Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider
By: Rockin Rachel

The cool night air rushed through the open windows wafting over the lumps under the crisp sheets. Stretching, sleep is evasive tonight, but I really do crave it tonight. On my side, my head cradled in the palm of my hand, my supple breasts going with gravity, I gently stroke the areolas and my flat nipples. My grey panties hugging my hips, the elastic band stretched, well-worn from the hours my hand has spent pleasuring my kitty. They are damp tonight but not from masturbation, but from the figure under the sheet next to me.

The night stared innocently enough. It was a simple kiss, nothing more; just a light kiss like you would give your mother, a peck on the cheek. It came from behind; a neck craned slightly, the soft lips pressing gently on my cheek for just a second, followed by a light laugh and a playful smack on the cheek of my butt. The light sting lingered under my shorts. It evoked some naughty thoughts, a school girl being disciplined. Bent over the teacher's lap, her plaid skirt is up, and a hand that is laid across her backside rendering a red handprint on her alabaster flesh. Her backside is covered with white panties, stretching tight around her girlish curves. I could feel a slight arousal, a hint of moisture between my labia and a hint of desire for more. The image fades and is quickly replaced with another image in my mind's eye.

A dark haired man is lying on his back next to me. Just a few short hours ago this man was behind me as I was on my hands and knees, his muscular hands pulling my ass, his thick, pulsating, erection sliding in and out of my velvet pussy. My bountiful breasts are swaying to the motion of his pumping and the sounds of his scrotum on my wet sex. The curve of his penis is rubbing on my most intimate places and then he is filling me with his hot seed. Thrusting sweating and climaxing, I take my lover and everything he wants to give me, deep hard thrusts and his nectar oozing from my sloppy hole as he fucks me with all his passion and I surrender to him with groans, moans and gasps. The image fades but the desire does not, in fact that is why slumber eludes me right now.

My hand reaches out, touching the sheet, peeling it back with the greatest of ease, slowly revealing the enticement that lay next to me. With great care not to wake the person next to me I first slip my moist grey panties from my body then the sheet from my lover. I run my finger over the silhouette of the warm body next to me. His penis now lays dormant on his thigh and I cannot resist touching the flaccid organ. The head of his penis peeking out of his foreskin like a shy boy peeking out from his hiding place. The dark vein that snakes around the fleshly shaft and two soft orbs hiding in a patch of coarse pubic hair just under the shaft do not escape examination by my soft fingers. I hear a soft grunt and he stirs a bit but I continue with my exploration. The soft flesh is getting firmer the more that I handle it and tease it with my fingers. I want him aroused hard or rather I want him hard as a diamond.

I want his shaft standing up, rigid with a pearl of pre-cum balanced in the eye of his dick, a delicious treat that will be mine for the taking. Now he is in that limbo state of half-awake and half-asleep, however his penis is definitely waking and growing as I caress his warm dick. Semi-hard now and rising off his thigh and my lover now on his back. Placing my lips on the growing shaft I lightly kiss his rigid shaft, teasing him and cupping his scrotum which has become laden with his cream. He is fully erect now, my mouth pleasuring his cock and I can feel him straining as I lick his engorged phallus. I do not want him to cum, at least not yet, not before I have the pleasure of taking him, and I remove my mouth from his manhood.

Sliding my hands over his torso, through his coarse chest hair and my fingers pinching his hard nipples I begin to ease my naked body onto his. He spreads his legs, his cock is like a smaller version of the Washington Monument rising above his dark curly, and somewhat matted pubes. Now my chest pushes his erection against his pubic mound nestling it between the warm globes of my breasts. I look down and the purple head is visible, I can feel his heartbeat on my breasts and I continue my upward travels trapping his dick between our bodies.

I am spread to mirror him; my body on his so I am not touching the bed, my feet pushing on his and my mound is on his cock. Our hands interlocked above his head, he is biting my neck as I grind my mound on his erection wedging it between my sopping wet labia. His cock is sliding in my moist slit as I rock my mound up and down on his slippery rod and keep him from penetrating my pussy. I want him in me but I want it on my terms this time. We lay there for a while, teasing each other, escalating the desire for sex. I release my hands and pull up from his body, but he grasps my breasts, my nipples hard, aching and between his thumb and forefinger. He pulls on them playfully, leans up and kisses them as he knows how I love to have my nipples sucked; he wants control. I sit upright, his magnificent erection pinned between us like a hot dog in a very soggy bun. My nipples stretch and the snap free of his grasp and my breasts just out of his reach, taunting him. It is my time.

I raise my hips, my hands on his shoulders, I push and his cock stands up as my rises. He is very hard, throbbing when I wrap my fingers around the base of his prick. My slit dripping love juices, I lower my pussy, brushing the head of his cock with my silky slit, kissing the head with my labia. His velvety head parts the lips of my flower, touching the pink of my open flower and now I touch my stiff, pink clit with his cock. My body trembles, I want him in me and with a quick flick of my hips his rock hard cock is at the gasping opening of my pussy. I can delay no longer.

With great deliberation I lower my body so my pussy begins to swallow his swollen cock. The dark, engorged, mushroom head disappears and my kitty takes him in her. He is sliding in with ease; I feel my pussy stretching to take his thick rod and then clinching on his rod. It last for a second or two and then I sink my pussy down his shaft and take his cock all the way in me. Now the first stroke, my favorite stroke is done I begin to ride his pole with my pussy sliding up and down on his cock. My pace increases with each stroke, some long and deep with some that are shallow and teasing. My pussy is dripping love juice all over both of us and I am close to cumming now.

My tits flouncing as I ride him, I lean back, taking him as deep as I can, and then I reach back and give his furry balls a gentle loving squeeze. His balls are heavy, full of cum and have drawn close to his body. I fuck him harder, faster I want his cum and I know he wants mine, I intend to give it to him. I lean forward; the shaft of his silky cock rubs my hard, pink clit and within a couple of strokes I explode. My cum is bathing his laboring prick and then I sink to the base of his cock. His balls are twitching, squirting his cum in me, and filling my well fucked cunt, with our seed seeping from the cracks and crevasses of our union.

I love the feel of his cock filling me, his hot cream sloshing in me as we roll onto our side and he fucks me ever so slowly pumping in and out of me until we have nothing left. We are good for a few more hours and then...

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