Meeting in Person
*This is my first ever story so please be kind :)*

Her stomach fluttered with nerves as she walked to the bar. Danielle knew she had no reason to be nervous. She had been talking to John on the phone and on the internet for two months. They've swapped photos, had some pretty steamy conversations, and they knew everything about each other.
She scanned the crowd in the bar as she stepped inside. It was early but she wanted to be there before him. Finding two empty bar stools in the corner, she claimed them.
"What will it be darling?" The bartender inquired.
"Captain and coke, please." Maybe a mixed drink would help calm her. She sipped her drink and waited patiently.
"So, we finally meet face to face." His voice startled her. She glanced at the man standing next to her. Danielle had seen numerous pictures oh him but damn!!! He was hot!!! John stood six feet four inches. The black shirt he wore showed off his wide, broad shoulders and his very muscular arms. She had dreamed of those arms around her many times before.
"Hi." Danielle smiled at him. He leaned over and hugged her, lingering for a second. Danielle smelled the light scent of his cologne and all her senses were awakened.
John sat on the stool next to her and ordered a beer. Their conversation flowed so easily. He made Danielle laugh like he had many times before. The music in the bar was a little loud so they had to lean in close to each other to hear one another. So far so good, Danielle thought.
"So, do you want to get out of here?" John asked as he stared at her. His gaze almost left her breathless.
"Sure." He grabbed Danielles hand and led her out the door. They walked a few blocks and John turned suddenly and steered Danielle down a dark little alley.
"I've wanted to do this since we started talking." John muttered as he backed Danielle up against a brick wall. His mouth found hers. Demanding lips formed perfectly to Danielles mouth. Gently his tongue caressed hers. His teeth grabbed her bottom lip and sucked on it. Danielle groaned. He had turned her on so many times since they started talking. She wanted this too. Her hands reached up and grasped his neck. His hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her snug against him.
"Fuck! I want you!" John muttered against her mouth. Danielle reached down and stroked him through his jeans, giving him the answer he wanted. He groaned. His mouth left hers. Hot kisses along her neck made Danielle weak. Strong hands cupped her large breasts. Her nipples responded, straining against the lace of her bra. Her silver tank top was pushed up. John pulled her bra down and his lips teased her already hard nipples. Danielle moaned. As his mouth continued to lick and suck her nipples, his hand slowly stroked her thighs. Fire ignited in her. Her pussy became so wet. He moved his hands up her short, black skirt. John rubbed her pussy through her lace panties. Slow, smooth strokes. Reaching out, Danielle slowly undid Johns jeans. His cock was hard. Fuck! It was large.
"You want my cock, baby?" Danielle couldn't even answer. She felt his fingers at the edge of her panties as they were slowly pulled down her legs. As John removed her panties, he sniffed them. He smiled in appreciation.
His mouth was on hers again. So demanding. John gripped Danielles ass as he lifted her. His cock rubbed against her pussy. Slowly, John pushed his large cock into Danielles tight, wet pussy as her legs wrapped around his waist. Danielle gasped as Johns large cock stretched her. She felt every inch go into her. Holy hell!!!
John moved, slowly thrusting into her. Danielle groaned and gently bit his shoulder.
"Fuck me, hard." She whispered as she licked his ear lobe. Gently, John put her down and turned her so she was facing the wall.
"Put your hands on the wall." John ordered. He pulled her ass towards him so she was arched. Planting a leg between hers, he spread her legs.
"Ready?" She nodded. Johns cock slammed into her, causing her to cry out. It felt so good. His balls slapped against her clit. His hands reached up and gripped her breasts. Danielle moved, meeting him thrust for thrust. John reached out and slapped her ass.
"Yes!!" Danielle cried. She felt the pressure of her orgasm starting to build. She needed release. Her legs quivered. It took all she had to remain standing. John continued to bury his cock deep inside her. Danielle couldn't wait any longer. Her orgasm hit her as she coated Johns cock in her cum.
"That's it baby." John muttered. Danielle felt him growing larger, his breath ragged. Spasm after spasm hit John. His cum filled her. John wrapped his arm around Danielle, helping her to keep standing.
"Want to go back to my house for round two?" John asked.
"I never thought you'd ask."

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