Miranda will have what she wants
Miranda was loving being away from the flat uninspiring plains of Kansas. Southern California was a tropical paradise by comparison, the sandy beaches, warm constant sun, and the crowds of people, Miranda had never seen so many people in her life. Her parents of course didn't understand why she need to attend school in a godless city like LA, but she was dying to get away from the oppressive conservative atmosphere, did only what the community found acceptable wore only what they found appropriate, Miranda craved much more than what was offered in quite never changing Kansas.

So now Miranda found herself situated comfortably in her new dorm room, with a foul mouthed roommate, Veronica, whose clothing nearly gave her poor mother a stroke, but mom was gone now and her new roommate was digging through Miranda's clothing tossing random items letting it be known she could not be seen in public wearing such things.

When Veronica had nearly emptied the closet of clothes she turned on Miranda, "You my child are the luckiest girl, because you have me and my daddy's Amex as roomies," With that she spun on her heels waving for Miranda to follow her out.

Several hours later, arm full of bags, still in a daze and unsure of half of what was in said bags, Miranda flopped down on her bed exhausted from the whirl wind known as Veronica.

The next morning was the first day of classes and Miranda was sliding on a knee length skirt and high neck line blouse when Veronica woke and began to "fix" the outfit. When Miranda left for class her skirt was four inches shorter and blouse was undone to show the top of her bra, but before she left the dorm she had buttoned it back up so only the top button was undone and left the skirt as it was after she liked how it made her legs look.

This became the new routine, for nearly two months, Miranda would dress and Veronica would fix it, by the end of the second month Miranda wasn't even bothering to undo any of Veronica's fixes and she had started wearing the clothes Veronica and graciously purchased. Now instead of long skirts and loose slacks Miranda was wearing short shorts, miniskirts and tight revealing shirts. She was loving the looks the boy gave her as she walked across campus. She had even had sex with a random guy at a frat party, she had loved how it made her feel, defying a lifetime of conservative strictures.

As mid-term approached Miranda and Veronica found themselves gossiping about their professors who was cool and who was a bitch. They had one professor in common, he taught several classes, one of which was Intro to World History which Miranda had, and his name was Drew.

Drew average height around 5'10", he had a chiseled jaw with a dimple chin. His shoulders were broad, his dark hair was just turning gray at the edges making him look very distinguished at thirty-five, his eyes where hazel and gorgeous. Miranda had, more than one sex dream about him.

It turned out Veronica had was well, as she launched into a graphic description of what she would do to him if given the chance Miranda's mind wondered, could he be seduced that would be so hot. It was in that moment a plan was hatched and a decision made that by mid-term she would have him.

The next time she had history class Miranda showed up early and sat in the front row. Today she was wearing a skirt and blouse with a bright red bra underneath, the bra was just visible through her blouse, her plan called subtlety, she was going for unconsciously sexy.

As she sat in class she noticed Professor Drew stealing occasional glances in her direction. She acted as if she hadn't noticed them. By the end of the second week of her plan Miranda had begun to acknowledge Drew's furtive glances with a coy smile.

During this period, she had begun to unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse letting if fall open ensuring he got an eye full of her 34 C cleavage. It was around than that she noticed the occasional bulging of his pants which was immediately followed by him casually walking over the lectern and standing behind it.

Miranda was getting really hot from all this quit flirting and she found she was having to run back to her room and get herself off after his classes. She would lay there her fingers exploring wet pussy as imagined him running his hands up her legs, fingers looping around her thong and pulling it down, her tits exposed for him, her hands fondling his wonderful stiff cock. He would lift her onto a desk and stand between her legs, his cock rigid, and impale her over and over bringing her over the edge. After this session she would straighten herself up and head to her next class.

Finally the day came Miranda had shown up to class wearing a navy blue pleated skirt that was half way to her knees with a diaphanous white blouse that made a lacey bra beneath barely visible. Professor Drew spent the entire class behind his lectern, intentionally avoiding eye contact with Miranda. As everyone filed out of class Miranda remained seated legs cross and warm smile on her lovely face.

Professor Drew looked up and noticed her there, "Can I help you?" his voice gave away a hint of nervous energy.

Miranda for her part was surprised how cool she felt, "Yes Professor I was wondering if we could talk about my midterm paper," she said never breaking eye contact.

"I really don't have time right now," was the reply his nervous tremble barely evident.

"If need to head your office that's fine we can walk and talk," Miranda said with her most innocent voice.

"Sure, follow me, so tell what you need Miranda?" Drew said. As they walked Miranda pelted him with questions so that by the time they reached his office he didn't even notice she had followed him in and locked the door.

His back still turned Professor Drew sat his brief case down took of his jacket, and when he turn around, he stopped mid-sentence. Before him stood Miranda smiling as she unbuttoned her blouse and walked toward him.

Before he could object they had locked lips, Miranda pulling him in to her so he could her tits pressed against his chest. As they kissed he tried to pull back but she had him now. That was his only attempt to stop her, then it was like something broke in him and he was kissing her back. His hands cupped her tight little ass, and with a low growl he said time you learned what it means to be my little slut. Head spinning at the sudden turn of table, Miranda felt herself become even wetter at the idea of what he would do to her now.

He reached up and unbutton her shirt, letting it fall open it took a moment to admire her then he pulled down bra exposing her breasts. "Mmm..what great tits. I have imagined them many times," his said in his low baritone voice.

Miranda found she blushed at his open admiration of her body. Undoing his pants he let his cock spring free, and it was beautiful Miranda thought, and with no prompting she dropped to her knees. Reaching out she gently stroked it, her lips kissing up his thick shaft as her fingers caressed his balls. His hands cupped her head encouraging her continue her work on his engorged cock.

Soon her lips were wrapped around him taking him in as far as she could his hands gently encouraging her to take more soon she his cock was hitting the back of her throat, her pussy was on fire dying to be fucked but his hands kept her there, then he came his seep spilling down her throat she and never let a man cum in her mouth before, she found she liked the taste.

Smiling he looked down at her as she stood licking her lips, and her hand stroking his cock back to life. As she felt his cock harden in her hand she began to finger her throbbing pussy, looking him in the eye then kissing him as she worked them both to orgasm.

Suddenly he was grabbing her and spinning her around a hand on the back of her neck as another flipped up her skirt exposing her sweet ass naked ass. "You came ready I see my slut," Professor Drew said. A swift smack of her ass, elicited a little yelp from Miranda. Then she felt him slide into her he felt better than she ever imagined, as he fucked her, one hand grabbed her ponytail and forcing her lift her head the other pulled her hips into him over and over.

Miranda was so hot by now she came after only a few thrust but he wasn't done he kept going each thrust driving her euphoria up she came again and again. Her knees gave out but he held her up, then it was too much she blacked out for second from the intensity of it all. She came too second later bent over his deck her breathing coming it ragged gasps. She heard him walk to stand in front of her glancing up she saw his cock stiff in front of her a grin on his face. With a chuckle Miranda knew she was going love this little fling.
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