Me and Two Hot Men

I'm Beth...My friend Jack called me one night to give me a surprise. "Hey, I'm bringing a friend tonight, just so you know," Jack said into the phone. "Yeah that's fine. Does your friend know that it's just going to be me and you?" I asked. "Yeah, he's cool with whatever. I can't wait to see you. I know tonight will be amazing," Jack said. I hung up. three hours later, at around 9 PM, Jack knocked on my door. Not only was Jack gorgeous, as always, but his friend, Kyle, was apparently gorgeous too. We were introduced and we both felt attracted to one another. I knew right away that I was going to fuck him, sometime, somewhere. We all sat down and watched TV and drank for a few hours. I eventually turned the lights off, so the lighting was dim from just candles and a few lights in the back of the apartment. I was sitting in between the guys on the couch. I rested my head on Kyle's shoulder. Suddenly, I felt his hand grab mine and place it on the bulge of his pants. His cock was hard as rock. I turned to him and sat on his lap. I whispered into his ear, "I know how badly you want this because I do too." Jack just sat there, staring at us as I began to kiss and grind on Kyle. I moaned and Kyle began to kiss my neck.

I removed my shirt to reveal my hot ,lacy bra. Kyle rubbed my bra. We both turned to Jack. "Jack, do you want to join us?" I asked. I smiled as Kyle kissed my neck again. I was so turned on. Jack smiled. "Hell yes. Beth, you are so sexy," Jack said. I got off Kyle's lap and they both stood up, pulling their pants down. To my left, Kyle's cock. To my right Jack's. Both were big. Kyle's was longer but Jack's was fatter. I loved it. I began to alternate sucking the cocks. When I was sucking one, I was stroking the other and visa-versa. Kyle moaned and Jack just breathed and sighed heavily in pleasure. I stood up and they were both ready to please me.

Kyle lay down and I sat down on his face. His tongue began working my pussy and slit. Jack walked up and put his cock in my face. My couch was the perfect height and so was Jack, so that I could suck him off and receive the best tongue fuck ever from Kyle. I was going wild, grinding my pussy into Kyle's face and sucking Jack's fat cock. I moaned loudly as Kyle paid extra attention to my clit. I got off on Kyle's face as he remained laying down. I mounted Kyle's cock and teased the head of his cock with my wet pussy lips. I slowly lowered my tight pussy onto his dick and moaned loudly as his cock seemed to never end. I began to ride him, up and down. I was bouncing on his cock. My tits nearly flying out of my bra. Kyle closed his eyes and moaned loudly. He must have loved my pussy on his cock as he began to beg for more. "Yes Beth. Ride my cock. You're so tight and so wet," he groaned. Jack stuck his cock into my mouth then went around to my back.

Kyle sat up, and I altered my position so that Jack could stick his fat cock into my ass. I gasped as Jack squeezed a few drops of cool gel onto my tight asshole. He immediately shoved his cock in my ass, and I gasped and moaned in pain and pleasure. Kyle smiled and reached under my bra to rub my nipples. His cock was shoving in and out of my pussy - I was unable to anymore, with two cocks sawing in and out of my holes. Jack began thrusting in and out of me along with Kyle moving ever so slightly in and out of my pussy. I was moaning and begging for more. My pussy and ass were on fire. The pleasure began to build up. "I'm gonna come!" I warned them. "Me too," Jack said, fucking me as hard as he could. Kyle looked at me with wide eyes. "Damn Beth, I'm gonna come too. Fuck you're amazing!" he said as he thrust into me. My pussy began to convulse, squeezing and milking Kyle's cock. I felt myself come and I arched my back, feeling Kyle and Jack's hot cum shoot into my ass and pussy. I moaned and rocked my body. Jack and Kyle groaned loudly and continued to pump until they were done. My pussy had milked them both limp. I sat there for a moment, cherishing the feelings for just a moment longer.

Jack slid out and I got off Kyle's limp dick. I put my panties on and turned to look at the spent men on my couch. They were smiling at me widely. "Wow Beth. You are literally the best," Jack said.

"Your pussy and ass must be destroyed," Kyle said, giggling. I jumped on them and tried to beat them up, but they held me down and took turns teasing my pussy with their tongues. I moaned and giggled. It was a night I will never forget. Kyle and Jack still come over once a month and we still have amazing threesomes together. I don't think I will ever get enough.
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