By: Sassy Sue

It was a dark and cloudy night. The air heavy with moisture, a chilling fall wind cutting through the night air, a night for staying inside, but yet, a solitude frail girl was trudging up the forest path to the dilapidated mansion. Mischief, stepping carefully, avoiding tree roots and over grown ground vegetation, snaked her way along the narrow pathway. Her small hands were clutching the tan trench coat closed. She was wearing her usual garb when she visited.

She was asked to only wear her skirt and nothing else. She complied with my desires; wearing a short, red, tartan plaid skirt that was barely covering her tantalizing genitals and the red skirt screaming "Fuck Me," if a skirt could talk. Her bountiful, young breasts jutting from her chest with large, dark brown areolas encapsulating her wide, long, erect, pink nipples bouncing vivaciously as she walked. The cold night winds swirling under the hem of the tattered trench coat were savagely kissing her exposed skin. On her feet was a pair of well-worn black, knee high boots which were protecting her bare feet from the gnarly road. Upon reaching the massive wooden door she took the phallic shaped iron door knocker in her fragile hand and began knocking on the tall door.

The door opening Mischief entered the great hallway and she immediately assumed a submissive pose. Her dainty hands clasped, her head bowed, she waited for me to speak.

"Good evening Mischief, place your coat on the chair and greet me in the proper manner."

"Yes Master."

She immediately removed the coat, folding it neatly on the back of the chair. Standing there in her splendid youthful beauty she began kissing me with her luscious, open, wet mouth and deep French kissing. She was possibly the best French kisser I know. She commented early on from our first meeting she loves to kiss this way because it makes her wet. I can attest to that fact. One just has to reach into her sweet snatch and feel the presence of her copious love juices flowing from her cunt.

Now her appearance is deceiving and at first look she appears to be no older than sixteen or seventeen. Mischief stands about four foot eleven inches and lucky to weigh a hundred pounds. Her long brown hair was always tied in a ponytail open the delicate features of her youthful face. Her eyes a rich sultry brown, long eye lashes would melt a man's heart when he gazed into them. Rosy cheeks and a cut upturned nose enhanced her beauty. She had thin red lips, just perfect for kissing or sucking a man's cock both of which she did so well.

Her naked breasts appeared large for the minuscule size of her body's frame, gentle upward curves and each breast forming a conical shape with very large dark areolas and long hard nipples. They stood firm without the support of a bra. Her waist was narrow and her ass was compact, round and very firm to the touch. Then there was the rose of her beauty.

Her mound was not only shaved but always smooth as a newborn baby's butt. Her labia were thin and supple and when aroused became dark and full. The inner labia were thin like sheer curtains on the window to her sensuality. A dark partition line shielded her precious pearl which was nestled in the soft folds of her flesh.

Her legs were shapely and muscular and she would wrap them around her lover squeezing them as they made love.

She kisses with a fervor that would cause any man to want to rip her clothing off, throw her on the bed and savagely make love to her. To share his swollen cock and screw her until his erection wilted. The thought of Mischief in my bed coupled with her luscious lips and her warm hugs just brings my manhood to an immediate engorged state. I can't help but kiss her back pushing my tongue to hers and holding her as tight as I can, while pressing my naked erection against her red tartan skirt covered mound.

Breaking our kiss I look Mischief in her warm brown eyes.

"My pet, are you ready to serve me?"

"Yes master, I am here to fulfill your desires," replied softly in a very submissive tone.

Mischief had her head bowed and I took her hand in mine and we entered the bedroom chamber. My bedroom chamber was huge and served as a dual purpose both as a bedroom and my personal sexual playground.

Mischief is an expert fellatrix and knowing full well that she loves sucking cock; I let her slide to her knees. She kneels behind me and cups my balls in the palms of her small hands. Her tongue snakes down the crevice of the puckered lips of my ass. Lower, down to point between my legs where my balls hang down. Spreading my legs I allow Mischief's mouth access to my engorged balls.

Slowly sucking one ball into her mouth, rolling it across her velvet tongue and then allowing it to slip from her mouth just to suck the other ball into her hot mouth she plies her craft expertly. After a few minutes of exquisite ball sucking Mischief releases my balls. Her thin lips kiss the shaft of my hard cock and she works her way up to the purple head of my swollen prick.

Shuddering I moan softly from her hands sliding up and down you're my inner thighs. Teasing me, she flicks the tip of her tongue across the tip of your hard cock, giving her a taste of the pre-cum that is pooled there. Mischief closes her silky lips around the head of my cock and I close my eyes at the wonderful feel of her sensuous lips and hot tongue upon my sensitive cock.

