Mature parents, for the mature brother and sister
Somehow our parents knew that we would hook up sooner or later, were they physic or what? Either way, Brett's cock was still inside me and I was wondering if the mood was dead.

"Well, it seems that they know about us now, are you completely out of the mood now?" I asked.

"Would you be mad if I said yes?" Brett asked.

"How about I give you a blow job, you like me sucking on your cock Brett. Let your sister make you feel good," I replied.

"OK sis," Brett said.

Then I got off him and climbed down towards his cock. I grabbed onto it and took it back into my mouth once again. He really did love me sucking on his cock, but then again all guys love getting head. He let out some soft moans as signs of great pleasure, I think he wanted to scream out loud but didn't wanna moan because of our parents, but then again they knew about us then. He kept it down though, put his hands on my head and made me go down a little further. His cock was just huge, I wasn't sure how it could get that big honestly, but it did. The only real factor I could think of was that he had his hot and loving sister suck on it for quite a few times.

"Son of a bitch that feels so damn good sis, don't stop, keep sucking on my cock like mad and make me cum another river for you. I want do it for you sis," Brett said.

I smiled a little bit, that was very nice of him. So I sucked a little harder and made him feel really good, so good that I thought he'd cum like a fountain right then. He was breathing in and out slowly just trying to keep from shooting like a fountain, but I wanted him to shoot for me. I wanted to see all of it, he was hot for me and I was hot for him. I began slurping a little bit and we got really sweaty a minute later as I began breathing in and out slowly as well. I just loved absolutely every single second of it honestly, then he began moaning really loudly.

"Oh fuck yes sis, I'm gonna erupt big time now sis," Brett said.

Then I backed away a little and let him just erupt all over my face. I let it just stay on my face, then I laid back down with him once again and laid my head on his chest even with my face absolutely drenched to no end.

"Well if they are cool with it, then maybe we can have sex in the daytime and see what that is like," Brett said.

"Well, we'll see about that," I replied.

"What do you mean sis, I thought you'd want that," Brett said as we both leaned up.

As he came on my face, something dawned on me.

"Well, don't get me wrong, but I think another reason why the sex has been so damn hot was because we were sneaking around. The forbidden love and all that other shit, it's great they are OK with it, don't get me wrong, but with them knowing now, I think the sex may not be as hot," I replied.

Then we both thought about that for a few minutes, would it really go down if we could just have sex whenever we wanted? If our parents knew that we were doing it, would that really take the thrill out of our lovemaking? I wasn't sure at all, but we'd find out soon though.

"So do you think I could sleep with you tonight?" I asked.

"Do you wanna sleep with me sis?" Brett asked.

"Yes honestly, I think this might be the best relationship anyone could possibly have, a brother and sister are already close to each other having sex, what's better than that?" I asked.

"Well it beats me, you gotta give me a goodnight kiss first though," Brett said.

"You got it," I replied.

Then we kissed again and we went to sleep together for the very first time. It was so nice, I mean we cuddled together and it was probably the best goodnight sleep I ever had. I mean on nights when we did have sex, I so wished we could have slept together, but we had to settle for just cuddling together for a little while after sex. We slept very well, of course until about 10:30 when our parents were there starring at us like hawks. I woke up first, but after a couple minutes I couldn't fake it anymore.

"We know you are awake pumpkin," Our dad Bob said.

I still tried to fake it a little, but it wasn't working.

"You are awake too Brett," Gabriela said.

"I think we're busted now sis," Brett replied.

Then we both opened our eyes and saw the two vultures that were eyeballing us like there was no tomorrow.

"Hello mom and dad, we were guessing you wouldn't have a problem with us sleeping together," Brett said.

"Well we don't have a problem with that, it's just not telling us about it, is what we have a problem with. I just heard some thud coming from this room when I had to go the bathroom and I find you on top of her, you could have told us, we would have been OK with it," Gabriela replied.

"Really? We both thought you'd like kick us out and disown us," I said.

"Why would you two think that? You two are really close together, and it's a little natural at least. You two have been attracted to each other for awhile now. It's like you both have been wearing signs on your faces saying 'We're doing it'," Gabriela replied.

We were both still very embarrassed to say the least. They saw it coming but didn't say anything about it, I almost wondered if they had a pool going on for when they thought we'd do it.

"So we can give you two a couple minutes if you need it," Bob said.

"Yes please, that would be nice," I replied.

"Can we just see you two kiss once?" Bob asked.

"Sure," Brett replied just before he kissed me once.

The kiss lasted for about a minute and then they both just cracked huge smiles.

"This is my sister and we have sex occasionally, simple as that," Brett said.

