Mature Married Daughter Invites Father to Spend the Night
Prelude: Father takes business trip and visits his
beautiful tall slender thirty year old daughter and her husband. After dinner the father announces that he must leave and find a motel room for the evening. The daughter and her husband then invite him to spend the night in their small one bedroom apartment. The father accepts the offer stating that the living room couch looks comfortable enough. About an hour later the daughter gently grasps her father's hand then leads him into the bedroom and closes the door.

[Daughter begins undressing]

Father says, "Honey, what are you doing?"

Daughter replies, "I'm getting ready for bed. My
husband volunteered to sleep on the couch and you will be spending the night with me."

Father says, "Well, okay. I suppose you are going
to change into your pajamas, so I will turn around
while you do that."

[Daughter pulls off top revealing naked breasts]

Daughter replies, "Dad, there is no need to turn
around. I don't wear pajamas anymore and usually sleep naked unless you object."

Father says, "No, it's fine with me. Coincidentally, I also like to sleep in the nude. Will that be okay with you?

[Daughter is now completely naked]

Daughter replies, "Yes, you can sleep nude with
your daughter if you would like. Well, what are you
waiting for? Take off your clothes."

[Father quickly strips and has an erection]

Daughter says, "Oh my goodness. It appears that you are anticipating doing more than just sleeping with me. What a pleasant surprise."

[Fifteen minutes later after father and daughter are in bed]

Father says, "The bed headboard is banging against
the wall. Isn't that going to wake up your husband?"

Daughter replies, "Don't worry. Did you notice that
camera on a tripod over there in the corner by the

Father says, "Not until you mentioned it."

Daughter replies, "Well, the camera is on and my husband is most likely jacking off while watching us fuck."

Father says, "Wow, that's kinky. Is he recording
video too?"

Daughter replies, "Yeah, he makes them for all my

Father says, "All your customers? What do you
mean by that?"

Daughter replies, "I'm a prostitute."

Father says, "Does that mean you are going to
charge me for fucking you?"

Daughter replies, "Of course not. You are my father. But, you can leave me a $50 tip when you pick up the DVD from the kitchen table in the morning."

[Five minutes later]

Father says, "I'm almost ready to ejaculate. Can I
do it inside you?"

Daughter replies, "That will cost you an extra twenty. I usually charge forty but I'm giving you a family member 50% off discount."

Father says, "Family member discount? Does that
mean what I think it means?"

Daughter replies, "Yeah, my two brothers are regular customers. So is my husband's father."

[Father suddenly stops fucking daughter and
ejaculates inside her]

Father says, "Well in that case put me on your
schedule for every other Saturday. It will be worth
the long drive here. I'm fifty years old and have quite a few sexual rendezvous over the past thirty years since your mother and I got married, but you have the best body and are the best piece of ass I have ever had. Plus your pussy tastes good too."

Daughter replies, "Dad, that was sweet of you to
say but Saturday is my busiest night. I usually have three or four customers booked. How about every other Friday night at eight o'clock sharp?"

Father says, "It's a deal."
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