Military life has been good to me...
Military life had been good to me. It delivered me from gonowheresmalltown, USA, trained me up in a little boy's dream job, and now had me stationed in Italy for about 6 months. I had just recently moved into a small apartment off base and was getting a feel for the local area. Visiting the markets, enjoying real cappuccino's at the shop next door, getting a feel for the local life... I loved it. Returning home from one of these excursions my Italian experience became even more...delicious.

I saw two young women unpacking contents from their incredibly small car and staging them by the apartment entrance. The taller and thinner of the two had straight blond hair and was wearing some shorts and a tight tank top that hugged her smaller breasts..B-cup I guessed. The other was a few inches shorter, raven haired, pouty lips, and sporting a knee length sun dress that accentuated her shapely legs and barely contained her D-cup breasts. In short order I used my broken Italian, hand gestures, and a small amount of charm to learn that they were both recent university graduates and were now working at the hospital down the road as nurses. Giovanna (the blond) and Paula (the brunette) were on their last car load of household items and wanted to get things situated a bit before their next shift started.

Being the gracious man that I am, I offered my moving services to these two beautiful neighbors...which they readily accepted. It was decided that Paula and I would bring the items upstairs while Giovanna staged by the elevator. On the first trip up in the cramped elevator there were some flirtatious looks between Paula and I. Being 6-3, I towered over her by almost a foot. This offered me a great view of her cleavage that she was making no effort to conceal. Just before the door opened to the 7th floor she looked up and caught my eyes taking in the view. I could feel my cheeks burn, fearing that she would now dismiss me for being the creepy guy...but what I got was a gleaming smile and a question in broken English "you like?". My cheeks flushed even more as she giggled and strutted towards her apartment with boxes in hand.

I followed her through the open door and asked where the boxes I had needed to go. She directed me to a corner of the room where a small open box already sat. As I approached I saw that the box was full of movies...what floored me was that they were all porn! I turned my head with raised eyebrows to find Paula right behind me with a mischievous look, "Ready for another trip?" she asked. Was I ever. My cock was starting to harden at the thought of what this impish beauty had in mind...I saw her glance at the obvious bulge my 8" was starting to create. Paula did a quick turn and started a swaying gait through the door and into the elevator. Slightly dejected, I closely followed...catching a whiff of her light perfume. I have no idea what it was but it only intensified the desire I had.

Once inside the elevator I pushed the ground floor button and felt the initial lurch of our decent, the next thing I felt was Paula pressing against me and sliding the palm of her hand up my toned thighs towards my now burning rod. I needed no further incentive. I stooped over to her neck, took a long draw of breath to inhale her scent, cupped my hands under her ass, picked her easily up and pressed her against the wall. Our lips met and our tongues immediately started dancing. Her legs were now wrapped around my waist, drawing me into her. As I ground against her, even through the fabric of my shorts, I could feel the heat coming from Paula's mound. And then some wet sucking sounds. Needing to explore some more I slid my hand further down her ass and brushed my fingertips over her naked pussy. Miss Paula wasn't wearing panties, and she was soaking wet from her stiff nub of a clit to her puckered asshole.

Just as I was contemplating how to maneuver her next, the elevator came to a thudding stop and startled both of us back to reality. As the door dinged open I let her back down to the floor and helped straighten out her dress just a grandmotherly looking woman was getting on, boy did she almost get a show! I walked behind Paula towards the next set of boxes that Giovanna had prepared for us, her ass still swaying seductively, my cock still throbbing, and her aroma tantalizingly hanging in my nostrils. We quickly gathered the next set of housewares and set off for the elevator.

Again, the door closes and she is on me like an olive skinned lioness. Before I know it, she has my shorts unbuttoned and my cock in her hand. I see her admire the length and girth, first licking her lips and then engulfing me with her mouth. The way she worked me with her tongue, lips, and hand made my eyes roll back and my knees buckle. Swirls, licks, strokes, and sucks were made at a frantic pace. I could see her other hand pulling back her dress, wetting her fingers between her sopping pussy lips and then sliding her clit between her fingers.

The door dinged open, she disengaged from my cock and pulled me by my hand to the apartment. My cock still out, bobbing almost comically as we speed walked towards the door. (Yes, we left the boxes on the elevator) Immediately inside the door I again picked her up under her ass and had her pressed against the wall. This time as she snaked her legs around me I used my hands to spread her folds open so my cock could immediately slide home. Almost instantly after the swollen head of my raging cock slid into her she came in a violent fashion. Her hips bucking hard against me, legs trembling, arms around my neck almost strangling me, her pussy pulsing around my cock and now gushing hot juices down to my balls. All the while she had her face buried in my cheek, muttering something in Italian that my rudimentary skills couldn't decipher. I continued with some long, slow, strokes as she came down from her climax, feeling her panting in my ear and her heart beating hard against my chest.

She recovered quickly and pushed me back so she could resume sucking my cock as she had in the elevator. Only this time she dropped the straps that held up the top of the sundress and let me admire her fully tanned tits and rock hard, eraser sized, nipples. Again my knees almost buckled as she attacked my throbbing dick with a frenzy. It wasn't long before I could feel my own explosion building up. I held the back of her head as my balls swelled. I looked down and marveled at the exotic beauty of her saliva mixing with her own juices, causing my cock to glisten and hot sucking sounds coming from her efforts. My orgasm came hot and fast. Her mouth never left my rod, and nothing escaped, so I have no idea how much she swallowed...all I know is that I pulsed at least half a dozen times and all she did was smile at me with her eyes as she pinched her own nipple.

As my cock popped out of her mouth and we looked at each other in post-orgasmic bliss, the door clicked open. Giovanna had come upstairs to find out where we had gone and why the boxes were still in the elevator. What she found was Paula, topless, dripping wet pussy, on her knees, with my half-mast cock mere inches from her face. My immediate alarm quickly subsided as Giovanna smiled wickedly and asked..."what did I just miss?" be continued?
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