Me and Tomas
We had just moved to our new house. My husband's company had transferred him to this unique part of the country. We did not know where anything was, as we only had one visit to buy a house. I was dressed in my jeans and blouse, but nobody home, I took off my bra because it was just more comfortable. I started to vacuum when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find a handsome black man with a dish of cookies.

"Hi, my name is Tomas. I brought you some fresh-baked cookies as a welcome to the neighborhood."

"Why, thank you, Tomas. My name is Carol, by the way."

"Carol, that is a nice name. If there anything I can do for you, just give me a call."

He handed me the cookies and a card with his cell phone number on it. I did catch him looking at my boobs.

"You are a hard worker, Carol. I watched you move in with all those moving guys around you. You kept right up with them. I hope I get to know you better."

He strolled back across the street with a walk a woman likes to see in a man. Confident, almost arrogant. I put the cookies down and then noticed the buttons of the top of my blouse were open. It must have happened while I was vacuuming. No wonder he stared at my breasts, any man would. And then I remembered that I wore a tee and shorts on that moving Day. He never asked once about my husband. His name or anything about him came up. Giving me his number, telling me he hoped to get to know me better, and if you could do anything for me, give him a call, gave me an impression he liked what he saw. What man bakes cookies for a woman. It seems it was an excuse to come see me up close. I hoped he wasn't disappointed. I did like the attention. I told my husband what had happened, and all he said was, "Sounds like he has the hots for you, love."

A couple of days later, I was out planting some shrubs, and when I turned around there, Tomas was next to me. I was embarrassed with me on my knees, and Tomas was in a position that I could have easily blown him if he was out. I immediately got up.

"Didn't mean to startle you, Carol. You are working hard, and I wondered if you need some help."

"No thanks, Tomas, I intend to do this a little bit at a time."

Me being in a tee and shorts, was the reason he came over to see me. Even when I stood up, he looked me over, and I am sorry to say, I liked it. I think my husband is right.

"OK. Carol, I will help you any way I can."

Another carefully chosen phrase. I wondered what Tomas was really thinking. If he was expecting to bed me down, it would be first since I married. I remembered all us gals in college wanting to sleep with a black guy. The subject always came up. We would get all horny and go out to sleep with our white boyfriends.

"Well, thanks a million, Tomas, but I think I can handle this. I can handle most everything."

I winced after saying that statement because it sounded like one of those double meaning phrases he was using on me. I went inside after we bid each other farewell. Later I peeked outside, and he was digging a hole in his yard. He was digging with just a pair of white shorts on. His sweaty muscles glowed in the sunlight, and I watched him dig for quite a while. I wondered what mystery was in those white shorts. I then said to myself, "Carol, you're letting yourself get worked up. You don't need that. Fuck your husband when he comes home. Unfortunately, I did do that to my husband, but it did not help with the mystery inside those white shorts.

The next time I saw Tomas was in the grocery store. We almost banged carts, which made both of us laugh. He said, "We got to stop seeing each other like this." Another little phrase of double meaning. Not to be outdone, I said, "That would really be too bad" His dark eyes sparkled with my return comment. I doubt what he wanted from me, and I was beginning to feel the same way. I needed to cool my jets or wind up being unfaithful. I wasn't being a prude. I had slept with both sexes, but not since I have been married.

"Carol, they have a coffee bar in this store, would you like to share a cup at one of their tables."

I saw no harm in that except for the skirt I was wearing. It wasn't that short, but getting on those high stools with the tables they had was a mean feat to control it without showing a lot of yourself. With an attitude of 'Oh, let him look' I accepted his invitation. He went to buy the coffee, as I struggle to get up on the stool. I was glad he was getting the coffee, because an older man smiled, as he saw what got revealed getting on that stool. I knew Tomas was watching me, and I did enjoy the attention of the older man, Tomas, and the Barista.

When Tomas bought the coffees to the table, I realized that the tabletop was glass, and the only things on it were drink coasters. Tomas could look right down and see my crossed legs in the damn skirt. He acted like he was looking at his coffee, but I could sense he was looking over his cup and through the glass at my crossed legs. I just knew
some of my thighs were showing.

"Does yours taste good, Carol?"

"Oh yes, how about you?"

