Michael pt 2
I was down stair early that morning walking around as I always do naked as I fixed the coffee. Many times after nursing Michael and I would make love before he prepared to go to work. The door bell rung as I went to get something throw on Michael who was naked opened the door. Stopping dead in my tracks out of surprise and wonder at his action I was even more surprise when James walked in carrying basket and kissed Michael squarely on the mouth. At that point I didn't know whether to be surprise or jealous, so I school my face into a smooth unreadable surface forgetting at the time that I too was naked. James looked in my direction and brought the realization back to me.

He stared saying nothing, but saying everything.

"Good morning Angie," he said in a whisper as Michael took the basket of food from him and walked passed me to the kitchen, but stopping long enough to give me a possessive kiss along the way. It was the kind of kiss that if we had been alone would have ended up with us on the couch or on the floor making love. It aroused me, making my body more sensitive and expressive. I could feel the milky weight of my breasts and the need to feel Michaels mouth on them. I quickly asked James to have a seat and went in the kitchen to find Michael, who was standing there waiting for me. I hopped up on the counter next to him and pulled him to my arms lifting one of my heavy breasts to him his open mouth which he clamped onto the nipple and started to suck. He slid his cock into me as he always did and fucked me as he nursed. For a while we forgot that James was in the other room. When we had cum Michael kissed me with the scent and taste of my milk on his lips and in his mouth and went upstairs to shower and get ready for work. I with his the mixture juices from our orgasm walked around the corner to the living room in time to see Michael and James in a deep kiss. I knew now that he was taste my milk from Michaels mouth. I quietly went by them and up the stairs as our cum ran down my legs. I went and quickly showered and grabbed a long blue sleeveless tee shirt dress to cover my nakedness, passing Michael along the way. He looked pleased with himself as I looked speculative at him.

"Baby, go with it, he is as afraid as you are,"Michael said as he kissed me softly on my lips leaving me in the hallway to think over his request.

I went back downstairs to find James sitting on the patio drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. On the table before his was a spread of breakfast breads and fruits, pots of tea and coffee along with large craft of orange juice. As I walked out to join him I thought about what Michael had said and decided to go with the flow. Taking a seat across from James acting as if nothing had happen this morning I asked him how he was. At first we were a little formal, but in no time we were relaxed with each other in our full awareness of the situation, we both loved Michael.

Before he left for work Michael came and kissed us both, telling me that he would call me for during his lunch time and that he wouldn't becoming home for lunch today. I looked at him with and stuck out my tongue, he laugh knowing that I would be force to use the breast pump today and bottle the milk for him later to drink and his leisure. He looked over at James when I did that as if to say feed him. I looked at him in shock and then in understanding but uncertain as how to approach the subject or even him. At that moment the breast pump was looking more appealing.
"How often you have to use the breast pump," James asked after Michael had left the house. He seemed to have understood what was not spoken between Michael and me. I guess then that his keen business sense was not only use for business.

"Well depends on how often Michael nurses," I said as I untwisted the thick rope of hair had down up in a top knot. Letting my hair hang down and free like a black cloud around my head.

I love your hair, James said as he watches me fluff it out.

"Thank you and thanks for the wonderful breakfast. I suggest we eat before what is supposed to be cold becomes hot and what is hot becomes cold," I said with a smile.

"I agree, but do you mind if I get
comfortable," James asked as if the question and the answer were both weighted in some way.

"Sure," I said as I took a sip of orange juice and bit of a blue berry muffin.

He stood up on the patio took off his shirt and jeans leaving him naked except for the expensive leather sandals he had on his bare feet. His cock was as impressive as Michael's and his body large in mass was just as chiseled as Michael's The difference was where Michael was all blond and tanned James was darker. His coloring spoke to Mediterranean ancestry, made evident by the neatly trimmed black hair at the base of his cock. Which unlike Michael curved up to his navel and Michael stuck straight out in front of him. James folded his clothes laying them in the seat of the other chair and retook his seat. I decided that to be a good host, I should join as it was my natural home state anyhow. I stood up and took off my caftan and draping over the back of my chair I retook my seat under the watchful eyes of James.

"You are a beautiful woman Angie", he said as he looked at me with what I perceived to be admiring eyes as I had seen that look on Michael face many time.

"Thank you. I am not too sure at what we are supposed to do or how to handle this situation as I never have been in one like this. I know that we both love Michael and want the best for him. I believe that he feels that we are the best for him. So let us be honest with each other," I said to James as I looked at him wondering if he was really ready for all of this.

"Yes lets," James said and he started off by telling me how he and Michael met. It seems that they use to go to the same clubs where men of similar tasted could interact without fear of reprisal or exposure. James had realize at an early age and after two divorces that relationship with women were not enough and knew that the women he was married to wouldn't understand. Over time he learned that it was not their problem, but his and he learned that he needed to find a woman who could love him for himself as he truly was and in the process find the masculine love that he needed. He said that he had grown up almost in the same situation as Michael, but was saved from it by his grandparents. At that point I just nodded giving nothing away as I still harbored anger toward his mother and I was not comfortable sharing that part of Michael with anyone but him. Thou I did understand that he had shared it with James.

