Making music cum alive Part II
As Ron, the program manager, briskly left the room Jim just stared at the closing door of the jock booth. He was tired and kept hearing the words "I have booked you for tonight" echoing in his tired mind.

Jim hit the button for the control booth mike. "Nick, I'm taking a break, play something loud and LONG for me."

Nick the engineer had just steped back into the control room from his recent "hit break" and was as loose and high as normal.

"You got it man" Nick replied waiving at the glass between them, "I'll play the FM stuff that will send Ron screaming out the door."

The "FM stuff" that Nick refered to was the emerging Frisco stereo sound that Nick and others like him claimed was going to put AM radio,and jocks like Jim, out of business. Ron was scared as hell of the "long haired hippy freaks", like Jefferson Airplane and Country Joe and the Fish, that were the vanguard of that new sound.

"Don't care" Jim waved as he headed outside to the back porch to clear his tired head.

What Jim really wanted was a cold beer, a comfortable bed, Julie (or a hot willing girl like Julie who could give great head), and some sleep, LOTS of sleep. Knowing Ron the way he did Jim knew he was facing a night of screaming fans, egomaniac performers and drama. With Ron there was always drama with a sexual twist.

"Hey DJ, whats happening man?" A young girl with a voice like a song had came out the door behind Jim.

"Hello Becky" Jim replied with a lot more enthusaism than he felt right then.

Being nice to the bosses daughter, no matter how anoying she could be, was a station rule. Jim was prepared to gave her more attention than he wanted.

"Whats up with you little girl?" he replied.

"I'm NOT a little girl" Becky stomped her foot like a five year old.

"If you must know I'm just hanging out waiting for my MAN, Ron" replied Becky.

Becky proceeded to climb up on the porch railing to sit facing Jim with her legs on either side on his.

Becky was the girl he saw at every rock concert, upfront and near the band or DJ. Pretty, with a cute come fuck me smile formed by her soft pouty lips with a bit more lipstick than was called for by her age. Her perfume was sweet and spoke to her young age.

Jim was not going to back away and decided to really looked at Becky for the first time to see if she would go away on her own. She had hung around the studio for as long as he could remember so he had taken no more notice of her than the water cooler. As he checked her out he saw her pretty, young (very young) face that required no maje-up which was beautifully framed by her long soft hair. She did not blush or flinch as Jim continued his gaze down her long pale throat. to take in her small A cup breasts. Her thin satin blouse was unbuttoned to the point where where her bra should have been. Becky could be proud of her budding firm nipples which were clearly erect and visible to Jim's search eyes.

"Damn" Jim thought as he continued his inspection of the young beauty just inches away. Her long legs were toped off with a short plaid skirt, held together by a big gold safety pin, rode up her legs as she kicked them apart to swing back and forth.

Becky was not aware, or did not care, that her white satin panties were pulled tight aound her pussy lips and were revealing what would in latter years come to be known as a damn fine camel toe.

"Oh gawd, yes" Jim thought to himself, "Your basic sexy package of trouble that had jail bait written all over her."

"Becky, you really should stay away from Ron." Jim spoke to Becky with his eyes still fixed between her breasts and taking in the flashes of her young pussy.

"Why" Beck asked as she stopped the swing of her legs and brought her feet up cross legged to reveal soft fine hairs now exposed around her panties.

"Jesus Becky, are you really that dumb?

Jim was teased by her proximity and at the same time angered by her silly play.

"The man is twice your age" Jim continued, "you must know Ron has slept with half the woman in Detroit AND your dad will kill the both of you if he ever finds out, that's why."

"I don't care who he sleeps with" Becky declared defiantly, "He said he loved me and wants to make me a woman, a REAL woman like my Mom."

Suddenly Becky began to sob with tears that streamed like a fauct had been turned on full.

"Christ, I'm sorry" Jim immediatly felt ashamed for hurting her feelings.

