Making music Cum alive, Part VII - Off to see the Four Seasons
Erotic play is in store for three young people against the backdrop of a memorable Detroit concert by the Four Seasons. Best enjoyed starting with part I

"Come on Ron" a nervous Jim called back over his shoulder as he rushed down the darkened hallway, away from the three semi-nude woman who seemed to be laughing at his distress.

"Slow up Jimmy, we can't go yet". Ron stopped just short of the front door and waited for Jim to turn back towards him.

"What do you mean" Jimmy was now cross as hell and did not mind if it showed in his voice.

"Well, we just can't" answered Ron as he tried to avoid his friends piercing stare.

The young DJ was totally frustrated with the afternoon and was even more frustrated with his evasive friend. He had been brought to the brink of exploding from an awesome blow job and instead had been left hanging high, and he thought, dry.

"I'll ask you just one more time" replied Jimmy, "Then I'm leaving, Why can't we go?".

"ok, OK" Ron replied pointing at Jimmy with a waving finger, "Look man, don't be pissed at ME but you can't go out like that, especially to the Rooster Tail."

For the first time since he had hitched up his pants and fled the managers office Jimmy looked down at his pants zipper. The semi-dry coating of his dark blue pants indicated that the huge cum he had expected to deposit in Jackie's hot sexy mouth had really happened, the evidence now on display for all to see.

"Oh shit, OH SHIT" was all Jimmy could say as a new panic invaded his all too short timeline for the upcoming sound checks.

"Ron, we don't have time to drive all the way to 8 mile, just to get me a clean pair of slacks.

"FLASH!" went a light just over Ron's shoulder followed by the "whirl" CLICK" then "ZIP" sound of a Polaroid instant camera.

"Got ya" came Becky's light voice sounded with triumph "now I have a matched set.

"Oh Christ Becky!" Jim was able to see she had two pictures in her hand developing.

It did not take him long for him to realize the other had to be a picture of Jackie with her pre-cum covered tits and cum encrusted hair.

Resigned to being fucked, again, Jimmy gave Becky his most intense stare, right at her young budding tits. Maybe he could make HER feel a little uncomfortable.

"What do you want" he demanded, his gaze unflinching from the young white cleavage displayed before him.

"Hey" Becky turned away feigning embarrassment.

Turning back after only a second she laughed "You know I really do NOT mind, SEE!" with that she lifted her top and bra quickly up to her neck revealing two milky white breasts capped with swollen puffies and one very recent bright red hickey near her left nipple.

"Wow" Ron exclaimed instantly aware of the erection building in his tight loose bell bottom pants.

"Becky, where are you Becky?" came the unmistakable voice of Phillis from the hall Jimmy and Ron had just left.

"Fucked, AGAIN" Jimmy exclaimed as he leaned forward and tried desperately to pull the young girls top and tight bra back down over the young breasts that seemed alive with their new freedom. Becky flung back her arms and then locked her mouth over the startled Jimmy's sending her young hot tonge to probe his wonderful mouth.

"What the hell are you doing" exclaimed Phillis as she came around the corner to see her topless daughter apparently forced into a deep french kiss while struggling to free herself from the grip of the sexy young jock.

Although Phillis suspected her daughter was behind this "exposure" of her very desirable nipples, from a mother viewpoint the grip he had on her daughters top must be the cause of the public display.

Secretly enjoying the panic of the younf man before her Phillis ignored Ron completly. She raised her voice with more concern than she really felt and asked "You DO know she is 16, right?"

"I give up" Jimmy exclaimed with resignation "Call the cops, I'll go quietly."

"OH STOP" cooed Becky who had straightened her bra with one deft motion. "Don't be mean Mama" she scolded her mother "We were just playing."

"You keep playing like that and someone is going to jail" laughed Phillis, turning to the boys before her. "Can I really trust you with my daughter tonight??"

Quickly seizing the exit opportunity Ron grabbed Becky's elbow with one hand and Jimmy's with the other.

As he headed out the door he confidently promised a straight faced Phillis "Oh you can trust us" then nodding back and forth to Jimmy and Becky "You CAN TRUST ALL OF US".

"Are they gone" Jackie asked, her sad voice revealing her wish to have been invited along.

Phillis gave the redhead a tight squeeze "Yes baby girl, they are gone."

Patting Jackie's soft behind with a caresses of pleasure yet to come Phillis softly kissed her lovers neck and added "Don't worry, I trained my daughter well, Becky can handle them, and when she does...."

The wizard of Oz would be pleased to see the three young people arm in heading to the car rushing off to their new adventure. One young man who loved so much, but with no heart; one young man who thought too much and yet could not use his brain when his cock was engaged and the beautiful young girl in the knee high red boots full of lustful desire for what was over the next hill, oblivious to the pleasures so near.

To be continued.
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