Massage Parlour Thrill
It had been really quiet all day as Bill sat reading a magazine on new techniques and fantasizing over a woman he had seen waiting at the bus stop earlier that day. She was a looker that one he thought to himself, but way out of his league.

She was perhaps about 5'5 in her high heels and long red hair that would have made any past Celt glad to see. She was dressed in a figure hugging blouse that left nothing to the imagination. Two proud bosoms that a guy could lose himself in, very shapely indeed all the way down to her thighs which gave her a look of a film star from the past, he had seen her but forgot her name. Truly a star this one.

As he passed she glanced at him and smiled with eyes that a guy could drown in. Cool blue eyes and big, like a deep pool of water. He thought if he was to dive in he would never find the bottom and never find his way up to surface again. But if he were drown, what a better place could there be.

He had noticed on passing that she had a badge on her lapel, she worked in the library, as it had the insignia stamped on it, and he noticed her name "Amanda"
Hmmmm!! Maybe have to look in there sometime. He hadn't read much in ages.

Last thing he had read was a history epic of Genghis Khan. Three books there were and it took him about a month to read them. Maybe she could give him some suggestions. Anyway, it was worth a try, nothing tried , nothing gained.

Time had passed a bit quicker than he thought while he had been daydreaming about Amanda, It was past 6pm and just about time to shut shop when, as he was ready to put the closed sign up after pulling the shutter and locking the door,there was a knock at the door.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he opened the door, the same woman he just been thinking about was standing right in front of him. He got his wits together and tried his best to look in her eyes before he got lost down her blouse. "Can I help you" he said.
She said" I hope so, you see I have this problem with a pain in my neck and back and wondering if massage would help.?!

Bill said " Tell me what happened and see if I can do anything, I was just about to shut shop, but I can spare a few minutes miss, or is it Mrs ?" being courteous and smiling, although inside his mind he was reeling.

She smiled back and said "oh Dear, just call me Amanda" then went on to explain that she had been lifting some boxes of new editions that had just arrived and when, she got this pain which nearly paralysed her arm on the right side, and that she didn't like painkillers"too many side effects" she said." Can you do anything to help?" and " How much are your charges?"

Bill told here" My consulting fees are a bit steep, but since I have more or less shut shop I won't charge you anything."
"Oh!!" Amanda said " I don't want you to lose your job"
Bill said"That's all right, I own the place. I would only have to answer to myself." With a smile "You can find a place to change at the back cubicle there and there is a dressing gown"
Amanda said "Will I have to strip off?"
Bill said" No, not everything, mainly your outer wear, but whatever makes you feel comfortable"

While Amanda was getting ready Bill went to wash his hands and do his usual Reiki healing meditation and prayer before starting. As he was getting settled he happened to glance in the cubicles direction when the curtain blew open a bit . There was Amanda down to a basque and pull ups. The basque was of a French style that you could only get at Victoria's Secrets. It must have cost a bomb.

It was a cream satin with black lines running down it that enhanced her figure which was stacked on top with at least a 40DD bosom which rose and fell like a tidal wave when she breathed. She also had on the skimpiest thong he had seen in his life, which barely hid the triangle of her crotch Bill had to control himself. He was starting to get hard at the sight of her already and hadn't even done any hands on. .. (To be continued)
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