany unleashed more of her powers and used the magazine to bring other famous girls to life. Soon young celebrities Lindsey Lohman and Scarlett Johnson joined Kim and Tiffany in the giant bed, turning what would have been a lonely morning with a magazine into a lesbian orgy. Scarlett lovingly ate Tiffany's pussy as Lindsey fingered Scarlett from behind while Kim and Tiffany made out. Later Tiffany got her turn to be between Kim's thighs while Scarlett used a strap-on in Tiffany's fabulous pussy. Kim and Scarlett found themselves in an intense 69 on the floor while Tiffany and Lindsey rubbed their pussies together until they came all over the bed. Even after cumming five times over, Tiffany was compelled to continue to push herself.

The naked blonde with the giant 32HH breasts crawled over to the magazine again and unleashed her powers once more. Soon actresses Natalie Portress, Megan Fawns, and Angelina Joy appeared out of thin air and jumped in bed with the lesbian lovers. Tiffany was lost in a sea of celebrity sex for over five hours. She couldn't believe she was having lesbian sex with some of the hottest celebrities in the world, but then again, they were not real. She sucked and fucked and fingered and moaned over and over again, forgetting who she was playing with, who she was kissing, and who was fingering her. Sweat and cum and saliva coated all of the women that morning. It was an all-girl orgy that seemed to go on and on until finally, after the hours of sex, Tiffany stepped from her purple bed and left her lovers resting in a pile for they were too exhausted and too sweaty to move. Kim had followed Tiffany to her balcony and begged for more of her love, but even though Tiffany was still exceptionally horny, she was quite worn out.

"Sorry, babe." Tiffany finally said as she stood with Kim on the balcony completely naked and kissed her full lips. "Maybe some other time."

Kim frowned and soon faded into nothingness as Tiffany released her spell. As Kim's naked body vaporized before her, Tiffany bounced her naked butt back inside her bedroom and looked down at the pile of gorgeous naked celebrities which were still in her giant, purple bed. Scarlett Johnson and Lindsay Lohman were resting on top of each other still kissing and trying to revitalize their lesbian lust. They took a moment to each turn from each other and look up to their creator with a thankful smile. Angelina Joy took a moment to look up at Tiffany as she stood in the doorway, enjoying the site of Tiffany's fabulous nudity and massive breasts. Tiffany returned the smiles from her recreations, but then held her hand down at the lovers and wished for them to disappear. One by one, each of the recreated celebrities vaporized into nothingness and left the naked blonde babe all alone in her bedroom.

With a calm sigh, a short, white bathrobe appeared over Tiffany's naked body. The tiny white robe started to tie itself around her tiny waist while it covered up her thoroughly pleased pussy while her robe danced around her thighs. With the inside half of her her gigantic breasts clearly visible through the loose-fitting robe, Tiffany calmly kicked her bare toes off of the ground and floated in the air for a moment, hovering and staring down at her bare toes below. As the blonde in the tiny robe floated, white stiletto heels instantly appeared under her feet and waited for the levitating blonde woman to float her toes inside them. Now in nothing more than a tiny white robe and matching stiletto heels, the powerful woman tossed her blonde hair down off of her shoulders and began to walk out of her bedroom towards the stairs.

As the busty blonde in the tiny, white robe stepped down the stairs and looked out over her lavish kitchen and dining room, she held out her hand as if someone was about to hand her the morning paper. She didn't even bother to look at her hand as she continued to walk around the large, black marble bar of her kitchen and instead waited for a coffee mug to float out of her white kitchen cabinet and land in her hand as if it was a tiny bird she was beckoning to come to her. As the sexy woman's enormous cleavage bounced inside her loose bathrobe, the kitchen cabinet did in fact open all on its own. A coffee mug did float from the shelf, across the kitchen, over the bar, and into Tiffany's hand, followed closely by an empty coffee pot. Not to be left unsatisfied, the glass coffee pot filled up from the bottom, bubbling upward as he levitated a few inches above her mug. As Tiffany continued to look out out at the green grass of her backyard instead of at the floating pot beside her, the coffee pot tipped and poured into her mug, filling her cup quickly with hot, rich, perfectly brewed coffee.