Mischief swirls her tongue around the head and underside of my cock, teasing and tasting the salty cum oozing from inflamed cock. Wrapping her lips tight around my cock she slowly sucks my cock into her my wet mouth, barely moving, until she has my cock buried deep in her throat. I groan, I want to come and fill her mouth with my cum. Mischief grasps my balls, I groan deep, and my cock in her mouth, spaying her throat with my hot cum.

Sucking all the cum from my still hard prick Mischief swallows her prize and as she continues to tease my cock. Mischief is tracing every vein with her talented tongue. Sliding her tongue up one side and down the other, she is slowly sucking my cock deep into her mouth. Fucking my thick cock with her mouth, slow then fast and then slow again, is making me groan with pleasure.

Opening my eyes, I look in one of many mirrors and watch as my cock slides deep into her mouth. I watch the mirror mesmerized as the candle light flickers and distorts the image of my cock being made love to by Mischief's warm wet mouth. I raise my hips up and down controlling the image in the mirror. My hips are rocking my hard cock in and out of her mouth as we both look in the mirror as my cock disappears faster and faster until our eyes lock in the mirror and I labor to let the words pass my lips.

"OMG I'm gonna cum again."

Tightening her lips around my cock as I watch the expression on Mischief's face as it transforms into pure unadulterated passion as I cum again buried deep in her throat. Mischief applying the pressure of her lips that are surrounding my cock, she makes it feel like she is trying to suck the cum from my balls. This keeps my thick cock rock hard and me wanting more of this vixen.

Making her release my cock from her mouth I let her stand with a slight dribble of my seed dribbling from the corner of her mouth. I take in her nubile beauty, caramel colored skin, smooth and soft. The sensuous curves of her body, her firm breasts with her dark areolas and well-proportioned hips that flow into her sleek sculpted legs calls for a man's lust. Mischief has a small firm, round butt that is so alluring to desire a man to caress, to make love to and pull tight to his body. Mischief radiates her sexuality, she is a woman who enjoys a man and an occasionally a woman in her bed. Her youthful teenage appearance works in her behalf. She looks sixteen but is really twenty-four and that is a great turn-on for me.
Reaching out I twisted the button on her tartan plaid skirt and the short skirt sags, resting just above the top of her slit. Mischief cocks her hip to one side, the tab of the zipper protruding out and with quivering fingers I grasp the tab. Like a nervous lad I tug downwards on the tab and zipper opens the skirt to expose more of Mischief's treasure. The skirt reaches the point of no return and slips from her hips cascading to floor surrounding her petite feet.

I stare at her womanhood exposed, a patch of white floating on a sea caramel. Her slit crowned with a delicate line of liquid ambrosia rising from her precious flower. Her body is aroused, pussy lips are dark, swollen, engorged with blood and very pouty lips which I desire to kiss. Her labia minora rise seductively above the crest of her rounded labia majora, like curtains on a window. Reaching out I clasp her firm ass cheek and guide the naked magnificent woman to me.
Mischief moving in closer to me, the tartan skirt on the floor and her rich musky scent of desire fills the room and kisses my olfactory nerves. I begin to kiss her, feeling her breathtaking tits, pussy, and puckered little bung hole. She loves to be played with and I don't disappoint her. Her moaning amplifies and her hips are gyrating as we frolic on the bed.

"Master, give me your cock. Fuck me, I need your cock!"

Mischief is getting anxious, wanting more cock, but this time it's going to be in her womanhood and at my pace. I continue to kiss her body and feel her all over while she'll holds me tight and roams with her hands all over my neck and head pulling my head and thus my mouth to her to devour my tongue. Her ravenous hands are stroking my hard, pulsating cock intermittently.

I can't wait any longer and roll her onto her back. I crawl on top of her and let her feel my stiff cock on her love mound as I rub it on her wet slit. We continue to devour each other in wild passionate wet kissing and intimate touching. I tease her with my cock letting it slip between her spread legs just touching her cunt lips. I want to shove it in, feel her silky pussy on my cock and to her scream as we fuck, but defer my gratification. Instead I continue to tease her as we still kiss and cavort. I paw at her tits and tweak her erect nipples and she begins to rock her pelvis and begging for cock.

"Fuck me master, let me have your cock, I need to cum," Mischief beseeches me.

She wants to fuck and god knows I want to fuck the wench but I must prolong the inevitable, lascivious, pleasure that looms the precipice of our lust. So, I continue to teasing her more. I go from one tit to the next either kneading them like bread dough or sucking and lightly biting her rigid nipples. It's all I can do not to hold them tight with my teeth and pull them straight out as far as I can stretch them to their limits. Sometimes I do bite them and she winces. I immediately rub them and kiss them to reassure her I won't hurt her.

