Mid-week visit
We had just returned from having a few beers and the guys wanted to play a game of Risk while my folks were watching television in the family room, Ron, Les and I asked my older brother George if he would joins us to make up a team, he said he would, so we played for about an hour and drink wine and beer and ate a few snacks until we heard my folks say that they were heading up to bed, we finished the game and headed into the family room to watch a show.

The guys were all bigger than me I'm 5'2" Ron is 5'8" Les is 6'5" and my brother George is 6'3" I loved being surrounded by tall guys it was a big turn on for me and I could feel my self getting excited being in their company.

George sank down into the single chair and Ron and Les sat on the couch with me between them. My brother grabbed the channel changer and started surfing the stations and he stopped on this one where a blond was laying on the bed and was being eaten out by this big guy. The scene would fade between her, with the guys head between her legs, and another guy fucking her. I think is was supposed to be her thinking about the other guy.

We just sat there watching and as I bent forward to get my wine glass I felt a hand on my back sliding down to my waistline, I didn't move back as I felt my blouse being pulled out of the waistband of my denims and being slowly moved further up my back.

I then felt a second persons hand help pull the blouse up and out, I then felt one of the hands at my bra fasteners. As my bra was clipped I could feel it fall forward away from by body, and as the scene changed on the TV I felt both Ron and Les hands cup my small boobs. I just sat there as they began squeezing and rubbing them.

I felt Ron's big fingers pinch my nipple and I let out a little whimper, this made my brother look over and he watched as I sat up straight throwing my head back while Ron and Les pulled my blouse and bra over my head and dropped them to the floor. I felt Les's mouth on my tit and he began sucking on my nipple while Ron continued to pinch the other nipple roughly.

As I opened my eyes, I looked over at my brother and he had his cell phone out filming what was going on. I just sat there looking into my brother George's eyes as he continued to film the guys as they sucked and pinched my nipples, Ron remove his hand from my boob and place both his hands under my arms and rise me up into a standing position, I just stood facing George as I felt Ron put his arms around me and unbuckle my belt, flick open the button on the front of my denims and slide the zip down, he then moved his hands to my waist and slide my jeans down my legs.

It was strange standing there facing my older brother in just my panties, the same ones he watched me open just two days ago, the same ones my mum gave me as a gift on Christmas morning. As I stood there watching my brother Ron was standing next to me removing his clothes. I felt Les bend over me from behind placing his hands around my body and onto my mid-drift, I could feel his left hand pull me closer to him as his right hand slid down into the front of my pants, onto my womb and slowly continuing down between my legs.

I was transfixed by the fact that this was all being filmed, I parting my feet to allow Les better access to my now wet cunt lips, I felt his finger enter me and I shuddered, slowly I felt him lift me off the ground. Ron grabbing hold of my panties pulled them down my legs letting them drop to the floor as I felt myself being lifted higher. I watched as Ron dropped to his knees he moved closer to me licking at my belly button and then I felt his breath on my womb, his head moved downwards to the top of my mound lifting my legs over his shoulders. I felt Les relaxed his hold on my tummy as I slid down impaling myself onto Ron's tong.

As my brother filmed what was going on, I looking over and watched him unzip his jeans remove his dick from his paints, and began to stroke his hand up and down his shaft as Ron licked me to orgasm. When Ron was done it was it was Les's turn. As he bent me forward from behind I placed my hands on the coffee table and standing behind me he opened my legs ramming his dick into me hard. Holding my hips firmly he pulled me to him driving his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. Les moved in front and griped my hair pulling my head up he started pushing his dick into my mouth.

As Ron kept up his thrusts I was being driven forward deeper onto Les dick and I could feel myself begin to gag as his dick hit the back of my throat. Tears began to form in my eyes and Les told me to relax and just swallow, I could feel the head of his dick slide down my throat. It was at that moment that I felt Les and Ron's cum being pumped into me from both ends of my body. George stopped filming, stood up and and left the house to go out and see his girlfriend. The guys kept fucking me in a number of different ways over the next hour, then they left me laying on the floor dripping and covered in their cum, totally drained, and well used. I herd them saying how they should do that again sometime, the little slut is a good fuck. I then herd my cell phone ring, it was a text from George telling me how his girlfriend and her younger sister loved the video.
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