Making music cum alive, part VIII Road trip to the Four Season's concert
The young trio are just a few miles away from the concert of their lives.

"Shotgun" Becky's voice was triumphant as she slapped the car door first and climbed into the red metal flake Chevy.

"Shit" exclaimed Ron "No Way I'm NOT riding in the back alone, like some big looser!".

"Ron" Jim's voice left no room for argument "GET IN THE BACK... We are Late as it is and you ARE a looser!"

"Fuck" grumbled Ron as he folded his 6' frame behind the driver's seat that Jim had just pushed all the way back.

"It is really nice up here" cooed Becky to Ron over her shoulder as she lifted up her skirt and rubbed her panty less bottom on the deep red leather seats. As Jimmy climbed in next to her Becky waved good-bye to her mother Phillis, still standing at the radio station doorway with her hand firmly on Jackie's firm ass.

To Jim she smiled seductively, rubbed her two breasts together and offered them to him saying, "Up Front could be where the party is."

Jim hesitation encouraged Becky to slide one hand across her exposed bare shaved pubs. With her eyes locked on his she took her other hand to lift her top to just above her thin bra to expose her dark swollen nipples.

Becky, knowing her mother was still watching, was pleased to see the slight opening of his mouth as if he was ready to take her firm nipples between his lips. Licking her full red lips she added "But you have to be NICE!"

"No!" Jim spoke sternly as he snapped from the trance she had laid upon him and fired up the Chevy bringing the 350 to a full roar.

Jim was very aware of Becky's hand first grabbing for the bulge in his pants, and now grabbing for a handhold. As he sped out of the driveway Becky and Ron were both flailing as the car swerved out onto the road.

"Hey Becky!" Ron, not willing to back off, tried to catch her eye in the rear view mirror "The real party is in the back seat, SEE" Ron slowly unzipped his pants hoping to catch the young teen's attention.

"You are sooo mean!" stammered Becky, thrown against the passenger door. Rejected, she pulled down her top and pushed her skirt under her bare ass and turned full away from Jim.

"Yeah" echoed Ron, holding the head of his cock in one hand and a head rest with the other, "You are BOTH soo mean!

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" laughed Jim, relieved to have Becky back off. "You are both trying to get me killed, or put in jail, and I'm MEAN, Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Pulling his cock out fully of his pants, just in case she looked over the seat, Ron tried to lighten the mood with "Ok dude, you are NOT mean.... Just fucked up!"

To Becky he added "and YOU, you little cock tease, you are soo Fucking HOT and yet you can act so Cold. Now THAT is Mean!"

Becky glanced up at the mirror to see the thin semi-hard cock clasped in Ron's fist. She recalled the salty taste of his pre-cum the last time Ron got her to lick the tip of his cock. Ron, after an hour of kissing and petting in the record loft, had moaned about how she had given him a case of blue balls. Becky, suspicious of his come on, had offered to suck him off IF his balls were really blue. Ron was such a dork and Becky took great pleasure in teasing him and letting him think he had some slim chance of taking her virginity. In fact she had lost that Many years ago.

Becky turned back towards Jim and recalled the recent vision of his thick cock, and pulsating purple cockhead, that had earlier been the object of Jackie's ministrations. She doubted if he could wrap his fist fully around that beauty. Closing her eyes she could see the thick globs of cum he had deposited earlier on Jackie's full freckled breasts as her mother had exploded in her own climax. Opening her eyes she looked at the young jock and decided she was not going to settle for "horney Ron".

Scooting across the seat till her hip came in contact with his she folded her hands in her lap, kicked off her shoes and placed her right foot under her bottom.

Becky stared straight ahead into the rearview mirror, smiled at Ron, and politely asked "If I'm GOOD, can I sit up here, next to you?"

"Baby you do NOT have to be Good back here" offered Ron as he waged his thin flaccid cock in the air.

"Shut up Ron!" barked Jim, then less sternly to the now demure Becky "Yes, you can sit up here, but please no more fooling around."

"Did you like fucking Jackie?" she asked Jim nonchalantly.

The throb in Jim's pants gave her the answered although Jim continued to drive in silence.
As Jim turned of Midway to drive towards 8 mile road he could not help but feel the warmth of the young body next to him. Glancing down his attention was captivated by the rise and fall of the soft full breasts so obviously on display to tease him. After a few more miles he became acutely aware of the moving pressure from her hip on his as she slowly, almost unnoticed, began to rotate, rock and then grind her bottom into her foot trapped between her and the seat. He could hear Ron in the back seat spitting on his hand was sure Becky was watching the show his partner was putting on with his cock.

