Making music Cum Alive, part IX, a night of Sex at the Roostertail
"OH SHIT!... OHHHH SHIT!" Yelled Jimmy as he took his eyes off the shaking girl next to him and slammed on the brakes to avoid the car heading towards them.

Jimmy had pulled the car sharply to the left so that it ran up on the curb at Cadillac and Jefferson, avoiding the oncoming traffic while just missing the light pole. The car stalled with a loud "clunk" but nothing seemed to fall off.

"What the hell are you doing, man" groaned Ron as he picked himself off the floor in the back seat.

As Ron struggled back up on the seat he looked into the rear view mirror to catch sight of Becky's bare butt sticking up from where she landed in Jimmy's lap. Ron's hand and the front of his slacks were covered in his cum. Given the scare he had been through he was equally concerned about the serviceable condition of his underwear. True to his nature Ron concentrated his gaze on the ass that had been the object of his desire and immediately began to stroke his limp cock, not caring if anyone was coming to check on them.

A gut wrenching "Ha! Ha!, he he Ha!" came out of Becky and she pressed her hand into Jimmy's lap and lifted her head from between his legs. Shaken and surly bruised she could not stop herself from laughing.

Frozen at the wheel Jimmy barley glanced at Ron as he turned his full attention on the young girl who he was certain was trying to get him killed. Jimmy noticed that Becky was not moving to remove her hand and that her full breast and still exposed nipples were hanging just inches from his mouth. He was certain the swelling of her dark pink nipples was partly due to the Adrenalin rush and partly to his heaving breathing upon them.

"Please" Jim said in a soft but stern voice �just tell me what you think is so dam funny because I'm NOT laughing".

"This" Becky shot back as she abruptly sat up and pressed her fingers against Jimmy's lips and nose.

"NOOOO... don't move yet" begged Ron pumping his thin reedy cock for all it was worth. He sighed in disappointment as her skirt fell down to cover the tight buns so much the center of his recent fantasies.

"Woooaaat" Jim cried as he tried to pull back, hitting his head on the closed window.

Jim was startled by the young girls sudden movement and the strength of her grasp on his face and neck. He opened his arms wide as if to testify to any onlooker, "Look she's doing it NOT ME!".

As Becky cuddled even closer he immediately sensed the heat of her very full breast against his chest and at the same time was captivated by her pungent smell.

"Think of my father's reaction if I had died and the report showed his virginal daughter died covered in her own cum."

"Mmm Muama Leeetmeegooo" Jim mumbled but just the act of trying to talk brought more of her vibrant juices in contact with his lips and tongue. "How many men has she set on fire this way?" he wondered.

"See, not so bad" murmured Becky in his ear as she rubbed her fingers in a slow sensual circle across Jimmy's now open mouth.

"No" Jimmy heard himself say as she suddenly pulled her hand off his mouth.

"NO, don't stop or NO, not bad" laughed Becky as she now put her butt in the seat. She pushed her short skirt back under her bare bottom then turned forward as she pulled her top back down.

Looking up at Don in the rear view mirror she winked at him as if to say "Sorry, show is over, for now".

One part teased and one part terrified of what this girl was going to do next Jimmy restarted the car and turned onto Jefferson.

Within five minutes he spoke aloud "We are almost there", partly as information and partly as a prayer.

After only a few more minutes of driving Jim turned onto Marquette Drive and breathed a sigh of relief as the Roostertail facility came into view. Named for the jet spray that followed the numerous speed boats the Roostertail was a famous dance club and reception facility located on the Detroit River. It's many faceted high glass walls and elevated floor plan offered a beautiful view of the crest of Lake St. Clair, Bell Isle Park and the near Canadian shoreline.

As Jimmy parked the car he noticed that the young crowd was already beginning to build much earlier than was normal for a club known for it's late night party atmosphere.

"Don you run ahead and get cleaned up". When Don hesitated Jim added, "I'll make sure Becky is taken care of, TRUST me."

As Don sullenly turned and walked away Becky slid up next to Jimmy like a snake in need of some shared heat.

"I think I like the idea of you Taking Care Of me" laughed Becky as she held his arm tight, pressed her breasts against his arm and began moving in step towards the club.

"There is no way you are passing for 18" Jim said making one last attempt to dissuade the young girl and save her further embarrassment, adding "If they kick you out, you are on your own."

"I'm not the least bit worried" Becky replied.

Putting her practiced hip sway into her medium gait Becky knew she would draw the attention of any man within twenty yards. As they approached the entrance she used her free hand to pull her blouse down to reveal as much cleavage as possible without exposing her nipples. "No FREEBIES" her mother had taught her that much.

Just as Jimmy began to greet Leon, the massive black door guard, Becky stepped in front, bent forward to focus his attention on her ample breast and pulled Jimmy forward saying "Come on DJ, not the time to chit chat, you have got to get ready".

Leon, always the gentleman, kept his eyes on the deep cleavage and mature breast offered him. He deftly moved to open the door, hoping for some nipple exposure as the young, sexy, WOMAN turned towards him and passed under his watchful eyes.

"See how easy that was" Becky raised her hands in Olympic triumph.

"I gather that was not your first time" laughed Jimmy.

"There is only ONE first time left and I'm saving it!' laughed Becky as she quickly turned; bent over, spread her legs and slapped her exposed her ass for Jimmy.

Becky knew that look that quickly burned in his eyes. According to her Mom they all had it, that primal desire to possess and to mate. Becky kept her pose just long enough to set the desire bit in the young man she wanted to want her. Then she slowly stood watching the disappointment flow across his face as her still swollen pink slit disappeared from his view. She knew his brain was making the connection between the taste from her fingers, still on his lips, and the nectar still wet within the folds of her tight pussy.