Tiffany took a sip from her glass as the coffee pot returned to the coffee maker at the opposite end of the kitchen. She still looked out over the horizon and wondered what she should do with her day. The idea that her young friend Kelly was able to clone herself at will intrigued the powerful woman, not to mention the fact that Tiffany seemed to depend on the redheaded teenager to teleport her where she needed to go. With her sexual desires calmed for now, Tiffany looked out the giant windows of her fabulous home in the hills. She looked out at the sprawling grass and the crisp blue water of her fabulous pool. She smiled at the early afternoon world outside, and as she longed to be under the warm sun again, the busty blonde in the white bathroom vanished in a blur only to reappear ten yards away on the other side of the glass window.

The view from Tiffany's home in West Field Estates was immaculate. She had lived there long before she began developing her supernatural talents for she still had quite a large sum of money stashed away from her modeling days. As the afternoon winds calmly tossed her golden hair about, the beautiful woman walked through the green grass of her backyard and looked down on the houses which rested below her. None of Tiffany's neighbors were able to peek into her backyard, and Tiffany wanted it that way. She loved to be naked. She loved to skinny dip in her pool. She loved to let the sun kiss every inch of her heavenly body. This afternoon was no exception as Tiffany's robe slowly began to untie itself as she sipped her magical coffee. The busty, beautiful blonde woman opened her arms and thus opened her robe with her telekinetic powers, exposing her nudity to the sky above and feeling the warmth of the mighty sun excite her perfection. The sun was grateful to see Tiffany's naked body again and beamed down its warm rays to sooth her massive breasts, her glistening abs, and her long, luscious legs.

Now it was time to begin. Now, with her tiny white robe open and her naked breasts exposed to the cosmos above, Tiffany set her coffee mug in the air beside her and sat down in the grass of her backyard. The coffee cup calmly levitated beside Tiffany as she folded her long, bare legs over each other and placed her hands upon her knees. She sat for a moment in the grass and opened her legs, drawing in the air around her while her chest expanded with each breath she took. Tiffany had not sat in the grass for more than ten seconds when her body began to levitate much like her coffee cup. With her legs still folded over one another, with her blue eyes closed, and with her mind clear of any troubles she could possibly have, Tiffany Martin started to float above the ground as she meditated in her own, sexy, special way.

The beautiful blonde woman who lived up in the luxurious estates had long forgotten what it was like to not be able to fly. In the months since the accident, it had become so easy for her to pluck her toes from the ground and rise to any height she desired. She had sailed over cities, leapt up to three-story balconies, hovered outside windows, and slept in the clouds. All Tiffany had to do was have the desire to rise above the ground and it would be so. Even Luke had forgotten what it was like to have a wife who could not fly for Tiffany commonly sat in midair while they watched television, floated down the hallways of their home when she did not want to walk, and even occasionally flipped upside down and rested on the ceiling if the ground did not match her desired comfort.

While all of her powerful friends could obviously float, fly, soar, and hover just like she could, it was Tiffany who was commonly the first of her friends to discover new abilities. At first, all the girls found new powers and longed to share them, but since Jasmine had kept her day job, Kelly had continued her classwork, and Sarah was too obsessed with clubbing and sex to embrace her new abilities, Tiffany had far more free time to explore her powers, her body, and her new state of enlightenment. It seemed as though she was the only one who discovered new abilities anymore. It was because of that fact that Tiffany had accepted the role as the most powerful of her supernatural group of friends.

