Massage Parlour Thrill( part II)
He got his mind on the job in hand, that involved lighting prayer candles and putting on his favourite Reiki healing music which helped with relaxation and calming the body by working its magic on the major seven chakras, which helps in an unseen way to balance the energies within everyone.

After a few minutes of deep breathing and calming himself he was ready and at that moment Amanda came out of the cubicle and said "Where do you want me ?"

He gulped in anticipation as he told her to "just sit on the massage table."

She had to jump up a little to sit on it and her breasts jiggled voluptuously as she settled herself.

"Let's see if we can find the problem first, can you give me an idea where the pain is worst?"

Trying to point him to the spot, she tried to get her arm around, but found it was too far

"Here let me try," he said, and he ran his hand down her shoulders to her back to find the spot. It was a delicious feeling, and a visual delight. Her skin felt satin smooth and was pure white, not a blemish or tan line anywhere

He got down to just to the right of between the shoulder blades and hit a spot where it seemed knotted and she had trapped a nerve. As he pressed a bit harder she let out a cry.

"Ouch, that really hurts there."

"I think I can smooth this away, it might take about twenty minutes to half an hours massage to get the knot out which will make it easier for you to move."

"Oh,thanks, you will be a lifesaver, I don't want to have to take time off work"

"Amanda,you will need to loosen your basque at the back so I can" coughing he added "I need to be able to get to it"

"If you don't mind can you tell me what you plan to do first?"

"Not at all, you have a bad knot in that area and I am going to use some sandalwood and black pepper oils mixed together, the sandalwood to help to ease out the blood flow and the black pepper to ease any pain. Are you allergic to anything?"

"No, at least not that I know off......... can you unclip the basque at the back for me please and I will take it off, I don't want to get it all oily."

Bill was an expert at this, he had the clips out in seconds and Amanda held the front as he unclipped her from the basque.

As she got comfortable she whipped it out from underneath her.

"Ahhh, relief, think yourself lucky you don't need a contraption like this, it can be so uncomfortable at times"

"I can only imagine, but it looks nice on you."

"Do you think so, how sweet of you to say so".........

"You have got the figure to match it too"

After hearing that, with a glint in her eye she continued the banter.

"Now you are teasing me, but go ahead. I haven't had any attention given to me in years, I did have one guy but he was a heel. Eventually he ran of with some bimbo from the southside of town"

"I am sure that is his loss, He must be an idiot"

"Unfortunately for now I can't get rid of him as he owns the house, he just pops in and out as he feels, then runs of to her, he hasn't even looked at me in a year or say anything."

"It's not easy with a situation like that, I hope he doesn't abuse you physically," he said with a question mark in his voice.

"Oh no, he just ignores the fact I exist"

"Well, he needs his head examined to lose something so gorgeous....obviously not just in the physical sense......bright too, working with all those words in a library would spin my head round"

"It's easy when you organise things right."

"Organisation is an swearword to me." he said, chuckling " Although I know where I have things. I sometimes have to look for my brain though."

She laughed,Amanda was beginning to like Bill with his easy manner and a way of putting her at ease. And although he was a bit older than her that was the charm.

He seemed to have a way with him, it reminded her of old movie stars such as Humphrey Bogart, but then again with the look of his face, he was more Sean Connery. Certainly the type to be stirred and not shaken. A bit rough round the edges, but a gentleman all around. He wasn't too bad looking either--a little bit of middle age spread--but at what she'd guess was just under 6 foot tall, it didn't show too much.

Bill stated to massage her shoulders and slowly going down her back kneading the muscles as he went.

"Hmmmm, that's devine, you certainly have a way with your hands"

"I haven't had any complaints so far" as he got to the tender spot and slowly began to work the knot out, watching her every move.

The towel she had put over her began to slip off and Bill went to catch it.

"Just leave it. I want you to do me all over anyway."

"I don't want you getting a chill," he said, surprised and pleased, but trying not to show it.

"I'll be fine, I am feeling quite warm anyway, and it's cozy here," she said smiling up at him.

Bill worked away and as he got further down he laid his hand on her thigh and started to work on her legs. Apart from the little bit string that held her thong together she was nude and, oh so beautiful.

Her ass was a wonder to behold, perfectly rounded and firm. He felt a sudden impulse to kiss her bum cheeks. In fact he wanted to kiss her all over. Then as if an answer to his prayers, he came further up her legs, back to her thighs, and watched in amazement as she opened her legs a touch.

As she let out a soft sigh, he saw for the first time, she was getting wet, and this was only from the massage he was giving her. His anticipation grew.

Just at that the music stopped on the cd player, he left to restart it.

They had been there for about three quarters of an hour already. he was starting to feel horny again and discretely tried to go past Amanda without her seeing he had got an erection like a stallion.

As he passed she looked up into his eyes and grabbed his shorts.

"My, I haven't had that kind of a reaction for a long time, and to think, all you did is touch me
. . . " she said breathlessly

And then, as if unable to control herself any longer, she reached out and grabbed his balls and his throbbing dick at the same time.

"May I? I have been starved for cock for so long, I think I am a virgin again," and at that she slipped his shorts down to his knees and started to lick the head without getting permission.

"If it helps you, I won't complain." he growled softly

She didn't answer as she was so busy trying to feed his shaft down her throat. He ran his fingers through her hair and started to pull her towards him, all with an urgency he hadn't felt for a while.

The last fuck he had was about six months ago when he was at the nudist beach with two young girls that just happened to pass by while he was sunbathing and asked him they they could stay at his spot.

No doubt about it, Amanda knew how to handle a cock, and even though she had been starved for a while, she sucked all the way down the shaft till Bill felt the end of his cock head hit the back of her throat. She didn't even gag once. It was as if he had got his dick in a slippery yet tight sponge, all at the same time.

Then she suddenly stopped. Thank God he thought, he was about to explode.

But not for long. She started back up again, but this time, she was sucking his balls, holding the bottom of his shaft, at just the right spot to stop him from cumming too quickly--working his balls like a dog with a bone.

It must have been true, he thought, that she had been neglected. She was devil let loose. The good news, it was on him.(To be continued)

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