We were both giving each other the double thing again. I looked through the glass to see the bump in Tomas's pants. We both sat there, looking over the top of our cups. I unconsciously uncrossed and recrossed my legs. I wasn't trying to be provocative, but the older man gave me a thumbs up. I guess I was entertaining all. It did bring out the next statement from Tomas. No double meaning but straight from the hip.

"Carol, I think you are a beautiful woman."

"Why, thank you, Tomas, and I think you are quite the hunk."

He pressed with, "Carol, the Day I gave you the cookies, I saw a lot of your breasts, and I could not get them out of my mind. Am I being offensive telling you that?"

"No, that is kind of charming. Too bad, you only saw the tops."

With that stupid statement from me, he replied, "I hope someday to see all of them."

"Tomas, we better get out of here before we proposition each other, but I am married, and if things were different, I would be happy to show them to you."

"We could do it without your husband's knowledge."

The first time he ever mentioned my husband. I asked him what his marital status was.

"I am divorced, but sometimes my brother stays with me, and you were a big hit when he saw you kneeling in your yard."

"Two of you enjoyed the view. Wow, I should plant more often."

"He was a rascal and was hoping you were doing it without panties."

"Well, Tomas, you can tell him they were bikini's, but they were there."

"Carol, they are where my brother and I would like to be."

The last time I had two men were in college, where I got drunk at a fraternity party, and two of them fucked me on their deck. Actually, to be correct, one of them fucked me, and I blew the other. Oh, those were the days!

"Carol, would you considered having a little party with my brother and me?"

My dumb answer was, "Only if I meet him first. Then I will consider it."

I was signing up for a party with two black men, and I knew definitely what they wanted, and it wasn't a dance. I had to get home before I committed myself to fuck him and his brother. I got off the stool with another thumbs up from the old bastard. I was worked up, and my panties were soaked. I liked the idea too much. He got off of his stool
and came to me, put his arms around me and kissed me.

"Tomas, we can't do this in public."

"Would you like to go somewhere private. Nobody is at my place. I would love to kiss you again."

"Tomas, you know damn well what that would lead to."

"Is that so bad?"

I left him standing, found my grocery cart checked out, and made my way home. If I stayed with him any longer, I would have fucked him for sure. I thought about my husband on the way home, wondering if he would care.

My husband lay next to me after quite a long sex session. He said, "Honey, what has got with you. We are fucking every night and sometimes once in the morning. You got my cock sore, and my jaw hurts. You are horny than you ever been."

"I must be ovulating. Nothing unusual."

"Your ovulating all fucking month."

"You just make me so horny."

Every excuse I was putting out there, he was not buying. I knew what it was, and his name was Tomas. He had me so worked up I could think of nothing else. I was fucking my husband to soreness to prevent me from saying yes to a 'little party' with him and his brother. I was fighting a losing battle of staying faithful.

The forecast was good, and the sun was shining, making it more than warm outside. I looked at my white skin and decided to put on my bikini and layout in the back yard. The bikini I like to wear is somewhat revealing with two ties for the top, and two ties for the bottom. It is easy to remove the top to let the sun do its thing on my back. Putting back on is just as easy. The whole suit is pretty flimsy, and sometimes gets caught in the crevices of my body. I always hike up the back to get some sun on my butt. I put it on and went outside to lay on our lounge chair. I would have loved to take off the top to let the sun warm my breasts, but thought better of it.

I lay there for about 15 minutes when a shadow blocked the sun on my face. I opened my eyes and found a tall good looking black man standing over me. I asked, "Who the hell are you?" He had not taken his eyes off my bikini bottom, with some of it tucked in crevices that gave me a perfect camel toe. Just him looking at me that way made my nipples push against the fabric of the top. He enjoyed looking at that also.

"My bro was right. You are a hot bitch. My handle is Terrell. Baby, when are you going to come to party with bro and me."

"Hi, Terrell, I am still thinking about it."

"Well, don't think too long because you are missing a lot of this," he said as he grabbed his crotch and patted it.

When he did that, I could feel the bottom of my suit getting wet, and it wasn't from the sun.

"My bro ever see you in that almost on thing you are wearing?"

"No, he hasn't."