"Becky? What are you doing NOW?" Jim asked softly, hoping not to draws Ron's attention.

"Is THIS bothering you?" Becky, enjoying his smell of old spice, had just closed her eyes to focus her concentration on the pressure building in her pussy as her heel continued to rub across her very wet slit.

"I asked you to be GOOD!" Jim, who could plainly see the increased rise and fall of her breasts and could smell the scent of her hot sex, was more pleading than his words conveyed.

Opening her eyes slightly Becky spoke in a whisper "Look, I'm being as good as I can as turned on as I am" with that she watched his eyes as it caught sight of her hand when it slowly began to slide under her skirt to press upon her clit.

"Just drive" Becky demanded in a louder voice that drew Ron's attention to her actions. "Please, just drive!"

"Damn baby" exclaimed Ron as Becky lifted her skirt and turned the rear view mirror down so Ron could watch her hand pressing upon her sex.

"Is that Better?" Becky asked of Ron as she moved the mirror from a view of her wet pussy, to her breasts, to her mouth and then and back again. She was rewarded with the rapid squishing and slapping sound of Ron stroking his swelling cock.

"You two are impossible" Jim spoke aloud as he pealed his eyes off the young exposed pussy.

Jim tried to focus on the oncoming traffic and pressed the accelerator down hard.

Keenly aware of his own swelling cock Jim was determined not to be drawn into another compromising situation. Jackie had tightened his nut but had NOT drained his balls. This little cock tease was just making it worse.

"Cum for me baby" demanded Ron from the back seat. "Let me see your fingers deep in that Hot! Wet! Pink! gash of yours."

Ron could be cute but most time he was just crude thought Becky. Becky, so close to her own climax, just continued to rock and rub her wet slit on her foot while pressing her fingers firmly down on either side of her clit. Blanking out all the road noise around her, and Ron's masturbation behind her, Becky felt the tightness begin deep in her womb and wanted to hold her climax for as long as she could.

She reached up under her bra and begin to pinch her right nipple while tapping on her aroused clit. She knew Jim could see her and she wanted him to want her, badly!

Becky focused on the afternoon when her mother had taken the time to teach her how to climax. The two of them were on her mothers' bed in matching baby dolls, panties long removed.
Becky thought her mother was the most beautiful and sexy Mom in the world. Everyman wanted to touch and taste her breasts and other woman knew that night their husbands and boyfriends would be thinking of Phillis as they made love. Becky wanted men, ALL men, to want her that much too.

As Phillis stroked her daughters' hair she watched her daughter tease her own sex. She knew it was time for some mother daughter instruction.

Phillis, watching the mounting frustration in Becky's eyes told her "Not many men will take the time to really please you and if they do it is probably just an accident. You have to learn to please yourself or you will go crazy throwing yourself at any dick that comes your way."

"MMMM, I NEED to CUM, PLEASE, I NEED to CUM" was all Becky could say as she drew her legs up wide peering in frustration at her own inflamed pussy as if she expected her own dick to sprout. Becky know how to make a dick cum, she had been doing that for years!

"Don't rush it" Phillis had scolded her as Becky rubbed her clit fast and furious as if she intended to start a fire.

"Like this" Phillis instructed as she spread her shapely legs wide and slowly drew her index finger down over her own swollen clit, moistened her finger tips by dipping into her now wet slit and then circled her pulsating nub before pressing two fingers deep back inside of her pussy. Each time she did this Phillis made sure her little finger came into contact with her anus as her thumb pulled back the hood hiding her clit.

Becky excited by the shaking of her mothers legs, drapped over her own, and the swelling of her own nipples watched her mother intently. She had mimicked her movements as they matched paced in their mutual self arousal till the big "O" could no longer be denied.

"I'm CUMING" Becky groaned as she pressed two fingers deep inside and opened her eyes to see the hot cum spurting from Ron's now throbbing cock.

"FUCK YES" cried Ron as his third and fourth spurt hit Becky's head rest catching in her hair.

"OH SHIT!... OHHHH SHIT!" Yelled Jimmy as he took his eyes off the shaking girl next to him and slammed on the brakes to avoid the car heading towards them.

To be continued.....
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