Meet the Queen
His mind raced as he made his way home. He wasn't sure what to think of this latest conversation with his girl. She was upset with him for sure, this he knew. Still, for some reason she had sounded strangely at ease over the phone.

They had been together long enough for him to suspect that something was in the air. Sometimes, these things could be good, while at other times, not so good.

Thinking back over the events of the past few days, he knew she would not just let him off the hook for his behavior. "You slut!" she had yelled at him when she found out he'd been fucking others while away. How could he make her understand that for him it was just sex and nothing more?

"Every slut says that Robert!" she screamed when he'd tried to explain. "It must be the universal excuse for any man who can't keep his dick in his pants!" No doubt about it, she was pissed and no amount of talking would calm her.

"What had happened to change that?" He wondered, as he pulled his car into the garage next to hers.

Quietly, he opened the door that led him into the laundry room. The house was quiet. He couldn't even hear a television or music. His chest began pounding a little. All he wanted now was peace and besides he was horny and wanted to be made up already. Walking through the hallway into the kitchen, he stopped to linger. There was no dinner on the stove, no plate in the oven. "Not good" He thought.

His relationship with Janet had been an explosive one from the start. There was something about the way they interacted and responded to one another that made it totally unpredictable. It was that unpredictability that was gnawing at him now.

"Oh well, I may as well get it over with." he decided as he made his way through the house to look for her. "Jani!" He called, hoping his pet name for her would soften her mood. There was no answer. As he opened the door to the bedroom he was totally unprepared for what he saw.

There she sat like the queen he'd always known her to be. She wasn't smiling,nor did she utter one word. Immediately his dick began to grow.

As he took in the sight before him, he wasn't sure how to respond. He knew that her punishment would come in the form of erotica, but what she had in mind this day was beyond his imagination. If others had trouble figuring out their passionate relationship, they only need live a month in his shoes. Never, ever would they question the bond they had, only wish for one of their own.

She sat there straight and regal; her legs out before her, but bent to allow her elbows to rest on her knees. She was wearing all black and showing just enough breasts to allow for a small tease. The bottom was nothing more than a fishnet stocking that had hole to expose her pussy and ass. He could see her big clit and resisted the urge to pounce on the bed and push his face in her "Kitty". For some reason he knew this would not be acceptable behavior today.

Tentatively, he uttered a low "Hi Baby". She did not answer him back, only stared at him from behind a mask that only exposed the bottom half of her face. He could see her icy eyes staring unwavering at him through the holes. It was topped with a fan of feathers forming a crown around her head.

She was holding something like a short leather fringed riding crop and began to slap it against her other hand making a menacing whoosh with each stroke. He knew she wanted him to undress. She eyed him as he unbuttoned and removed his shirt. Still there was no smile and not a word had been uttered by her.

Slowly, he began to unzip his pants and pull them down. She rested her eyes on his visibly hard dick pushing against his underwear. He felt so vulnerable under her stare, yet he couldn't contain his excitement. Removing his shoes before stepping out of his pants, he could feel her watching his every move. When done, he stood to determine if his shorts should stay or go.

She beckoned him with her strap to come closer. He did as he was commanded. She reached over and allowed the fringed edges of her strap to tickle his hardness through his underwear. With a swift tap that both stung and tantalized she let him know that she wanted them off. Quickly, he pulled down his boxer briefs and kicked them off with his foot.

Resuming her original posture, she paused to look him over from head to toe. Her eyes began at the dark waves on the top of his head and then to study his face. She was always telling him how she loved his dark features. Many times he could feel her staring even when she thought he wasn't looking. Now, she was unabashedly looking him over.

His heart was doing little flutters as she moved to his neck, stomach and settled on his rock hard member. It jerked as if saluting her gaze and pre-cum formed on its tip. He wanted to reach down and massage it so badly, but didn't dare. He didn't know this game.

She leaned forward once again, this time tracing circles with her strap around his nipples. She drew a line downward to his throbbing cock. There she dangled the fringes over the head lightly brushing and causing one of the most erotic sensations he'd ever experienced.