"We can see that, but you'll have to tell us more," Gabriela replied.

Then they both left and went back into the living room.

"So that was interesting sis," Brett said.

"Yeah no shit, well I guess we should go and get dressed now," I replied.

Then we both got up and I got dressed as he went over to his room. I got dressed rather slowly honestly because even though they weren't mad, I was still dreading it as if I was having major surgery. I got out my bra and panties and put them on. Then I got out a shirt and a pair of shorts as well, after I was dressed I walked to the door very slowly. I just stood by the door for a minute, and I knew that Brett would come in the room with me, and sure enough he did.

"Nervous?" Brett asked.

"Yes, they are gonna grill us like there is no freaking tomorrow Brett. I don't wanna go out there," I replied.

"Well you got me sis, don't forget that," Brett said.

"I know, but this still sucks," I replied.

"Hey, you sucked last night and I wasn't complaining," Brett said.

Then I laughed, that made me feel better, although it wasn't making me wanna run out there though.

"And you were liking it too," I replied.

"Damn right sis, now let's go face the music together," Brett said.

Then he gave me a kiss and we both went out to the living room where they were locked and loaded with questions. We both felt like we were on huge job interviews, but the boss was more than ready to grill until you just snapped. We sat down together and waited for the first question to fly out of their mouths.

"Well I guess the biggest question on our minds is, are you pregnant?" Bob asked.

"No, I'm not pregnant daddy," I replied.

"OK," Bob said.

I thought they'd be more relived honestly, but they weren't, almost disappointed.

"Were you hoping I was pregnant?" I asked.

"Well 51% yes and 49% no. We just would like a grandchild sooner or later is all, and your brother is someone that would be a good fit for you," Gabriela replied.

"OK then, well we're really just having sex right now. We're not planning on getting pregnant honestly, but if it does happen we'll let you know right away, is that fine for now?" I asked as I got up.

"No, sit down. Don't worry we're not mad, we just wanna get some facts. If he gets you pregnant, are you gonna wanna raise the baby with him?" Bob asked.

I wondered how they could even ask me that honestly.

"Yes of course, but we're using protection, so we're good to go," I replied.

They both nodded, not necessarily in approval though.

"Do you really want him to get me pregnant?" I asked.

"Well we're not saying that exactly, I guess we just assumed that you two were really together, and not just hooking up we guess," Gabriela replied.

They really were disappointed, I guess they really were expecting me to say I was pregnant.

"Well, we're getting really close, but we'll see where things go I guess," Brett replied.

"OK then, well how did this start then?" Gabriela asked.

I was a little embarrassed honestly, I mean I just asked him to do it with me and he said yes, would they really just wanna hear it like that? Well there was only one way to find out.

"Well I guess over the past few years I've developed a little crush on him and short story really short, I asked him to do it with me and he eventually said yes because he loves me, and I convinced him that we were both mature to at least try it together, the next thing you know, we're doing whenever we can," I replied.

They both nodded again, they seemed to be coming to our side.

"So you love your sister Brett?" Bob asked.

"Yes I do, very much," Brett replied.

"Likely story, but you two forgot, you can't get away with anything, we had our eyes on you two the whole time and we know you both were horny from watching porn together and then you two fucked each other right then and there didn't you? And now you two are fucking right and left aren't you, don't deny it," Gabriela said in a fast and accusing tone.

Then we all had a weird look on our faces, what the hell was that?

"Nothing, not even a small chuckle?" Gabriela asked.

"Sorry, it was just unexpected," I replied.

I knew we'd probably laugh about it later though, it was a tiny bit funny.

"Well, cool then. So you two did it and then decided to not have it just be a one time thing?" Gabriela asked.

"Yes, pretty much, now we're just hanging out doing it," Brett replied.

"OK then, well one of you should move into the others room then. You can have sex whenever you want in there and don't gotta just do it at night anymore," Bob said.

Then we both looked at each other for a minute.

"Well I suppose we could now," I said in a unenthusiastic tone.

They were a little confused, of course they thought we'd be happy to hear them say that.

"We thought you'd be happy about that, don't you wanna move into the same bedroom? Do it at noon rather than midnight?" Gabriela asked.

"Well, call us crazy if you want, but we think a big reason why we've been doing it for so long, was because it was us sneaking around and it being forbidden. So we don't know if the sex will be as hot now honestly," I replied.

They understood where we were coming from, so they made a suggestion.

"Well, there is only one way to find out, go have sex, right now," Bob said.

We looked at each other for a minute, we weren't sure what to say.

"OK then I guess," Brett replied.