"When is the band arriving?" Becky asked.

"Sound checks are in an hour, so they should be here soon" replied Jim wondering what trouble was brewing in her head.

"I better get ready!" and with that Becky turned and headed down the hall towards the Green room and the make-up area.

Shrugging his shoulders DJ turned the other way and headed back towards the loft where the DJ equipment was setup overlooking the stage. A small private room had been set aside for changing the groom during a wedding and the DJ's during a show. Jimmy steps into the room and begins to undress.

"Where is she" calls a soft familiar voice from behind the door Jimmy had just closed.

"Shit Jackie" Jim drops his pants on the floor "You scared the crap out of me? What are YOU doing here?"

"Unfinished business" Jackie replied in an even tone, her gaze locked on his crotch.

"What unfinished business" Jimmy demands, not flinching as she moves across the short space towards him.

"You for one" says Jackie as she reaches for his underwear and takes hold of his cock.

In the hour since they left the radio station Jackie has managed to pull her long hair up on her head, anointed herslf with a very erotic perfume and had changed into a thin yellow summer dress. Going braless she had replaced her boots with soft thin sandals that expose her bright red toe nails.

Pulling his shorts down Jackie adds "From the looks of all of these pre-cum stains I would say you have been spending time with my little cock tease, Becky."

"Oh God, JAIL Bait! Cock Tease, Becky is what you really mean" moans Jim as Jackie takes his thickening cock back into her soft, warm hands.

"Yes baby" Jackie cooed as she gets down on her knees and places one hand almost around the base of the thick cock she has so desired.

"ONE" <suck>, "BIG" <lick>, "Fucking" <stroke, stroke>, "Cock" <lick one side up>, "Tease" <lick one side down>, "Jail" <suck>, "Bait" <deep suck>, "BITCH" < deep throat suck> while pulling on Jimmy's heavy ball sack.

"OH SHIT" Jimmy begins to fuck Jackie's mouth and throat with a frenzy partly born out of his tease, partly born of the unfinished business from earlier and partly out of a fear they would be interrupted again.

"Ugmph, MMm, Uump" Jackie encourages his impending climax by running her long nails along the sensitive skin from the base of his cock, under his balls to his bum. Teasing his anus she senses the contraction of his swollen cock.

Jackie reaches under her own skirt and deftly inserts two fingers inside her own pussy. Without Phillis there to instruct her Jackie is free to meet her own needs on her own terms. She loves the taste of pre-cum and the thick cock ramming down her throat reminds her of the toy Phillis uses on her during their play.

Feeling his nut sack begin to tighten Jackie, wanting to prolong his pleasure, pulls the throbbing cock from her mouth and pinches his cock head.

"SHIT" yells Jimmy.

Holding his cock head firmly in her grasp, while pressing the heel of her hand against her own clit Jackie demands "Are you thinking of ME?"

"YES" replies the confused man.

"Are you sure. NOT that cock tease bitch? Jackie releases the cockhead and waves the thick cock, with the swollen vein in front of her mouth like an exotic snake.

"Yes" he replies,"Not that Fucking Cock Reaing Bitch, YOU!" then pleading "JACKIE??? Please!!"

Satisfied Jackie plunges the fat cock back down deep in her throat, grabs his hips and swirls her tongue expertly across and around the sensitive under skin.

"GOOOOOD, ohh my fucking GAWWD" cries Jimmy as the thick salty cum boils up from deep within his teased balls to gush into Jackie's mouth and down her throat like a massive storm drain.

Gagging and gasping for air around her stretch mouth and through her nose Jackie feels the overflow slip from between her lips. As she holds the young man deep in her mouth she feels the hot cum dribble down her chin to drip back onto his shaft, down across his balls and onto the bright blue shag carpet.

Jim finds his climax so intense his knees buckle and only Jackie's grip keeps him from falling backwards.

"Slam! Slam! SLAM!" the door nearly comes off the hinges "You asshole, Is my fucking daughter in there?"

Before he could respond Jackie puts a hand over his mouth and says "No sir, she is in the green room, sorry.."

"Jackie, that's you?, sorry doll" heavy steps move away from the door.

"Is that the other "unfinished business" Jimmy whispers.

"Yes" Jackie replies, "I was sent to get Becky before she could get in trouble."

"An impossible task" says Jim.

As Jimmy pulls up his bell bottom slacks, dons his white V neck satin shirt and platform shoes another commotion is heard on the stage below.

"You little Fucker!" yells a voice off stage.

"She said she was 19" pleads Bob Guadio of the Four Seasons as he runs, pants in hand across the empty stage.

"So you decided you would fuck her in the ASS?"

The station manger, and Becky's father, is trying to both cover a naked Becky with a short blanket while half heatedly chase Bob behind the speaker stack.

"Let me take care of this for you, AFTER the show" offers the new voice.

Detroit mobster and nightlife socialite Anthony Giacalone motions for Bob to get back to his dressing room. Not noticing the couple perched above he speaks to the two stage hands "Family business!" and walks away.

As Becky is led out of the club she looks back towards the direction of the green room and a smile of sweet satisfaction is clear for all to see.

"Come on" Jackie pulls Jimmy back towards the room they had just exited. "I'm sure the band is going to be late and I have needs too.

Not waiting for his reply Jackie pulls her dress up and over her head to stand completely naked before him. Reaching up to softly caresses her breast and kiss her lips, for the first time, Jackie breathes a request with their first contact "Gently.."
The End!
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