Military life has been good to me...part 2

Paula, still panting from the exertion, gave Giovanna a white toothy smile and panted something to the extent of "provare l'americano pitone" or "give the american's python a whirl". She pushed herself back up the wall. With her dress now a puddle on the floor I could fully examine the Italian beauty that welcomed me into her not ten minutes after meeting. Her tanned, olive skinned, body was glistening from our entanglement, and several drips of wetness were starting to cascade down from a pouty pussy that was nicely nestled under a well trimmed landing strip.

My eyes were still devouring Paula when a hand slithered from behind,over my shoulder, across my chest, down my military toned stomach, and came to a stop as slender fingers encircled the base of my semi-hard cock. "Ready for me "Pitone"?" (apparently I already had a nickname), Giovanna's breathed in my ear. Her hand began to stroke me easily, as I was still slick from the combination of Paula's gushing pussy and hot saliva. My senses were whirling as I felt her tender, yet firm, manual motion on me, the scent of recent activities still hung in the air, and now Paula was starting to pet herself...lightly pinching her own nipple while watching Giovanna, quickly brought me back to my full 8" of hardness.

I spun back into Giovanna and stepped towards her. We initiated a long, slow, deep kiss while my hands travled down her sides to find the bottom of her tank top. Our tongues danced as I slowly pulled up the thin material. My hands bushed against her newly freed skin, I was cool compared to her sun warmed body. We disengaged from our kiss and she looked linto my eyes with a burning desire. Her hands went behind her to unclasp her white lace bra, I knelt down and began to undo the button on her shorts.

Her bra fell from above as I began with her zipper. I looked up to see her smiling at me from between her smaller, perky, boobs. Her nipples were rock hard, thinner and longer than Paula' I longed to suck those into my mouth and roll them with my tongue. I beamed a smile back at her and slowly, and deliberately, drew the zipper to her shorts down. Gradually I began to expose her skimpy panties, plain white bikini cut. Sensual in their simplicity.

Her shorts dropped to the ground and I pressed my mouth against her still covered mount. Giovanna's scent was sweet and heat was eminating from her. I kissed where I had guessed her clit was waiting, probably screaming for attention. I hooked my fingers into her panties and drew them down her long toned legs. As I released her from the confinement, I could see a thin wet spot in the material..this girl knew what she wanted.

As her panties fell to the floor, I buried my mouth in her waiting pussy. I lapped at the wet folds, parting her lips and flicking her now protruding clit. I could feel her legs twitch and heard an intake of breath as I slipped a finger into her and gently sucked her clit between my lips. I glanced up and saw Giovanna with eyes closed and Paula now making her way over to join in the fun. I started to stroke with my fingers, juices now starting to make a sucking sound and making their way into my delicious and erotic.

Paula came behind Giovanna and rolled her nipples between her fingers, again an intake of breath and a soft moan. I took a chance and let one of my soaked fingertips trail to her ass. I lightly circled and probed her and was rewarded with an exhaled "Yessss". I start thrusting faster with my fingers, now two in her tight pussy and one still probing her now well lubed ass. More pressure and suction on her throbbing clit brought a flood of wetness and buckling of legs. I was now holding her up with my hand that was being squeezed between her thighs and fingers that were being squeezed by the walls of her pulsing pussy.

I wiggled my fingers inside of her, as if beckoning someone to come towards me. This action lit the fuse for my first experience with a woman squirting. Giovanna folded over on top of me, seeming as if all of her muscles were contracting at once. Something feeling like a tiny water hose was spraying the palm of my hand and running down my forearm. Giovanna was now giggling and gasping for air as the spasms subsided. Paula was kissing her neck and smiling at me with her eyes.

Giovanna, face flushed and still breathing hard, palmed my face and said "Lay down "Pitone", I'm not done with you yet". Obediently I lay my naked body back on the floor, the cool Italian marble floor a stark contrast to my hot sweaty skin. Giovanna crouched over me and gave my cock a few licks, almost like she was enjoying a popsicle for a moment. I could see, and feel, myself pulsing in her hand. Veins now bulging, yearning for more attention.

With a quick pivot, Giovanna swiveled over cock still firmly in her grasp, she smiled that wicked smile and lightly swept the deep red head of my rod against her wet slit. A shadow passed over me, I looked up and saw Paula crouching over me to kiss my lips. As she slipped her tongue against mine I felt her friend sink her hips, and impale her self almost effortlessly on my full length. A loud moan/half cry escaped her mouth as she paused and ground into me.

As Giovanna was pleasuring herself on me I reached back between Paula's legs and swept my fingers through her still warm and wet entrance. "Want to taste?", smiled Paula. All I could muster was a nod, as her friend started a series of piston pumping thrusts and clit stimulating grinding. Paula positioned herself over my mouth, facing her friend she lowered her hungry pussy onto me. I feasted on Paula now, working my mouth and tongue in a fervor I had never done before. Again and again I plunged my tongue, using my hands to spread her wider and giving me deeper access. Paula's hands rested on my hips, almost in a doggy position on my face. Giovanna's hands were on my knees, giving her leverage for pumping longer and harder.

A three way climax. Orgasms so fierce it is still seared in my mind. Giovanna's efforts caused my cock to start surging. She reached back and rolled my balls as I started to cum deep inside her. She ground her clit on me, fully engorged on my dick, and started to buck again. I sucked hard on Paula's clit, simultaneously flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Paula pressed back into me to apply more pressure, Giovanna started another gushing episode that I could feel collecting on my stomach as my thick load started mixing in the collection as well. Paula joined in, letting out almost a high pitched bark as her pussy started creaming into my mouth.

Heaven...this was it, and I was in it. The three of us collapsed into one big pile of sweaty bodies and ragged breaths. We hardly moved for several long moments, allowing the pleasure to settle in before collecting ourselves. Giovanna giggled and said something to Paula. Paula looked at me smiling and said "Pitone, the boxes are still in the lift".
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