However, Tiffany had stopped sharing her new abilities lately because she was realizing that her abilities were not individual gifts such as flying, teleporting, creating, and invisibility. She had begun to think that her powers were simply one gift which needed to be embraced as a whole; they were the ability to do anything she desired no matter what it was. She could not explain the philosophy to her friends because she did not know if what she believed was right. However, the more she stopped trying to do one specific feat like teleporting or cloning herself, the easier it was to understand what she was becoming. It was through her more general focus and calm desires that the busty blonde of thirty-five had found abilities that may not have interested the other girls. They were not sexy powers or incredibly beneficial powers: they were godly powers.

As Tiffany's mind reached a state of clarity, the blonde woman now saw herself floating above the grass of her backyard. Despite the fact that her blue eyes were still closed tightly, she saw herself sitting on the air with a coffee cup beside her from outside her own body. She saw each individual blade of grass below her blowing softly in the breezes around her hillside home. She saw the waters of her pool lapping about softly. She saw her coffee pot inside her kitchen still sitting in the coffee maker. She saw the magazine upstairs in her bedroom with many missing celebrities who had vanished from their photos. She saw her house from above. She saw the road which her house was on. She saw the electric gate that led into her gated community. She saw a snail inching through the bushes while the electronic gate began to open. Tiffany was still floating in her backyard with her legs folded over one another, yet she saw the world around her. Tiffany was becoming omnispective; she was becoming an all-seeing being.

Tiffany saw people walking up the steps into the City Government Center. She saw the inside lobby from above. She saw the dust building up on the light bulbs. She saw the man in the black suit on his cell phone arguing with his wife. She saw the front desk where her friend Kelly commonly sat. She saw her lovely, powerful friend Jasmine walking through the large office with a new male intern walking behind her. She saw the candy wrapper in the trash can. She saw the broken pencil that was stuck between a wooden desk and the wall. She saw the front door to her husband's office in the back of the room. She saw her husband standing behind his desk while his boss, Mr. Evans, rested in a chair in front of him reading paperwork.

The busty blonde in the white robe smiled a soft smile as she floated above the grass of her backyard with her legs folded over one other. She saw her husband from over ten miles away pacing back and forth in his office while he spoke with his boss about their strategy. Tiffany was so relaxed as she watched him from afar. Even though she was clearly floating, she felt so light and carefree as if her superpowers had drugged her. She continued to watch the scene before her, enjoying the view as if she was watching a television show and not her husband. For a brief second, Tiffany wondered what would happen if she was in his office right now. She wondered what he would do if she could somehow be in that room wearing her tiny robe over her gloriously naked body. She must have thought about the idea a bit too much for the floating blonde woman in the tiny white robe vanished from her backyard in a blur of light, leaving her coffee up to crash down onto the back lawn.


Luke Martin was pacing back and forth in his office as Mr. Evans sat in the seat before him and went over the report that Luke's secretary Jasmine Crawford had prepared. It was impeccable, yet the Assistant District Attorney still wasn't sure if they could win the case they were up against. Mr. Evans was quite confident in the matter and wanted to assure Luke that there was nothing to be worried about. They would go to trial next week and nothing out of the ordinary would come up. Luke wanted to believe his boss, but there was something on his mind that made him think otherwise. Yet that worry and concern vanished from Luke's mind for a whole new concern had appeared in his office in the form of his naked wife. In a blur of light, a tall, naked blonde woman in a disheveled bath robe appeared out of thin air in the back of Luke's office.

Tiffany panicked for a moment, as she realized she had indeed teleported across town from her lovely home in the hills and appeared in her husband's office. Mr. Evans noticed the strange flicker of light that flashed like a camera behind him, so he turned to see what had caused such a strange flash. Before Mr. Evans could witness the glory that was Tiffany's naked body under her tiny bathrobe, Tiffany took in a deep breath, expanded her chest outward, and faded into nothingness. The naked woman became invisible just as the older man seated in front of her husband's desk could figure out what was going on. However, because Tiffany wanted him to, Luke still saw a semi-transparent version of his naked wife standing in the back of the office with her tiny robe hanging off of her shoulders and doing nothing to hide her obnoxiously busty body. Trying to be as calm as possible, Luke slid into his chair and sat before his boss, doing all he could to act as though there was no a naked woman in the room with them.