My thick cock is ready to be buried into Mischief's sweet, wet cunt and I can't take much more of her passion before I explode on her body. We are ready to meld our bodies and let nature take her course as Mischief straddles my body. My thick, turgid, prick standing tall and her hands on my chest she lowers her delectable pussy. Pussy lips so silky from her nectar they kiss the velvet head of my cock and her succulent lips she takes my cock in her. Hearing her moan as her pussy stretches, engulfing my three inch thick cock she impales herself on my spear. Her copious juices lubricating my shaft part she lowers herself until her pussy lips touch my balls. A feeling so indescribable makes me want her more. Buried deep within her Mischief leans forward pressing her engorged pink clit to my prick and rides my cock.

Her motion slow and deliberate at first, she works my cock in and almost out of her pussy. Each stroke faster than the last; I can feel her muscles squeezing my tender manhood, milking my cock. Groaning I push back on her assault, my balls bouncing, her pussy slurping as we fuck with abandon and our loud moans echoing in the chamber. God I have to cum as my cock craves to fill her cunt with my seed. My body stiffens, I arch my hips getting as deep as I can get in her hot pussy then I achieve my climax. My thick rich cream shoots from my cock, into her waiting vessel, coating the membrane walls of her pussy. She feels my hot cum, her pussy clinches tight on my shaft and Mischief stiffens her back as she leans back.

She knows she was the dominate one now, my cock was her toy and she was not done playing. Milking my cock she coaxed another load from me as she gyrating on my prick and then she claimed her reward. Bathing my cock with her lady cum she squirmed on my dick making sure I knew she had cum. We lay there for minutes, my wilting cock in her spent pussy, her soft hands massaging my balls. Fondling her tits showering, her globes with soft gentle kisses I made love to her breasts.

We lie there in the afterglow of our decadent passion each wanting another fuck. My flaccid half-hard cock slips from her cunt dripping with our cum and Mischief rolls me onto my back. She mounts me inverting her body. Her hands toying with my balls and stroking my cock back to life. Mischief bends down, kisses the head of my cock and licks it with her firm tongue. She devours our cum as she sucks my dick. She slides her round ass back so that her pussy is in front of my mouth.

Her gorgeous swollen pussy lips just inches away, wet with cum and a small rivulet of cum dripping from her cream pie. Grasping her thighs I pull her to my mouth and lick the cum from her cunt letting the warm cum glide down my throat. Mischief grips the sheet in her hand as I lick the sweet folds of her pussy. My tongue skates over her wet prepuce in search of her clit. Her clit is hard and exposed so I begin to lick her magical nub. Strafing her pink she-cock with my tongue Mischief lets out a shriek, squashing her molten honey to my mouth and I am imbibing on her fresh offering of her thick piquant cum. I embraced her ass-cheeks and happily revel in her womanhood.

Mischief's teeth scraped my rigid shaft when I nipped her clit. Moaning I tried to pull my cock from her mouth but she had a death-like grip on my cock and moving her tongue over the scrape. I was in heaven as she was sucking the life from my prick. I had nothing left to give this woman she had drained me.

Holding Mischief tightly I let her body settle, we part and spoons her body to mine as she opens her eyes and smiles.

"Oh my, I liked that Master," she cooed in my ear.

We cuddle and just chat as I stroke her cheeks and lightly kiss her. Mischief gently rubbing her wet pussy on my ass and her fingers playing with my cock just to let me she is ready for more. She brings my flaccid cock back to life, hard it rests in her hands as she strokes it slowly. I know I still want more as she kisses me. We are kissing feverishly now and it is not I roll between her legs pressing the head of my cock into her wet slit. I push and Mischief raises her hips to match my thrust and my cock is in her sweet spot again and we are gently fucking each other. My balls slap her moist pussy with each deep stroke.

My hands are playing with her boobs, and Mischief is twisting both her brownish erect nipples between her forefinger and thumb of each hand.

She bucks up and down, holding her tits as my hands hold her shoulders tight to keep her just where I want her. She rises and falls sliding up and down on my manhood. Knowing I was getting close to cumming, I drive into her hard striking her pubic bone hard. Feeling the most wonderful sensation as my cock twitches and sends cum fluid into her vagina. She clamps on my cock and once again her body takes over and her back arches with yet another orgasm. Within seconds after our cumming together she collapses on the bed.

I lay on top of her, our hearts beating in concert, her tits squished on my chest and my cock still in her pussy. Clinging to Mischief's body my cock between her pussy lips kiss her lightly we snuggle in sensual bliss that is so sweet my mind is filled with thoughts of fucking her in the ass next. My finger strokes her backdoor. We have hours until it is time for my submissive to trudge back down the twisted path and return to her home until the next time.

Mischief does everything in her power to please her lovers and if your are lucky you will be left a memory you will never forget.

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