"He said you kiss like a dream with soft lips. I imagine those lips of yours are soft wherever you use them."

This stranger was talking to me this way, was making me more than warm from the weather. I sat up to speak to him. Of course, in that position, my breasts made a load on the top. His reaction was, "Damn, baby, great jugs. Bro has got to see them. Mind if I tell him to come over and chat with you."

"If he wants, but just to chat."

Terrell left, and I waited for Tomas to come over. No Tomas. I thought maybe he had changed his mind. I was getting to much sun on my front, so I turned over to get some sun on my back. I untied the top to get a smooth tan on my back. I reached down and hiked the bottom up. Most of the bottom nestled into the crack of my ass. Plenty cheeks for the sun to tan. The sun felt good on my backside. I lay there almost ready to doze off when my right cheek was kissed. I sat up in a shot, forgetting that I had untied the top.

Tomas looked at me with bare tits. He said, "Carol, I knew I would get to see them sooner or later. Fucking gorgeous, Carol, and I never realized what a fine ass you have. How I would love to nibble on your front and back. My tongue needs a workout anyway." He kissed me, and this time I did not stop him. His hand was on my breast, and I was melting.

"Tomas, not here. My husband is going on a trip next Monday. I am ready to party with you and Terrell."

"You gave my little bro a big hard-on, but wait until I tell him about those gorgeous tits of yours. Terrell and I can be ready Tuesday."

"It will have to be dark, I don't want the neighborhood seeing me waltzing over to your place, dressed in what I intend to wear."

"Day or night, we are ready to party with the beautiful lady of the neighborhood. Be prepared to be filled up everywhere. We will have some great refreshments for you."

More double meaning, but I shot right back.

"Looking forward to those refreshments, I love getting my calories that way."

He kissed me again and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I sucked on it. He said, "We will have something a little bigger to suck on at the party."

I had to get him out of here. I didn't need to have some meter person come around the corner and see me kissing him bare-breasted. I would have liked to fuck him right here in the grass, but came to my senses. I patted him on the ass and said, "Now go home and tell your bro what you got to see."

He put his hand between my legs and said, "I am anxious to find out how tight you are there. Hopefully, other tight places will be available also." I was so horny when he told me indirectly they were going to fuck my ass, something I hadn't got done to me since college. And that was done by an old professor who liked his coeds that way. It did get me an A in his class. After that, I met my husband, and that was the last cock up my ass for quite some time.

I bid my husband a fond goodbye telling him to behave, which I had no intention of doing myself. I was about to do two adorable black men that loved white pussy. I have read enough on the internet to know that black men have a goal in life of fucking white pussy, and I intended to help them reach their goal. Of course, I didn't know if there were multitudes before me.

My outfit would be simple. See-through black blouse covered with a white jacket. A short gray skirt with a slit to the top of the thigh. My tiny little thong pantie that I had been saving for my husband. Sorry hubby, you lose. Black thigh high hose with white pointy-toed heels. I planned to put my hair up to be able to take it down, hopefully, a sexy move to entice my lovers. Although both of them had seen enough of me to not have to be enticed any further.

With my husband gone, I got out my vibrating dildo and put it in me. I turned it on and lay back, and within minutes I had an orgasm. I hoped their big cocks would make it even better. I fell asleep thinking about blowing Terrell, and that thing he hung on to when he saw me sunning. I liked it when Tomas saw my tits saying, "Fucking gorgeous."
Any woman would like to be told that about their breasts.

Tuesday, I was on pins and needs waiting for it to get dark to make my way across the street. I put my hair up with two small combs holding it for a quick release. The thigh highs were next, followed by the skirt. The slit had to be just right not to show too much but the top of the thigh highs with white thigh showing. I slipped on my tiny thong. The damn thing didn't cover much, but I guess that was the idea. With no bra, I put on the blouse. Seeing my exposed tits under it was I thought very sexy. The white jacket covered my exposed breasts under the blouse. I was ready in more ways than one.

After looking at myself in the mirror, I thought, "What in the fuck are you doing, Carol? These two men have seen almost all of you. I am not going to tempt them, they are ready to fuck me no matter what I wear. I took off the white jacket. I took off the skirt. The thong was pushed down and kicked across the room. The blouse was pulled over my head. I was kind of sorry I didn't get to use the blouse on the brothers, but I did wear it later to one of my husband's office get together's. Whenever hubby was not around, I would let the white jacket hang open, and there they were the girls hanging for all to see.

