Menage à Trois
It is confirmed, he is coming at 8.

At 6 I draw bath and I sink into the hot water as it flows over my skin. I take my time and wash my long dark red curly hair, shave my legs and my pussy so that my skin is soft and smooth like a babies.

I take my time to dress, I put on so many different outfits as I want to find the right balance between sexy and coy. I want him to be grossly aware of my sexuality without looking cheap. I settle on a thigh somewhat see-through leggings that molds around my shape and hugs my bum and pussy, no panties so it rides into my slit and a sheer white top with a black lacy bra beneath. Hair done and makeup done. I am ready and can't wait for the time to tick by as nervous excitement pumps through my veins.

I join my husband in the lounge as he passed me a glass of champagne to steady my nerves.

There is a knock on the door and we open. He smells divine, and looks delicious. I want him. My husband takes the wine from him and pour them both a glass of red. We sit and chat about trivial things but I can see him eyeing me and I can see the ridged lines of his erection clearly visible in his pants.

My husband looks at me and gives me a knowing nod and a smile, our signal for let the seduction begin.

I get up to pour myself another drink and I go sit directly in his line of site, I part my legs casually and I can feel my sexual excitement saturate the sheer material covering my sex. He glances that way and his eyes catches the wetness. I turns me on to see both of the men look at me in lust. They try to carry on with the conversation about the current politic situation in the country and my hand leisurely wonders done to caress my sensitive mound, the talking becomes much more distracted and I enjoy unnerving them. I slip my hands into the pants covering me and I close my eyes and stoke over my button, swollen and engorged.

He asks me husband if he can get a better look. I stand up and ease the thin material off my lower body and then I spread my thighs nice and wide apart so he has a good view of me playing with myself. They both grow silent and the only sound in the room is my heavy breathing and the juicy sounds that my pussy makes as I play with my clit.

My husband invites him to explore. He walks over to me and kneels in front of my spread sex and licks with his tongue over my most feminine parts. An electric current runs from my pussy right through my whole body and I moan softly. He slips 2 fingers into me and pushes them deep. He starts to stoke over my g-spot. Wow, this feels so good. Instantly my insides clench around him as I can feel the build of tension that needs to be released.

He varies between leisurely teasing licks to urgent demanding lick as I lose control over my body, moaning and breathing heavily I feel the rush of pleasure run over me as I fill his mouth with my wetness. I look down to him with a coy smile as the last waves of orgasm crash over me.

When my eyes come back into focus I see my husband's big cock in his hands as he is slowly stoking over his beautiful hardness. It turns him on to see how other men also desire me.

I get up and remove the jeans of our friends' hips and his straining erection also springs into my view. Wow, I am in for a real treat tonight, two beautiful big stunning cocks all for me!

I push him down next to my husband on the couch and go kneel down between them. I slip my husband delicious dick into my mouth and I wrap my hand around his. With the same movement and intensity I stroke and suck these two stunning members. Then is swop over and place his cock in my mouth my hand going to the other. Their eyes meet and they just kind of smile at one another. Their cocks feel so much the same but also so much different. I keep on toying with them until my hunger can no longer be kept at bay.

I get up and walk halfway to the door looking coyly over my shoulder as I command them to come. I saunter down the hall as I disrobe further with to hard cocks swaying behind me. I go to the bedroom and bend over with my knees and my head on the bed with my bum protruding. I hear the tear of foil and I close my eyes and feel a cock slip into my gaping wet snatch.

A big cock slips into my juicy pussy, filling me all the way up and while a pair of hand hold my hips and another pair of hand reach around and cup my big soft swinging breasts. I push back into his cock as he thrusts into me I ask for more. He slams hard into me and I can feel my skin flush and just as I can feel my body working up to another crescendo he abruptly pulls out and a mere second later I feel another cock entering me. This is such exquisite torture!

Our friend walks around the bed and the next moment his cock is right before me. I eagerly engulf it with my mouth and starts sucking him deep into my throat. With every thrust in my pussy I take him deeper into my mouth. I open my throat and let him in until my nose presses into his shaven pubic area. I suck harder and harder and harder as I feel another orgasm building in my loins. I contract my pussy around the cock inside me and push the other one deep into my throat. They are both so deep in me that I fear they might touch each other inside me. But just before I lose control they both withdraw almost leaving me in shock.

My husband lies down on the bed and ask me to mount him. I gladly move over and push in back inside me. Our friend comes to stand behind me and softly pushes my shoulders down to meet my husband's chest. Then I realize what they are planning...OMG...they are going to do it. He grabs the lube from our bedside table and makes his cock all wet and slick, I lie dead still waiting in anticipation.

I have often fantasized about this but never actually tried it. With my husband still deep in my pussy he starts rubbing his tip against my other hole getting it all wet. I relax and urge him on by pressing back into his cock slightly. Slowly he pushes his tip in. Oh my, it's so tight, it burns and stings slightly. He stills and waits for my body to relax again. Taking his time, he pushes in deeper until he eventually fills my asshole with his stiff cock. I feels so full and I can feel their cocks touching each other inside my body. I ask him to go ahead and start thrusting. At a leisurely pace he enters and withdraws.

This feels amazing, I have never experienced this intense feelings before. As he picks up the pace I can feel my body responding and starting to build again. Shivers of pleasure wash over me as he is fucking my ass and my pussy is so full of cock too. I start tightening almost pushing him out my ass. I can no longer control this and a beg him to fuck me. As he slams hard into my ass my husband's thrusts up into my pussy.

I lose control and start moaning as my body experiences the most intense orgasm I have ever had, the both pump unto my with amazing force as they also feel the rush and as if orchestrated the both explode and shoot their hot cum into both of my holes at exactly the same time. We still and feel each other throbbing with the final spams of our multi-simultaneous orgasm.

All of us shaky and weak from the intoxicating experience, they withdraw from me and he lifts me off my husband and lies me down on the bed as their cum start oozing from my body. Leaving me on the bed, our friend softly kisses my cheek and thank us for an amazing experience and walks out to go home.

As I come down from the wonderful high I smile weakly and think, I really hope we see him again.
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