"Well, as I was saying, there is nothing to worry about. You'd do fine." Mr. Evans said, ignoring the flash of light he had thought he had seen. Happily naked, Tiffany giggled as she stood in the back of the office, knowing that she had successfully dodged being spotting playing with her powers in public. The invisible woman started to walk her bare butt around her husband's boss, still refusing to cover up her giant breasts or shaven pussy as she stood at the edge of Luke's wooden desk. She even started to pinch her nipple between her fingers and let her hand roam down her thighs as she walked, realizing that she was in fact far more horny than she had been only a few minutes prior. Perhaps it was the fact that she had successfully teleported over ten miles or maybe it was the situation she was now stuck in that was now driving her wild. Even though he could see right through his wife, Luke also realized that Tiffany was very horny as she closed her eyes and slipped her hand between her hips. She started to toy with her body as she stood beside his desk, easing two of her own fingers along her slit as she pulled at her juicy nipple.

"It's okay to be concerned, but trust me, everything is fine." Mr. Evans continued. "I think Arthur Maddison will be going away for a very long time."

Clearly everything was not fine because Luke's sexy wife had just used her superpowers to teleport into his office completely naked and was now masturbating in front of him. As the two gentlemen continued to talk, Tiffany tossed her blonde hair aside and glared at the blinds between Luke's office and the offices beyond his own. It was with this invisible woman's telekinetic abilities that she closed the blinds as slowly as possible so that no one would notice. Luke clearly noticed his wife was using her powers to seal his office off from any spectators, and he knew what was going to happen next. Surprisingly horny and eager to play, Tiffany quickly walked towards her husband's desk and slipped her bare thighs right through the solid wood. The naked blonde in the tiny, white robe did not want anything to stop her from getting to where she wanted to go, not even solid matter. She happily walked between her husband and her husband's boss, standing up to her hips in wood yet acting as though the desk was not even there. Mr. Evan's continued to speak with Luke, unaware that he had an invisible woman's bare ass in his face. Luke nodded towards his boss as he looked at Mr. Evans through his wife's transparent body, trying to ignore the naked woman standing directly in front of him.

It was nearly impossible to ignore the naked woman standing in the middle of the conversation as she began to lower herself down right through the desk, ducking out of view as her giant, bare breasts, shoulders, and sinister smile submerged into the wood as if it was liquid. Now on her hands and knees inside Luke's large desk, the naked babe in the white robe playfully flicked her hands down at the pants her husband wore, deleting them and her husband's boxer-briefs from existence with a calm brush of her fingers. Luke's face turned to shock as he replied as he was now naked from the waist down with his boss sitting in his office. He tried to remain calm as he felt his wife's hand ease up high thighs and began to caress his massive cock.

"Well, I think I'm going to get some lunch. It's almost one o'clock!" Mr. Evans joked as he stood up from his chair. "Care to join me?"

"I'm good, Mr. Evans. Had a big breakfast this morning." Luke nodded as he felt his dick getting harder in his wife's fingers.

With her giant breasts hanging from her naked body, Tiffany inched up Luke's legs and quickly wrapped her lips around the tip of his dick, licking his shaft as she rested on all fours underneath his wooden desk. She began to suck her husband's mighty cock as Mr. Evans finally turned away from Luke and started to walk out of his office. The busty, invisible woman tossed her hands up Luke's thighs and dove in deep, taking all of Luke's 12-inches into her mouth while forcing Luke to squirm in his chair. Luke wished that his horny wife could have controlled herself a little better for in just a few seconds Mr. Evans would be out of his office and the danger would be over, but Tiffany clearly wouldn't wait. She was a woman with desire and the power to get exactly what she wanted whenever she wanted it.

