Mail Order Company
Age 22 I got a job in a city in the (English) Midlands working as a computer programmer for a large Mail Order company. I rented a small house near the centre of the city. It was at the end of a block of four and next to another block of four, separated by a pathway running through to the back yards.

I moved in during the summer and met my neighbours. There was a young married couple immediately next door. The girl was ginger haired with freckles, good figure. I couldn't believe it when the second night after moving in I could hear them through the wall, the girl gasping and squealing without any inhibition. Their bedroom was right through the wall from mine. I seriously wished i could go round and join in.

On the other side, across the pathway, lived a mother and daughter, the mother divorced, recently turned 40 (so I found out) and the daughter in late teens, just left school. The first weekend after I moved the weather was very hot and from an upstairs window I could see the two of them were sunbathing on their lawn. I got a pair of binoculars and surreptitiously watched them. As soon as I'd met them I thought how sexy they were, very alike except for being older and younger, English but kind of Scandinavian-looking with pale fair hair and blue eyes. And now they were both in bikinis, leaving little to the imagination, both with slim thighs and good boobs (the mother's were bigger).

Before long I also noticed a girl who lived at number 174, sixteen doors up the road. She had long dark hair and looked a bit gypsy-like. She seemed to walk up and down the road quite a lot and regularly wore a short black jacket and tight blue jeans. The jeans were astonishingly tight and after walking up the road behind her I believed that the movement of her crotch was one of the sexiest things in the history of the universe.

The mother and the daughter were always friendly but neither of them ever tried to seduce me and I didn't try either. It was just a pornographic dream that in a perfect world I would have shagged them as a pair. I never attempted messing with the married couple or commenting on their noise. After a while I started sleeping in a different room where I wouldn't hear them so much.

In any case I got distracted from the neighbours by what happened at work. The Mail Order company employed a lot of staff. In particular there was a room where about forty girls sat at rows of desks taking orders off the telephone and typing them into the computer system. From the computer department we regularly had to walk through this room to get to the room beyond where stuff from the computer was printed out. There was always a powerful smell of perfume. A lot of the girls were in their early twenties or late teens and definitely sexy. Sometimes I noticed particular ones as they walked round other parts of the building. Before I knew their real names I gave them nicknames in my head - a blonde girl with very pink cheeks and a lovely-looking body who I called Piglet, a sly brunette who I called Puss-in-Boots , a sweet Indian girl who i called Brownie. There was another brunette with a gorgeous smile who I didn't call anything but I just knew that I wanted her. And this was the one I managed to start chatting with and invited her on a date.

Her name was Rachel. There was some super chemistry between us from the beginning. On our second date we started to kiss and on the third date I went to bed with her in her flat, which was about a mile away from my place. Fucking her was wonderful. Afterwards we lay naked on the bed, just relaxed and happy, and she smiled at me and said 'Are there any of the other girls at work you'd really like to fuck?' She was amused when I told her about Piglet and Puss-in-Boots and Brownie and told me their real names and what she knew about them. She said she reckoned she could get Pink Piglet to come and pull her panties down for us. Would I like that? Had I ever done it with two girls together? The answer was that I had but hell, I'd like to do it again.

I had sex with Rachel a couple more times before the magical night when Pink Piglet (real name Caroline) came and joined us. She bought a suitcase full of clothing and gave us a fashion parade in my living room. Kept walking out and coming back in wearing something different. Ended up walking in stark naked. She had tits like torpedoes. Pulled Rachel to her feet and undressed her. Then the two of them held hands and walked up to my bedroom.

I spent eleven months with Rachel before she got a much better job somewhere else and we agreed to separate on a friendly basis while we were still winning. The eleven months were incredible. She was a lovely intelligent girl and she was bisexual and loved threesomes, sometimes (but not usually) foursomes with another girl's boyfriend as well. She had a knack of persuading other girls that it would be fun.

I got to enjoy Puss-in-Boots and Brownie and eight other girls from work. Plus girls who we picked up at different times in clubs or other places. Once Rachel got chatting to a stunning young shoe-shop assistant and as soon as she finished work we took her to Rachel's flat. We were always careful about safe sex. However many girls I had I never got tired of having another one, so long as she had shapely legs and a genuinely sexy look. It never became impersonal. I really liked the girls we went with and their individual qualities and their individual ideas about how to copulate.

When I knew that Rachel and I were going to be splitting up I asked her if she would do me a final favour and see if she could get Gypsy Girl. We ended up having fun with her in my garage, with the door shut down. She was totally up for it. Rachel and I sat in the front seat of my car with the headlamps shining on the back wall and we watched through the windscreen as Gypsy Girl stripped in the pool of light, unbuttoning her blouse, unfastening her belt-buckle and tugging her jeans down. White underwear. Then just bare boobies and thick dark pubes and tantalising naked arse. She climbed onto the front of the car and made faces through the glass. Rachel said, ‘Let's get her in the back seat now and you can reward her'.

Her real name was Gabrielle. Rhymes with sexy as hell. She was 21. She fucked like a wild cat.
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