Man Candy
"Take your clothes off NOW!"

Amanda barks out this command to a startled looking Brian as soon as she walks in the door. Her afternoon had gone from bad to worse as one thing after another went wrong at work, and on top of that anger and frustration, she was horny. And had been ever since the alarm interrupted the carnal dream she had been having about her and her sexy husband. Of course since she had to go to work, there was no time for play, and nothing like sexual frustration to start your day off badly. All she had been thinking of the entire day was her man and his cock, and how much she wanted both, and she wasn't going to wait any longer than she already had.

The first button on Amanda's blouse stubbornly refuses to give way, so she undoes all the other ones first and comes back to it. Finding it still not wanting to budge, and her patience at an end, she rips her blouse open, neither knowing nor caring if she has torn the delicate material. Wriggling out of her top, she throws it carelessly on the floor. Looking over at a dumbfounded Brian she says, "I don't see you getting naked."

Amanda's blazing emerald green eyes are almost shooting flames, and her beautiful, heart shaped face is flushed with pent up anger. Brian has never seen his usually mild mannered, happy-go-lucky wife furious like this. Her deep heaving breaths almost have her barely contained breasts spilling out of her black lace push-up bra. She's petite, but unlike most small women Amanda was blessed with a naturally big breasted and curvy figure. No flat tits and ass here, she would laughingly say, and she's genuinely happy about that. Brian always tells her that she could easily be a lingerie or swimsuit model. Whether he's right or not doesn't really matter to her, she's just happy that he thinks she's hot, that's all that matters to her in those regards.

Brian, wanting to see what Amanda will do once he's naked, rushes to get undressed. His fingers unusually fumbling as he struggles with his belt, but finally it cooperates and he's able to take his pants off. Having taken off his shirt first, he's now on the couch in only his stark white underwear and socks.

"You're still not naked." Amanda looks down at his underwear, which is clearly showing his growing interest. "Those have to go too."

"Oh no," Brian tells her, a teasingly sexy tone creeping into his voice. "No fair. You're still partially dressed. I'm not getting naked unless you join me."

In the blink of an eye Amanda has her bra, jeans and panties off, and as she walks toward him firmly says one word, "strip."

"Yes ma'am," he says, a touch of laughter in his voice, amazed at how quickly she had gotten undressed.

When she reaches him, Amanda pushes his legs wide open, then sinks to her knees between them. Brian's cock twitches. She knows what he's expecting, but Amanda wants to tease her husband until he is just as excited as she is. Her long, thick, slightly curly hair hangs like a curtain, hiding her actions from him. But Brian doesn't mind looking at her hair for the moment, it's reddish coppery hue is just like his favorite leaves when they change color in the fall just before tumbling to the ground. Hidden from his view she exhales, then lightly blows up and down his hardening shaft, her hot breath on his sensitive member almost feels like fingers lightly caressing him, and he moans as his dick hardens even more. Amanda knows that Brian wants her to take his growing erection into her mouth, but that isn't in her plans...yet.

She moves down to his ankles, then kisses slowly up his leg. Her fingers on his upper inner thighs lightly draw large circles, almost, but not quite touching his balls and cock. Amanda means to tease Brian, and judging from the way his hips are moving, she's doing a good job. Looking up from under her lashes, she can see he's fully hard now, and her mouth waters, it wants to taste him just as badly as he wants to be tasted. But not yet, she still has a little teasing left to do. She moves to his other leg, her lips leave a moist trail as she travels up his calf, past his knee, then up his thigh. The hair on his leg lightly rubs against her sensitive, hard nipples, building her lust even higher.

Moving to his inner thigh, Amanda notices it's much warmer here. Her tongue darts out, taking over from her fingers, it moves in circles over his skin. She tastes a hint of salt, and all man. His scent surrounds her as his body pumps out more and more pheromones, the smell of his skin is uniquely his, and utterly pleasing to her.

Amanda's mouth moves slowly closer to where Brian desperately wants to feel her. She can't hold back any longer and takes one of his balls into her hot, wet mouth, bathing it with her tongue. She badly wishes she could shove both in, but knows from experience that his cum filled balls are too large to do that, so she satisfies herself with going from one to the other in turn.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM you taste so good babe," she sexily purrs, switching from one swollen nut to the other.

The humid heat surrounding his sac, and the slight tugging sensation, are driving him crazy. His cock is practically screaming at him, demanding more. And Amanda's body must hear that silent plea, because combined with her own body's urgent urges, they overcome her desire to tease him, and all she feels is a deep driving need to pleasure him. She's felt like this before, but never so strongly.

