She sighed and stretched. Memories of the night before running through her head. She loved the way he read her body and signals like a sailor reads nautical maps. She didn't think that there was a single inch of her body that had not familiarized himself with.. Her body ached in every place imaginable and some that she didn't know. Smiling from ear to ear, she got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Turning the knobs on the shower, she waited til it was just the right temperature before stepping into the spray. The water slashed over her body and the heat seeped deep to her bones. She could still feel his bite marks and where he had spanked her ass. Twisting and turning, she got the hot water on every inch of her and started to feel half way normal.
Taking her loofah, she drizzled an abundant amount of body wash onto it and ran it gently over her body. As the loofah slide over her body, she tilted her head back and envisioned his hands running over her. Reliving the night was not going to help her get to work on time at all. Shaking the thoughts of him out of her mind, she finished her shower and grabbed a towel. Rubbing the soft cotton against her skin aggravated and excited her. Her body was so worked up, that there was no way she could put her clothes on after she was finished with the towel.
Laying on the bed, she ran her hands over her breasts. Teasing and tweaking her nipples until they were achy. Then she slowly slide her hand down her stomach and between her legs. His pussy was already wet. Slowly, she rubbed his clit. With her other hand, she got into the night stand drawer and grabbed her vibrator. Turning it on low, she held it against his clit and ran it up and down his slit. Her body tightened and she pushed the vibrator in and out of his pussy while she rubbed his clit. Her juices were flowing out of his pussy and she was moaning like crazy.
She never heard the front door open. She never noticed someone walking into her room. But she was instantly aware of someone 's tongue licking her fingers. She started to sit up more to see who it was and felt the sting of a hand hard across her thigh. He was back. She laid down and continued fucking herself with the vibrator. She stopped rubbing his clit and started clenching the sheets. he instantly started sucking on his clit and pushing his fingers into her ass.
She was washed in sensation. He pushed her hand away from the vibrator and took over the control of that. He took it out of his pussy and shoved it into her ass. Turning it up more, he left it buried in her ass and stuck his tongue into his pussy while he rubbed his clit. She was lost. The instant a scream came from her mouth, he stopped and got the gag out. Smiling, she gladly allowed him to gag her and then he resumed his feast of her. She was moaning and groaning against the gag and he chuckled.
She made the mistake and grabbed his hair. He stopped everything. Even pulling the vibrator from her ass. She wanted to cry. She didn't like it when he stopped. he walked to the closet and got out a bag. Digging around, he found what he was looking for and put the bag away. She waited impatiently as he put the bag away and then went out of the room. Straining, she heard his muffled voice on the phone and wondered what he was up to. She knew better than to question him, but her curiosity was up. He knew that she had work today, yet from the looks of things, she wasn't gonna make it there.
When he returned, he was holding the shackles and handcuffs. Instantly her body shivered in anticipation. Only when he had time to fully use and abuse her body did he get the shackles and cuffs out. A single touch of her hip told her what he wanted. Rolling over, she got onto her hands and knees. She came when the shackles were slapped onto her ankles. he stood on the bed in front of her and slapped her face with his dick. She wanted his dick inside her. She wanted to ride and suck him. But he was the master, she would accept whatever he decided. Keeping his cock right in front of her, he bent over and untied the gag. Before she could take a descent breath, he thrust his dick into her mouth. Eagerly, she sucked on him. Much like a baby does a bottle. He pulled her hair and spoke. "Ahh that's my girl. Suck daddy's dick like you are dying of thirst. Daddy will quench his girl's thirst." She was allowed to stroke his dick as she sucked him. She loved the taste of him. She loved how he always made her gag. His thrusts got harder and faster and she knew he was about to come. Pushing her head closer to him, he thrust one last time. Burying his dick deep in her throat. He moaned as he came and then he threw her away from him.