As the door closed, leaving the married couple all alone, Tiffany grabbed Luke's dick and jerked him harder and giggling under the wooden desk. She lapped at his tip and quickly locked the door to the office simply by thinking about the door now being locked. As the door finally locked tightly, Tiffany grabbed hold of the massive, 200-pound desk with her mind and slid it away from her, causing it to creak as it flew back from her body. Luke watched his desk slid away from him while revealing his naked wife underneath frantically licking and jerking his stiff dick. Using her phenomenal telekinesis, Tiffany shoved the wooden desk away so nothing remained in the middle of the office but a husband sitting in his chair with his wife on her knees sucking his cock.

"I can't help it, baby." Tiffany moaned as she slobbered on his dick, allowing saliva to hang from the head of his penis to her horny lips. "Since I got here ... since I teleported here all by myself ... my ... my body ... I'm just so fucking horny."

Luke couldn't say anything as he sat in his chair, letting his gorgeous wife bob up and down on his dick in the middle of his office. Tiffany clinched Luke's thighs with one hand while jerking his dick with the other, sucking and slobbering all over his cock. The magical housewife was lost in lust and unable to control her sexual needs. Not fifteen minutes ago she had turned down sex with the ravishing Kim Kardashia and now she was back on her knees sucking dick as if she had not had sex in months. All Tiffany could think about as she took her hand from Luke's bare leg, lowered it down between her own thighs, and started to finger her own pussy was that she needed to suck dick. She needed to taste her husband's manly cum again. She needed sex in the worst way and she needed it now.

"So good baby." Tiffany moaned again as if she was getting more pleasure out of sucking Luke's cock than he was getting out of her vicious mouth. Tiffany's oral skills were unmatched by any of Luke's previous lovers. Tiffany's craving for cum was felt in her tongue as she dove down to Luke's testicles and started to suck. She continued to pull at his balls with her mouth and jerk his giant shaft while fingering herself. She was a one-woman sex machine that wanted to make both Luke and herself cum and cum hard.

Luke buckled in his chair as his wife did all she could do to please him in his private office. He gripped the armrests of his chair, clinging to them tightly as he watched his wife lick up and down his hard shaft. Tiffany rubbed her face against his dick, loving his cock as if it was the greatest gift she could receive. The naked woman in the tiny robe batted at Luke's tip with her tongue while continuing to massage her own tender clit. Tiffany fingered herself frantically while laughing up at her handsome husband as if her blow job was part of her sneaky prank. She let her fingers probe her tender clit between her legs, feeling her wetness white tasting her husband's meaty cock.

The handsome man in the office chair could take no more from his loving wife. Forgetting all about being at work, Luke's hand shot out and latched onto Tiffany's head, forcing the blonde woman down hard on his shaft. Tiffany squealed in joy as Luke fucked his wife in the mouth, thrusting his dick down her magical throat. Tiffany happily took all 10 inches of her husband into her mouth, using her sorcery to keep herself from gagging. She let her husband drive his dick deep into her mouth while slamming her head down against his crotch. Tiffany's long, blonde hair danced above as Luke fucked her mouth hard. He fucked the busty woman's pretty face until he gripped her hair tightly in his fist, clenched his teeth, and felt an eruption of joy explode from his cock.

"Yes! Fuck yes!" Tiffany moaned as Luke shot his warm cum down her throat. Luke fell back against his chair as his orgasm erupted from his dick, allowing his wife to latch onto his shaft and extend his orgasm as long as she could. The busty woman in the tiny, white robe began to frantically jerk her husband off into her mouth as she rested on her knees before him. She sucked up his cum, swallowing it down her throat and longing for more. The busty supernatural woman begged for her husband's cum, tasting it as it exploded into her mouth. Unable to stop herself, the blonde babe pulled Luke's dick from her lips, letting him spray her face and her massive, round breasts with his manly seed. Luke had no idea what his wife was doing as she rested below his chair, unaware that he was coating her monumental chest with his sticky, white cum. Finally, as Luke's orgasm passed, Tiffany pulled his dick back to her lips to suck what she could from his shaft. She moaned down his wet dick as cum dripped from her face and bare breasts to the rug below.