"So how did you two meet,"I said as I stood up to get a cup for coffee with James following me with his eyes.

"He was at the club one night after a party and well, he was worse for wear having indulge in too much drink and sex and not getting anything out of either that made him feel good about himself. I took him home to my house gave him a shower and put him to bed. He woke up the next morning and we have been friends ever since. We didn't become intimate until sometime later, then I left on business and was gone for six months. When I returned he had resigned from the club and had move on with his life, appearing to healthier and happy and it seems it was about the time he had found you."

I smiled at his words and felt warm from the thought of his love, our love for each other.
"He told me about you when I tried to reconnect with him on an intimate level. He said that for once in his life he was going to get the love that he needed and wanted soo badly. So he has been,I am sure with our knowledge setting us up."

"When did you tell Michael that you love him," I asked thinking back to day when he seemed really happy.

"Oh not long after I got back from being gone so long, I realize that I missed him and needed him in my life",James said as he leaned back in his chair never once taking his eyes off me, but letting them wander around my body as he listened to what I was saying and not saying.

"I think he hopes that we will like each other enough to make it work," I said visualizing Michael spreading his love between the two of us.

"No, I, Michael and I want more," James said as he got up out of his chair and came over to me kneeling at my side.

"Michael needs your love it calms and comfort him where he has had none before. With you he has peace. With me he has something that in a way there are no words to explain it other than raw masculine passion and honesty. You and I together complete him" James said as he looked at with eyes that were begging for understanding.

"What you want, what do you need," I asked looking into his eyes and feeling his pain and his loneliness.

"I want and need what Michael has and I want him as well," James said with his lips so close to mines.

I said nothing as I closed the distant between us. Touching his lips every so lightly with my own. Then I pulled back to see if I was mistaken, but from the look in his eyes I knew that I had done the right thing. He melted into my arms and laid his head against my breast as I held him and it was how Michael found. He had not gone off to work but had gone way long enough to give us time alone. He had come back into the house and had taken off his clothes, now standing at the door way of the patio as I looked up I knew he had heard all of our conversation. The little boy,my hurt child didn't look hurt anymore, he was looking at me with eyes of joy. As I looked at him I knew what I must do next, so with him watching I putted James mouth to my breast and squeeze it sending my breast milk into his mouth. James immediately started sucking and Michael on seeing my acceptance of him came and knee on the other side of me taking my other breast into his mouth. So for a while I sat there feeding them both enjoying the feeling of two mouths sucking and my breast until James became aware of Michael. He stopped and pulled back as he looked at me and then back at Michael. Michael also stopped nursing and turned to look at James seeing the uncertain in eyes. He leans toward him and with the scent and taste of my milk still in both of their mouths he kisses him open mouth sucking on his lips and sliding his own tongue between his lips. I watch them as they kiss and slowly come into each other arms. I go to move my chair back and left them to their moment as they continue to kiss. When finished they look into each other eyes and then back at me.

"This is what I have always wanted since I met you Angie and I didn't know it until then. James if you are willing and able, I want you in my life in, our life if you can accept our love," Michael said as he looked at me for assurance.

"Yes,Michael is right if you can accept us as we are,I said

"Yes I can and I will if you will have me," James said still looking into Michael's eyes.
At that point I was not sure that the door was open for me as well. I knew being honest with myself that I would have to share Michaels love and I knew that James and I gave him what he needed to be hold in this life. I just wondered if there would still be room for me and in what way? This thought held in its grip so tight that I had not heard James when he spoke to me. It took Michael saying my name to bring back.

"Angie, baby NO ... nothing has lessing in the good between us it will only grow." Michael said as pulling me into his arms kissing my face and lips letting me taste my milk as I have so many times before.

"Angie can you love us both is what James and I are asking?" Michael said as he held me in arms with James close at my side. I looked at him and then at James. I knew that I needed to know if he could feel the same way about me.

"Please Angie, James begged me, please give me a chance, and give us a chance."

"Do you want me James,could you be with me ... I mean ..." I never got to finish the rest as James started to passionately kissing and touching me. Michael was on the other side of me watching as James seduced me. He only got up to move he table out of the away and to put the larger out door futon mattress on the ground for us to get on. As James showed me his feeling for me,as well as confesses them, Michael watches attentively.

I was unsure as how far to let my feels show or to let James go until Michael spoke out.

"Angie, let James love as you have let me love you. Let him make love to you"

My walls came down and I let James in, to me to us. With the sun beating down on us James and I make love under the watching eyes of my first love, Michael. He held my legs up and part as James licked me from front to back and when he enter me for the first time. I held him tight as he his cock slide in and out of me until our orgasms hit and we both came screaming. James being bigger and taller than me rolled his body off of mines and pulling cock out at the same time. Michael climbed between his legs and slides his cum cover cock into his mouth and deep throated him up to his balls. Then looking into James's eyes he slowly sucked him clean. When he was finished with him Michael came to me and slowly licked my pussy clean and James stroked his head as he was kissing me. After that we went inside and spend the day making love in as much combination as two and three people could do. The in between time was filled with conversations of our life together. As the evening worn in to night and after the dinner dishes were done we lay in each other's arm out under the night time sky hold and touching each other and counting our blessing.

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