He got behind her and pushed her onto her hands. Leaning over her, he handcuffed her wrists to the bedpost. There was no way she was going anywhere. he pushed her legs apart and licked her ass and pussy. She was dripping wet from all that. he grabbed the vibrator, turned it on, and fucked his pussy with it til she came. Cum squirted out of her and she was openly screaming her pleasure. Each scream was rewarded with his hand hard across her ass. Still that didn't stop her from cumming or screaming more. He knew just how turned on it was all making her. Pushing the vibrator into her ass, he mounted her. Gripping her hair tightly, he fucked her hard and fast. She was coming undone. She absolutely loved it when he fucked her ass and pussy at the same time. Leaning over her, he whispered, "is daddy's girl still thirsty? Want more of daddy's special milk?" She nodded her agreement and he pulled out of his pussy and started fucking her mouth.
Closing her eyes, she savored the taste of him. She loved how his dick tasted in her mouth. Even as she kept her eyes closed, so did he. he loved how receptive she was to his ever need. How she would do anything for him. She sucked him very very well. he had never had a better cock sucker. She also was the absolute best fucker he had ever gotten his hands onto. When she had agreed to be his slave, his world was complete. The woman that he loved, was going to marry, and have children with had agreed to become his slave as well. There was no other in the world that would do for him. When he came, she swallowed and continued to suck him. Milking his cock for every drop of cum. Gently removing his cock from her mouth, he whispered "that's my good girl." As a reward for being so good, he uncuffed her hands and laid her on her back. He allowed her to masturbate while he stroked his cock. When he was about to cum he ordered her to open her mouth. Straddling her body, he came all over her face. he knew that she didn't like cum on her face, but he liked watching his stuff splash onto her face and slide down her body. He unshackled her legs and ordered her to the shower. She obeyed immediately.
Once again, the hot water splashed down her body. Seeping deep into her bones and she tilted her head up, almost as if she was worshiping the water itself. She jumped when her loofah touched her skin. She had been so absorbed in her shower that she didn't notice him come in or enter the shower. She absolutely loved it when he got into the shower with her. He would wash her gently and she felt like she was breakable. In a sense, she was. Her heart was his and if he was mean or left her, it would shatter into a million pieces. It had taken her a long time to actually admit (if only to herself) that he was her world. That she needed him so much more than he will ever need her. Now, as he washed her to tenderly, she turned and faced him. Love sparkled in his eyes as he ran the loofah over her body. The body that he knew so very well and loved with every inch of his being. Dropping the loofah, he took her face in her hands. Softly, he kissed her. First her forehead, then her eyes, her cheeks, and finally her lips. When she first came out to meet him, she kissed him just like that. Telling him in so many ways that she loved him. It was long overdue for him to express how much she meant to him. he hoped and prayed that she would understand what he was trying so hard to say. He told her that he loved her every day at multiple times.
These times, when he bathed her, was the times that his heart surged the most. Catching in his throat. Knowing that she was also his slave should have been the happiest he had ever been. But he also loved her unique personality. With her, he allowed her a lot of freedom to be herself. Other slaves, he kept a tight control over them. Not allowing them any freedom even while he is at work. She was allowed to do as she pleased when he was gone. All he asked was that she tell him if she was leaving the house. This was because he knew that she had never lived in a city before and he wanted to be able to get to her quickly. Then she got a job. Something he really didn't like, but because it never interfered with his schedule, he allowed it.
When there was something that he didn't like, he told her about it and she instantly changed it. he knew that if he told her to quit work, she wouldn't hesitate. She begged him for her collar. Something he hadn't wanted to do, but after listening to her, understood her desire for one. He agreed and it was now on her neck constantly. He didn't have many rules, but expected those that he did have obeyed without question. He knew that he was her world without her having to say anything. It showed in her eyes, her behaviors, her attitude, and yelled out in her personality.
She knew his rules well and followed them constantly. It had taken her a while to get used to being naked around people. But now, she had no insecurities about that. He wanted her naked constantly, except when they went out, and she abided by that rule. While she was learning, he wasn't quick to punish her. Knowing that she was just learning what he expected. But he did punish her, so that she knew what would be expected this way as well.