"Well we're not forcing you, just suggesting it, obviously if you two if you wanna be serious about each other, then go find out if the sex is gonna be hot now that we know," Bob said.

Then I tried to read between the lines a bit, I wondered if they really didn't want us together.

"Are you upset that we're brother and sister just having sex?" Brett asked.

Then he took a deep breath.

"Well, a little. I mean we're happy for you two, don't get us wrong, but this seems more like just another fling that's just gonna go nowhere. We're not impatient and don't expect a wedding or baby from either of you even in the near future. You know we want you to be happy, but if you are not serious about this relationship, then this will just make you happy for now, but not forever. If you get serious, then it'll last forever, that's what we're getting at," Gabriela replied.

"Well, I guess we need to go test that theory then, come on Brett," I said as I got up.

Then he took my hand, we went to my bedroom and shut the door. We both laid down on the bed and gave each other a kiss as we both were on our sides. I guess we did need to have a talk.

"If I did get pregnant, would you truly wanna raise the baby with me?" I asked.

"Yes of course, you are my sister and I love you more than anything else in the world," Brett replied.

"But would you want it though, would you be unhappy by time our baby was 5, 10 or 25?" I asked.

Then he gave me another hug and kiss, I guess we were both seeing that our parents had a point.

"I don't know honestly, maybe we should stop this before it does get serious, we've had some really good sex and so maybe that's best for now," Brett replied.

Then that dawned on me.

"Are we breaking up?" I asked.

"Well, I think we should, we aren't sure this what we want right now, do you want an incestuous baby with me soon?" Brett asked.

"I don't know either, and we are in college too, so maybe this is for the best, at least for now," I replied.

"Well, if neither one of us has a serious relationship in 5 years, we get back together then, fair enough?" Brett asked.

"I like that," I replied.

Then we gave each other a kiss.

"Can we at least have break up sex?" I asked.

"Yes of course we can, that's a big reason why some couple even become a couple," Brett replied.

Then he grabbed a condom and I pulled his pants down a little along with his boxers. He pulled my shorts and panties down as well. Then he put on the condom and inserted his cock into me.

"I'm definitely gonna miss this bro, just promise me you won't look too hard to find someone else, I'm not too sure that I wanna give you up forever," I said.

"I won't sis," Brett replied.

"If this is break up sex, I at least wanna be naked," I said.

"I can live with that, and I would like to see you naked every now and then if I can," Brett replied.

"Deal if you do the same for me," I said.

"You got it," Brett replied.

Then we both got naked, then he got on top of me again and reinserted his cock into my pussy. We kissed each other multiple times all over each others faces and enjoyed our break up sex a great deal. He was right on top of me and my boobs were leaning up against him nicely. He began thrusting his cock in and out of me slowly and made me moan a bit. We both wrapped our arms around each other and we both had the best sex of our lives.

"Yes Brett, thrust that cock into me deep, I want the whole thing inside me, I mean every single inch of it Brett, don't hold back at all," I said.

He put his entire cock inside me and pounded me really hard.

"Oh yeah Brett, that's it, just like that," I said.

I absolutely loved his cock inside me, it felt absolutely wonderful to say the least. I moaned really loudly because it felt so good.

"Scream for me sis, scream really loudly," Brett said.

Then he began thrusting really hard and pounded me as hard as could. He was at least gonna send me off with a very sore pussy.

"Yes Brett, you know I like it like that," I said.

Then we switched positions to cowgirl style. He put his hands on my boobs and pinched my nipples. I thought it would hurt, but it actually just made my pussy even wetter. Then his hands went south and he began finger fucking me. I was gonna have a huge orgasm coming soon, really soon.

"Oh fuck yes Brett, make me cum a river on your stomach right now, I want to do it for you," I said.

Then he began rubbing my pussy really slowly and then all of the sudden he made me cum all over him. That was another really great orgasm, then I got down a minute later and got off the bed. I ripped off the condom and took his cock into my mouth. I wanted to suck on his cock one more time, so I sucked on it for a minutes and then he tapped my head.

"Get on top of me so I can eat you out too," Brett said.

I got on top of him in the 69 position. I sucked on his cock as he ate my pussy and that felt really amazing honestly. By then we were both really sweaty and both of our hearts were beating like mad. We had wonderful sex and after that we told our parents that we broke up. They weren't sure what to say, but we told them about our deal. I guess we'll see what happens in 3 years now. We've been having sex every now and then, usually once a month for the past 2 years. We even sleep with each other sometimes, it's always hot, but so far, neither one of us have been in a serious relationship, and I hope neither does until we decide to be together for good.
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