This time when she leaned back to take her position she slid the handle of the whip into her pussy. "Oh, my god." He moaned. "Please Jani, let me touch?" He begged, but she would not answer him.

Pushing herself deep into the pillows she continued to masturbate with the whip handle. Absently, his hand reached to grab his cock and almost as fast, she pulled out and slapped his hand. The quickness of her movement caused him to jump more than it hurt. He didn't understand what she wanted from him, but it was obvious that he was not to touch, himself or her. How much more of this did she expect him to take?

When she was sure her point had been made she went back to fucking herself with the strap handle. He wanted to look away, but her soft moans and gyrating hips wouldn't let him. His cock was dripping with pre-cum and there was nothing to be done about it. Puzzled his mind began racing to find answers. It was a long shot, but he was going to give it a try.

Slowly, he lifted himself onto the bed. Once positioned between her thighs, he bowed his head and asked, "My Queen, would it be permissible for your slave Robert to lick your pussy?"

As if disturbed from a peaceful rest, she lifted her head to look down into his flushed face. His eyes were cast over with desire. His mouth was aching to lick. Still gripping the handle she removed it from her wet pussy and opened her thighs further in invitation.

Now he was getting it, he smiled to himself. Excitedly, he began to lap at her swollen clit, enjoying its stiffness against his tongue, savoring the sweetness of her taste.

Her clit became firm against his tongue as it grew in preparation for release. He was sure she was at the brink of no return. Then, she did the unexpected. She pulled away. "Damn!" he thought to himself.

He was so ready to finish her so that he could plunge himself deep into her heat. Instead, she got up and motioned for him to lie back on the pillows where she had lain. Obediently, he did as he was directed.

Positioning his legs so that he was open to her she sat there for a few minutes looking upon his now twitching cock. She allowed the riding crop to drift over his body, playing with his navel, lingering along the insides of his thighs, breezing over his nipples. Before long his was moaning and crying for her to free him. "Gave it to me Jani" he pleaded. "Fuck me, please." Her strange refusal to speak only fueled his need.

She leaned forward and began kissing his thighs. It felt so good to him. She rose to kiss his belly and stick her tongue into his navel. She licked and kissed every inch of him except the place that mattered most. Rising way up on her knees so as to only graze his thickness she bit at his neck and then sucked his tongue into mouth.

She looked intently into his eyes for several seconds before proceeding downward again. His body was squirming in anticipation of what might be next. Still, she would not do the thing that he wanted so badly. She would not take him into her mouth. "Please, my queen." He plead. "I am throbbing and in need. Have mercy on your slave Robert."

The low hum took him by surprise. "What is that?" he wondered. As the cool metal touched his testicles he let out a long moan. He wasn't sure how much more he could take. She was torturing him and there was nothing he could do, but ride it out. Adding some lube the vibrator began its delicious slip and slide from his ass to his balls.

Soon she was playing dangerously with his asshole...sliding it around the opening. Startled, he could feel her applying lube there. "What now? Oh my god! What is she going to do to me? He wondered frantically. He was so aroused that he'd allow her to do whatever she wanted.

When the vibrator entered his ass he held his breath. Its sleek body was smooth and warm as it slid in almost effortlessly. He braced himself but was overtaken by a pleasure so sweet and somehow comforting that he was carried away. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to be lulled into an ecstasy so powerful he let out a small sigh.

She had caught him so totally off guard that there was nothing more he could do, but give in. He let go as she continued to work the vibrator just enough to move to his slow rhythm.

When the heat from her mouth enveloped his dick he lost control and began to fuck her mouth viciously, pumping out of control. His hands grabbed at her hair as called to her, "My Queen, my queen!" His finale was intense and mind-blowing as his body jerked and pumped its way to erotic release.

He laid there, his mind drifting as the events of the past hour filled his head. He caught sight of her movements as she picked up the strap and came to her knees. What was about to happen next he couldn't begin to imagine. With that thought his dick began to tighten and expand once again.
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