Amanda wetly licks from root to tip up the entire length of Brian's cock a few times, almost like she would eat an ice cream cone to keep it from melting on a hot summers day. He moans as his now rigid hard on flexes up to meet her lapping tongue. She knows she has him, and looking up into his eyes, she slowly slides her lips over his cap, and sucks it wetly in and out. His pleasure filled moans as his hips push up wanting more, thrill her. She's always enjoyed giving her husband a blow job, but tonight she feels powerful, his body her's to control and possess, and that feeling of power is intoxicating, feeding her lust.

"Let's go(ahhhh)-into the bedroom, my little(ahhhhhhh)-temptress. I want to be able to touch(MMMMMMMM)-and kiss you while you're sucking me." His words stopping and starting in between the moans that he can't control. She let him out of her mouth momentarily with a loud POP.

"No. Tonight you're my man candy, so just lean back and enjoy me draining you dry, baby."

His response to that statement is a long moan. She guesses that her answer both surprises and excites him, because his cock moves, flexing up toward her mouth, which is exactly where she wants his long, thick, pulsing member anyway. As Amanda's lips slide slowly down Brian's shaft and then back up, her hair keeps getting in the way, stray strands clinging to his wet cock, and she has to keep pushing it to the side. Deciding to help her, Brian scoops up all her hair in his hand and twists it around his fist. She moans around his cock, Amanda has always loved having her hair held like this and she knows that at some point he will make it even better by using it to forcibly move her head back and forth on his prick.

Amanda has always been an incredible cock sucker, but tonight it's like the spirit of a porn queen is possessing her body as she deep throats him. She's devouring him like a vampire that's gone too long between feedings. Only it's not blood that Amanda wants, it's a life giving fluid of another kind, his sweet, creamy seed.

She sucks him hard and fast, her tongue trailing up his cock, moving all over and around him, tracing each vein bulging out of his satiny skin, especially the long thick one that runs up the middle of his shaft. At the moment it's pulsating with every beat of his heart. Amanda has never felt Brian harder than he is right now, and his straining sex is almost purple. She knows this can't last for long, and feels the rest of the muscles in his body tensing.

He thrusts his hips up as she swallows his cock, his sudden upward movement makes her gag. A trail of excess saliva oozes down his shaft, but her mouth quickly catches the extra moisture before it reaches his balls. Amanda can tell that Brian is extremely close to his release, his shaft is swelling in her mouth. Now he uses her hair to push and pull her up and down his dick.

Wanting to add another dimension to his pleasure, she moves her hand down, fingers searching for, then finding his tight, virgin hole. Some of the saliva from her wild, sloppy blow job has run over his balls and down the crack of his ass, which she now uses to aid her finger's exploration of his tight hole. She pushes gently, until she feels his muscles loosen, allowing her to push her finger all the way in. She sensually fingers his ass as his hand wrapped around her hair holds her head still, so he can fuck her mouth.

His hips drill into her mouth fast and deep. Brian moans loudly, almost animalistically as his cock starts to spew cum into Amanda's mouth. His hand loosens some around her hair, her movements now her own again, but she continues to move up and down his shaft as spurt after spurt of cum shoots out of him to run down her throat. He has quite an impressive load for her, and towards the end she can't keep up with the flow, so lets him out of her mouth for the last three ribbons to land on her mouth and face, a little dripping off her chin.

Brian lets go of her hair and with a loud exhausted moan collapses back onto the couch. Amanda lays back as well, but she's on the floor, legs spread wide. Her blood has almost reached the boiling point and now that she has satisfied Brian she wants to find her own pleasure. He opens his eyes to watch Amanda, she runs her fingers through the cum that's plastered all over her face. The first finger full she brings to her mouth to noisily suck it clean. But the next load of his creamy seed she brings down to smear all over her pussy lips and clit. She comes back up to her face for even more, as Amanda's beautiful green eyes lock with Brian's blue ones, she fingers her pussy using his cum as her lube.

First she uses only one finger, then two, slamming them in and out of her cum slathered cunt. Then she adds another digit, her hand almost a blur as her body draws as tightly as a bow string. Her nipples are as hard as Brian has ever seen them, and the muscles in her thighs bulge as they tighten. Her keening cries sound urgent to his ears and leaning down, he unerringly finds her clit and his fingers rub circles round and round her hard bud, as she rams her fingers in and out. Finally her back arches off the floor, her ass even lifts a little as her orgasm slams into her like a runaway freight train. Her screams echo in the room as her hips move up and down, cum squirts forcefully out of her cunt, soaking both Amanda and Brian's fingers and hands. Neither one stops moving until they feel the contractions of her deep muscles slow down, then finally stop.

Amanda somehow drags her body off the floor, to lay limply against Brian's chest. They both are hot and sweaty, hearts racing, breathing like they have just run a race. And in a way they had. Brian lifts his head up, looks at Amanda and says, "I will gladly be your man candy any time you want me to, my pet."
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