Meeting Lisa part 3
Lisa came back in the morning pleased that she had Bill's cock and cum in her pussy this am.
She told us had fucked her about 10 times last night and then again this morning. She was satisfied for the moment but that wouldn't last long. Sabrina came down and kissed Lisa and told her she just knew she had been satisfied with Bill last night with his huge cock inside her. "OH, God yes. He fucked me so much that I don't even want to see another cock for awhile!" she replied.

I told her that we had planned on having an orgy probably next weekend starting on Friday after work and lasting until Sunday night. I'm going to make sure there's at least 10 men and 10 women to pair up with. Then we can fuck as many as we want at anytime we want. She really got excited with this news and kissed me passionately on the lips. "Thank you so much!
"This has been the best vacation ever!! If you guys don't mind I'll just move here and live with you from now on." she stated. We told her she was welcome to live with us.

I received a phone call later and it was Norma! I had totally forgotten about her since Lisa and Karen had arrived. I told her "I'm sorry baby that I haven't been by in so long but I've been really busy with some new company. I'm on my way to your home now!"
Before I went out the door Linda told me that we needed to have that party soon because this summer she'd be having our baby and wouldn't get to participate. "You know once you start having orgies you wind up having them all the time and I don't want to miss out!" she stated matter of factly.

I totally understood and now I know of at least two other lovers to invite to the orgy, Norma and Becky! I arrived at Norma's and immediately told her the plans for the orgy.
She said she'd love to join in until she delivered our baby then she'd have to hold off for awhile and be a Mommy. I told I understood and asked if she needed a good fuck today or should I go over to Becky's and give it to her? "Me of course. I want your cum inside me. I make good use of it" she said patting her belly. "Becky likes it but it doesn't do what it's supposed to do inside her!"

WE went to bed and I gave our baby another drink of cum. Afterward I showered and dressed and headed out to see Becky. I called her and told her I was on my way to service her pussy.
She replied "gosh it's been awhile since I've seen you and had that thing inside me. I thought maybe you had been kidnapped by some horny woman!" She was giggling about her own statement. I told her I was almost there so unlock her door and get undressed and get in bed with her legs spread wide.

I arrived and sure enough her clothes were strewn everywhere on the floor leading to her bedroom. "I'm here Becky" I said as I neared her bedroom. "Thank god, I've been so horny since you haven't been here. Now I'm ready for some of your action. She spread her legs wide and pulled me on top of her and grabbed my cock and shoved it in her pussy. I started pushing it her deeply and fast while she held on the headboard and moaned with pleasure of having her pussy fucked. I told her I couldn't cum in her since I had earlier with Norma but I intended to make sure her pussy got to cum many times.

After the ravishing love making I told her about the planned orgy and she was invited.
She told me she would love to attend as long as I fucked her first! I agreed but had wanted Karen first but that's okay one pussy is as good the other in this case. I finally left her satisfied for another day and headed back to Linda, Sabrina, Karen and Lisa.

They had been satisfied that day though Karen was not giving her pussy away to any man.
She had let the head of my cock penetrate those sweet wet pussy lips but not enough to break her hymen. She loved to feel it and moved her hips to get the feeling on all sides of her wet pussy. I knew it wouldn't be long before she would be actually fucking me and I was excited!

I slept with Sabrina that night. After fucking her for a long period and filling her pussy full of my cum we were just resting when she turned to me and said "honey, I hope you don't mind but I've decided to have a baby with you too. I'm off the birth control pills and I need for you to cum in me as often as possible!" I asked her "what about fucking Bill?" "You know he cums in you too. He might be the one that gets your pregnant instead of me!" She told me that she had decided to not let anyone else but me cum in her pussy. The other guys could cum in her mouth and ass all they wanted. Hell, she'd take a bath in their cum if they wanted her too but not her pussy!

I told Sabrina that if she wanted to have a baby with me that was fine with me since I already had Linda and Norma pregnant so what was one more. If I could talk Lisa, Becky, and especially Karen into doing the same thing I'd have babies with my 6 favorite women! She told me that she knew Lisa would and maybe Karen after she is fucked by her boyfriend but she wasn't sure about Becky. Becky seemed adamant about not having any kids at her age. I agreed with her thoughts and we kissed each other good night and fell into a sound sleep.

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