"Yes baby." Tiffany moaned, caring little for her sticky state. "Fuck I needed that."

"Yeah." Luke managed to moan as he sat in his chair in his shirt, tie, and nothing else. He would remain there for almost a minute as his dick became limp from exhaustion, unable to move due to the skilled mouth of his horny wife. Still sticky with cum and completely naked except for her white robe, Tiffany bounced up to her feet and stood above her husband. She ran her fingers along her breasts, lifting the cum from her body before bringing her sticky fingers to her lips. The naked woman moaned at the flavor of her finger as she started to walk around her husband's office, allowing her bare butt to peak out from under her tiny robe. Luke started to come back to reality as his wife walked away from him. The sound of his massive, wooden desk sliding back across the office caused a bit of a stir, causing Luke to perk up a bit and hoping that the desk would stop before it slammed into his gut. As Tiffany placed her husband's desk back with her mind, she decided to give him his pants back, wishing her husband's pants back into existence on his body while continuing to suck upon her salty fingers.

"I don't know whether to be mad or be grateful." Luke finally said, feeling his pants magically materialize on his legs.

"You're welcome." Tiffany giggled, spinning around and tossing her tiny robe around her naked body as she stood by the window. "I can teleport anywhere now, baby!"

"I noticed." Luke sighed. "You could have just told me when I got home."

"Did you not want me to stay?" Tiffany pouted. She let her lip droop in a childish anger as she ran her fingers over her breasts, teasing Luke further while standing naked in front of him.

"You know you can't stay." Luke sighed again. "We can't keep doing this. If you want to visit, please put some clothes on and come by like a normal person."

"But I'm not a normal person." Tiffany reminded her husband.

"Yes, but everyone needs to think you're still a normal person and not some ... magical woman now. You know that."

Luke was right, and Tiffany hated that he was right. She folded her arms across her massive chest and looked out of the blinds towards the city. She hated that she had all these awesome super powers and could not really do anything with them. She had to hide them and pretend like she was still like everyone else. Without anything left to do or say, the blonde woman let her powers flow from her body to the world outside. She saw everything around the City Government Center; the people, the trees, the bugs, the trash on the streets. She looked beyond the block towards the downtown area, over the suburbs and strip malls, and finally saw her backyard again. She was about to leap across time and space back home again when she felt her husband's soothing hands on her shoulders. The powerful woman closed her blue eyes and let her body fall into his caresses, forgetting all about her powers for a moment and instead coming back to the reality of her life as a loving wife.

"I have some things to do, baby." Luke said, trying to talk some mortal sense into his magical wife. "So if you want to say, please don't let anyone see you running around naked."

"It's okay." Tiffany said, turning back to her hunky husband in his shirt and tie. "I just forget sometimes what its like to ... not be able to do these things I can do." The busty blonde in the tiny, white robe leaned forward and gave her husband a soft kiss. "I'll see you back at home, okay? No more random visits. I promise."

"Well, it's not that I don't mind the visits ... just not when someone else is around." Luke joked. Tiffany giggled and gave Luke a slower, more passionate kiss. She gave him a kiss to remind him that she still loved her husband, even if he was not a powerful, supernatural being like she was. Feeling her tender kiss, Luke pulled his naked, busty, supernatural wife closer, allowing his love for his wife to be found in his kiss as well. It was as Luke kissed Tiffany that he felt her become lighter, softer, and harder to touch. He opened his eyes and watched as the beautiful, naked woman he was kissing began to disappear in twinkles of white light and glitter. unable to kiss her lips any longer, Luke stepped back from his naked wife and watched as she vanished into nothingness, leaving his office as it once was and teleporting her beautiful body to wherever she desired. Luke would never know where she had decided to go for it could have been anywhere in the world now. She could have whisked herself off to Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands for all he knew.

For the time being, where Tiffany was did not matter, for Luke still had work to do.
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