Make the best of it
Air travel sucks these days. Here we are 4 hours after scheduled departure time and still waiting to board. And as expected, here is the dreaded announcement "Due to a mechanical problem with the aircraft, flight 7318 to Moscow has been cancelled. Please report to a Service Center for further information". Since this was the last flight of the day, I know what's coming: get a voucher, stay at an airport hotel overnight, fly tomorrow.

I am pissed as I trot onto the bus that will take us to the hotel. I sit in my seat as the other dejected travelers file in. I must have been mumbling to myself as I hear my seat neighbor say "It's ok. You have a saying in this country: Make the best of it. Let's try to do that ".

I look up and realize that things have gotten just a little better. My neighbor is hot. Dark brown, long straight hair, high cheek bones, beautiful eyes and very kissable, red lips. She is wearing an expensive gray business suit, but her curves are clearly apparent. She smiles at me. I manage a smile.

We begin to chat. She tells me she is from Moscow, the head negotiator for a Russian business. "I always get what I want", she says ominously in her Russian accented English.

We get to the hotel, luckily not one of those flee-bags that airlines usually use. But there is now of course a long line at reception. We continue to chat, I like her and I have plenty of time to admire her body. She is taller than she had appeared on the bus and her tits are larger than I thought. I am getting a little turned on and I can tell she knows I am checking her out.

We finally make it to the front of the line. The receptionists collects our vouchers, puts two keys on the counter "You will be in 268". I begin to say something, but she puts her hand on mine, and says "That's ok, honey". I look at her puzzled, I look at the receptionist who says "Is there a problem?". She gives him a big smile "No, thank you, it's perfect". Did she just get us checked in the same room?

We get into the crowded elevator. Her body pressed against my side. I feel her hand on my ass. "I told you, I get what I want". My cock is bulging.

We get to the room, close the door. Peace at last. She puts her bag on the floor, turns around, looks at me "Not so bad, is it". I am stunned. I am in a hotel room with a beautiful Russian stranger.

"Come here", she orders.

I walk over to her. She turns me around. Takes off my suit jacket, undoes my tie, comes to my front, unbuttons my shirt. Her long fingers tickling my chest hairs. She pulls my shirt out of my pants, takes it off and lets it drop to the floor.

She gently pushes me down onto the bed. She steps back from me and slowly takes off her own suit jacket. Runs her hands over her white blouse, which is tightly stretched over her tits. She slowly unbuttons it and I get a glimpse of her cleavage. I can't wait for more.

She lets her blouse drop to the floor. Her voluptuous tits contained in a black lacey bra. She runs her hands over them. While watching her, I have kicked off my shoes and socks. I want her to touch me.

She kneels down besides me on the bed , pushes me on my back and runs her hands all over my chest and abs. I put my hand on her lower back, she pushes it off "You need to relax". I let go, I raise my arms above my head and let her do what she wants to do to me.

Her hands caress me, circling my nipples and each touch goes straight to my cock, which is arching in my pants. She knows. Her massage is getting a bit harder, pressing down on me. Her hands finally make it to my buckle and undo it. She takes off my pants and boxers in one swift motion. My cock is hard and wanting. She knows is.

She ignores it. She cubs my balls, pulls on them and slightly twists them. My cock is jumping up and down as it needs direct attention. She massages my balls for the longest time and it is driving me crazy. Eventually, she does what I have been waiting for. She runs her hand along my now huge, juicy cock. "This is how I like them", she says.

She is not finished with my cock, but she wants something in return now. She hitches up her skirt and straddles my face, her back to me so she can still work me with her hands. She is not wearing any panties, just a garter belt and stockings. She lowers herself very slowly and deliberately on my face, so I can get a good look at her pink, pussy. Nicely shaved. I eagerly eat it up. It is dripping. While I do so, she manages to pull her skirt over her head. She knows what she is doing.

I eat her hard as she grinds on me. I lick her pussy back to her ass and to her pussy again. I expect her to begin to suck my cock, but she keeps milking it with her hands. Oh, how I want that cock to be in a warm, juicy hole.

She begins to moan. Quite loudly. Every time, my tongue separates her lips and tastes her inside, she yelps and her grip on my cock intensifies.

I can't take this torture any longer. My cock is about to explode. I push her off my face. Grab her hips and get behind her. She is on her all fours. Without much warning, I plunge deep into her pussy. She moans loudly and tells me to fuck her hard. I do, hard, raw, holding on to her hips, pulling them into me.

I can feel the rough lining at the front of her pussy, I bang into her cervix and as I do, she yelps. "Yes, right there," she tells me. "Fuck me, right there". She begins to tense up. Her arms give out and her head is now pressed into the pillows. She is giving herself to my hammering cock. Her ass sticking out, exposed, for me to work on.

Her screams get louder, they can surely be heard by our fellow travelers who are just coming back from dinner. I have to yell to tell her "I will make you come now". She shudders under me as I pound her to a rolling wave of an orgasm. Her body shudders and lets out a loud scream of release and joy.

I can feel her body slump a little under me in exhaustion. "Don't stop", she says. Why would I, all I want is shot my load now. And it does not take much. I thrust a few times and feel my cum build up, my balls squeezing tight. I pull out my cock and spray my cum all over her ass and back. She yelps again as the warm drops of my spunk hit her sweaty skin.

We collapse, laying next to each other. Her hand on my cock. She smiles at me "Not so bad, after all, right?".

We clean up, we go for dinner downstairs. When we come back to the room. She looks at me and says "I got what I wanted, now it is your turn". I pull her close. I have some ideas.

We fucked three more times that night. We did make the best of it.
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