Making Love and becoming one Part 2
See Making Love....Part 1
After finishing the shower and each of us drying off the other, our lips meet again. Drying each other off in pats was exciting. The best was the moisturizer application.

My sweetheart had a warmer for the lotion. Which felt really good "cause, I'm hot again" Smoothing the liquid about her shoulders while I just moved in closer behind, I felt the heat of her body. My dick was wandering around the crevice of the buttocks seeking that warm slightly hairy valley of the lips.

As she rocks back and forth I begin to message her breasts and feel her erect nipples. She moans in my arms, my penis pulses as I get so much harder. My hands drop to her stomach and message in more lotion and return to the breasts and back slowly down to her stomach and abit further down. From there I'm go into the groves of her "Y". Rubbing and moisturizing sweetie's mound. Feeling the hood I start to milk it. Then gently reversing the milking and bringing the clit out of its hood.

Now that I am on my knees, I'm face in line with her rosebud. Oh yes, my tongue circles and brushes her opening. Now my sweet is rocking her hips towards an explosive big "O". My tongue plunges into her rosebud ring. Dart in and out I feel her emotion build.
Sweetie reaches for the moisture lotion and gets a hand full. Reaching around,my sweetie grabs my dick and says " fuck me now and don't stop...just fuck me in the arse." I stand up behind her bent body, really turned on and with super force,critical timing and precum oozing, I plow deep within her unloading as I enter and filling her bowels to over flowing with my love juice. Cumming so hard my toes cramp. I fill her inside muscles just milking every droplet from me. Both our juices now drench my hair and run down my thighs. Oh, how wonderful it feels and tastes as I scoope her up with my finger.

We are so tired. We agree to shower again later in the evening and just dropped into bed together.Feeling our wetness we just hold each other close together gently rubbing our juices into each other.
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