There were some things that he didn't have to teach her. It was a natural thing for her. One was always serving him first. he taught her to eat before serving him. Because he didn't want her to be anywhere but on the floor by his feet. She also got the bed made quickly after she got up in the mornings. She also had her shower done before noon. He told her what he wanted done each day and it took her no longer than a half hour to complete everything. She even went back and made sure that the apartment smelled like pine sol before he walked in the door each night. He tried to catch her off guard, but failed. This made him smile. Knowing that everything was being done as instructed. He had instructed her to be well rested before he came home, because he was gonna keep her nights busy. And busy they were.
He had promised long ago that he would fuck her daily. He kept that promise. He promised to love her and only her. He kept that promise as well. He promised to bring guys over to fuck her. He was working on that one. He found another guy and everything was set. They would be over that night and he was so excited to finally watch her get fucked by three guys. He wanted to tell her about it, so that she could be mentally prepared, but decided against it. Would let it be a surprise for her. He smiled just thinking about it. He knew that she would love it. It was a fantasy of hers after all. He was determined to make all of their fantasies come true.
When he got home, she was on her knees and sucking his cock. He loved that she wanted to do this all the time. He ate his dinner with her at his feet. Head on his knee as he ate. He lead her to the bedroom after she washed up the dishes. He ordered her to stay there when the doorbell rang. When he reappeared, there were three men with him. All black. All huge. "How do you welcome our guests, Slave," he said softly. Instantly, she was on her knees and each presented his cock for her to suck. He never ordered her to make them cum, so she just gave them a taste of what she could do. All three men had huge thick cocks and they made her gag as she sucked them. All were rock hard when she finished and waited to see what was going to happen. He motioned her to his side and then laid a hand on her shoulder. "Make me hard and have fun," he told her and went to sit on the chair in the corner.
She smiled. This was something that she had dreamed about for a long time. He wanted them to be black men, she didn't care who they were. One picked her up and carried her to the bed. He quickly undressed, crawled onto the bed, and shoved her head onto his cock. Another twisted her onto her hands and knees and slide under her. He shoving his cock into her pussy and started fucking her. The last slapped her ass, rubbed her clit and shoved his cock into her ass. She was filled and stretch painfully. She was moaning around the cock she was sucking and trying to move with the men fucking her. The man began to slap her face as she sucked him. He moved to where he was sitting comfortable on the bed and she was just above him. He wrapped his hands in her hair and stilled her head. Then he began to fuck her mouth. She gagged and felt like she was about to throw up. Then she felt the cocks in her ass and pussy start quivering as they came inside her. Then her head was slammed onto the cock and gagged as it hit the back of her throat and his cum squirted into her mouth. Then they switched positions. She was riding a cock in her ass as she faced him. He was stroking his cock and she smiled. Another jerked her head to the side and started fucking her mouth. She then started jerking off the last one. The one in her ass ordered her to pull her pussy lips wide. Let the other one see how beautiful and wet it was. She did and the one she was jerking off dropped to his knees and started eating her pussy. She couldn't help herself. Her body was so turned on and filled that she started squirting her juices on the guy's face. he moaned and buried his tongue deeper in her pussy. Lapping up all her juices. "Hold that pussy open. he's gonna fuck you just like that, Slave," he ordered. She did as ordered. The guy stopped eating her and slammed his cock inside her pussy. He was groaning about how good it felt squeezing his cock. They were all telling him how great it felt fucking his slave. How responsive she was. They loved how their cocks and balls were covered in her cum as she couldn't keep from squirting all over them. He sat there and smiled. All came again and rotated.
By the time, they all bid their goodbyes, she was well fucked and sore. She dropped to her knees one last time and sucked them all off again. They asked him if they would be allowed to come back. he said of course. Giving them permission to come whenever they wanted and either solo or as a group. He didn't care, as long as she was fucked. After they left, he turned and looked at her.
"That is how you will meet and greet all my friends. Male or female. No, questions," he said.
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