The next thing Jim knew he was holding her against his chest as she continued to sob. In one swift motion Becky had managed to reach out, like a hurt child, and trigger Jim's natural male response to accept the embrace in order to comfort her. Like a snake Becky had managed to wrap her firm young legs snugly around his waist and to place her young soft pussy directly against his teased cock. As Becky pressed her hardened nipples against Jim alarms went off in his head in recognition of the pressure on his cock as Becky slowly but delibertly began to hump her sex against him.

"Holly shit" Jim cried out as he realized how compromised he had become in the embrace of this child.

"What the fuck Becky? Jim said as he quickly pushed her back to break the embrace. He then had to steady her to keep her limp body from falling off the wall.

"Ha , ha, Ha" Becky laughed while making no effort to hold herself on the railning, forcing Jim to step closer, again.

"You know" she continued "Mom has wondered, for years, how thick that cock of yours really was and Now I KNOW!"

Becky continued laughing she reached out with her legs to again grasp him "Should I tell her?" she asked.

"No" Jim said, visibly teased and angry. "You should be playing with DOLLS, not cocks. So what do you really want?"

Becky paused in her attempts to get her legs again wrapped around Jim's waist. Jim, not to be foold again, continued to hold onto her arms to keep her on the rail and away from his manhood.

"Ok, ok" Becky relented still staring at Jim's zipper like it was a big prize, "you let me go and I'll tell you."

"No way Becky, you tell me now what this is all about, and then I'll let you go" was Jim's firm response.

"Dude, your not even curious about fucking me are you", Becky looked at Jim and was clearly surprized by his shaking head and rejection.

"Ok" she continued "I told Ron, and now I'm telling you, I just want to suck the cock of the Four Season's."

"Oh really" Jim shook his head at her brash fantasy, "Which one, there are four of them you know?"

"Bob Guadio" she replied without any hesitation.

"Bob Guadio? Jim asked shaking her a little, "and how in the hell did you come to pick him?"

Reaching between her legs Becky began to rub her slit through her panties. Becky had done this dozen of times with Ron and thought it would be fun to see Jim's reaction to her slef pleasure. Becky clearly enjoyed the feel of the satin material pressed against her nub. She also enjoyed the tease and discomfort running across Jim's face when he could not take his eyes off virgin pussy just an arms length away.

"Bob has a really fat cock, tremendous cum and loves to be sucked by virgins." Becky spoke as if she had seen Bob first hand.

"That is why I have been with Ron, to practice" beamed Becky as she pushed her small breasts out with pride as she sliped a finger around the edge of her panty.

Jim just shook his head again and asked "Becky where would you ever get the idea about the size of Bob's cock, or any other cock for that matter, oh... wait a second ..., from Ron, right??"

"YES, if you have to know, from Ron" now it was Becky's turn to get mad. "He told me I could practice on him before I met the group and lucky for me they are in town TONIGHT.

Thrusting her finger inside Becky glared at Jim while her tease continued to build inside.

As Jim held her steady Becky concentrated on her climax and added "And you are going to help me, DJ, you are goping to help me cause Ron promied."

"Becky, listen to me" Jim tried to to be as calm as he could to get her attention knowing she was going over the edge in her climax.

"Ron has no idea how big any one's cock is, no one knew the Four Season's were even coming to Detroit, he was just pulling your leg."

"You are a liar" Becky screamed as she rocked back and forth on her fingers thrust deep inside of her. " If.. I..... DON't geeeet to SUCK his his his COCK" , Becky spat the words out as she exploded with her fingers deep inside her slit.

With her hand trapped and her legs shaking Becky hung forward supported by Jim's arms.

Breathing hard, with sweat dripping down between her small breast, Becky started again "If ... I... Do... NOT.... suck some FAT.. cock Too night <long pause as she gasped for breath> "I'm ... telling my Dad.... Ron raped me!."

With that Becky jumped off the rail and pressed her fingers, covered in her sweet young juices, right into Jim's face. Jim froze as she then licked her fingers clean as if they were covered in a sweet expensive desert.

As she started to leave the porch Becky turned back to Jim and lifted her skirt to reveal her panties still pulled to the side.

"And maybe" she added with a smile "I'll tell my Dad and MOM about you to."

to be continued....

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