I got so many propositions that night, and I did fall prey to one young man who was the only one of the men with balls to reach out and caress my breast.

The only thing I was going to wear to the brothers was thigh highs and my white heels. To get across to the party, I was going to wear my husband's light topcoat. When I shed that item, the brothers would be more than willing to give me a good time.

I looked in the mirror and thought I looked sexy as hell. I wondered why I did not feel guilty about what I was about to do. I somewhat reasoned when a man complains about getting too much. Something is going on in his life that I am unaware of. He does have a cute secretary, and I would not mind having fun with her myself. Gees. I haven't done that in a long time. Even one of the guys who fucked me at the drunken frat party, I dated for about six months, and the more I gave him, the more he wanted. He never complained, and when my husband does, it only leaves me to not regret what I am about to do. I was waiting for complete darkness wondering who I would blow first, Tomas or Terrell? Made no difference, I was sure both would use my body abundantly.

My cell rang, and it was Tomas.

"You coming over?" \

"Yes, kill your outside lights, and I will be on my way."

All decked out in my husband's light trench coat, I made my way across the street. As I approached Tomas's door, it opened. There stood Terrell, bare-chested, and he looked hot.

"There's our party girl. Come on in. Let me take your coat."

I unbuttoned my coat as he closed the door. He pulled the coat from my shoulders, and there I was with nothing on but thigh highs and white heels.

"Motherfuck! Tomas gets your ass in here. Tomas, come on, bro, come see your white bitch. Holy shit!"

As Tomas entered the room, carrying a drink in a glass, I pulled the comb from my hair. I shook my hair loose it fell to my shoulders. I made an old dance move from dancing glass and spun around going to him. He got to see all of me. As I stopped in front of him, his dark eyes were wide open. I kissed him. I bet he never had a nude woman waltz up to him and kiss him. Accepting my kiss and returning one to me, he pulled away and said, "Marry us, Carol, we will always give you what you need." If she said 'me' instead of 'us', I might have considered it, because he was one sexy hunk standing bare-chested in front of me.

Terrell interrupted the moment by saying, "Bro, which one of us is going to fuck this white cunt first?" When I looked at him, his cock head was out over the waistband of his leisure pants. That was hard not to look at, but I knew who was going to have me first.

"Here, Carol, I made a drink for you. A few sips will make this evening seem unreal."

I took the drink from him. I was dehydrated from the nervousness, waiting for this evening to arrive. I gulped it, rather than sip it. Tomas said, "Whoa, baby, are you will never remember any of this evening. We can't have that".

When I started to give him his drink back, he was pant-less, and his cock pointed at me. I looked at Terrell, that thing he wielded was out, and hard as a rock. Both of them were ready to take me, and I wanted so bad to be made. Both of them shared my tits, each sucking on a nipple. My pussy was wet as one of them fingered me. Tomas took my hand and led me to a room with nothing in it but a round bed in the middle of the floor. It was all mattresses. I was laid on it as Tomas, gently pushed my legs apart while he mounted me. I felt his cock ease into my pussy.

Terrell exclaimed, "Fuck her, bro, fuck her!" as he dangled his cock in front of my face, I winked at him. While his brother fucked me, he lowered his cock near my lips, and with kisses and licks, he once more proclaimed, "You fucking white cunt, suck it." With his brother giving much joy between my legs, I did precisely that. I had to see if I could get all that big cock of his into my mouth. I did, and it did take him long to start shooting. He pulled from my mouth and shot his hot cum all over my face and tits, while his brother unloaded his love juice inside me.

It just kept going with them trading places, they were insatiable. My body was soaked inside and out with their cum. I don't remember cumming myself. All I know is I wanted more of the same.

When the sun hit my closed eyes, I woke up. I was in my bed. Thigh highs were draped over the chair, along with my husband's coat. My heels were on the floor next to the chair. My head was groggy. I could not remember. Was it real or a dream? There was no evidence of cum on my body, but the large wet stain on my bedsheet, made me smile.

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