Miss Anonna's Creapie Recipe
Miss Anonna's Creampie Recipe

It was Saturday morning and I was in the mood for some baking so I put out some feelers in my network of swinging friends and found a couple of great players for the day. It was cold outside and rainy so this was a perfect day for the perfect creampie. I got some numbers and made some calls.

A knock came at my door around noon and I answered it with much anticipation. A handsome man around 30 or so smiled down at me and I returned a smile to him and invited him in. He was very cordial and I asked him if he knew why he was at my house. He was well aware of my intentions and chatted momentarily about club memberships and people we knew. A face appeared in the window of my storm door as we were chatting and the cutest little smiling body waved at us.

"Hi!" I cried. "You must be Kristen," I said after opening the door and signaling for her to come in. She was so cute and she smiled wide at John and then glanced back at me. She couldn't have been any more than 5 foot and about 130 pounds, thick but not fat. I couldn't wait to get her naked. She wore a pair of long tights that showed a near perfect handful of pie.

I introduced the two and asked her if she was aware of why she was at my house and she stated she was while shaking John's hand. I pleaded with them to remove their shoes, place their jackets on the rack and headed towards the kitchen, touching each of them on the shoulder as I passed by them.

"Can I get either of you a drink or something?" I said, watching Kristen wave her hand through the air and then John held his up as if to say "Stop." I smiled and continued toward the kitchen. "We will be in here." I said, signaling them to follow me, which they did into the living room where I had a nice blanket laid out on the floor. They stopped before the blanket and waited for my instruction while I knelt down at the side of the blanket." It seemed to me the both of them were under the impression that I was to give them orders and they were to obey. I merely just wanted to play with the two but I wasn't going to correct them.

"Is there a trigger word?" Karen asked gracefully. "In case it goes farther than I am willing to go?" She said with a worried look on her face. I explained to her and John that I wasn't necessarily some dominatrix and I was just looking to play but the two seemed to be in agreement that they wanted to be told what to do. I agreed that I would do just that and gave the word "Gorilla" as a stop word. Everyone was once again smiling and awaiting my command. I winked at Kristen and she blushed and smiled.

"I'll take you first, John." I said and signaled him to come closer, to which he obliged. I looked up at him and then traced his body with my eyes. I reached up and grabbed his belt, unbuckling it in the process. I then unbuttoned his jeans and began to pull them down his thighs. He stood very still while I slowly worked his jeans down his legs. The front of his boxers began to push outward and I could tell this was turning him on immensely. Kristen watched intently with a growing smile.

John stepped out of his pants and stood still while I ran my hand up his leg and squeezed his thigh, then moved my palm over his buttocks. Taking in a deep breath, I began to stand, grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt and pulling it up his belly. John's arms reacted instantly and reached toward the ceiling, allowing me to pull off his shirt and expose his nice looking chest and shoulders. I glanced at Kristen and smiled, then returned my gaze to John's chest, placing my hands atop his nipples. Slowly sliding my hands up and over his shoulders, I inspected John's body and nimbly ran my fingertips down his arms, across his tight tummy and tucked my fingertips into the elastic waistband of his boxers. My hands rested there as I watched the front of his boxers expand until I could actually see the material outline the thick head of his erection.

Smiling I pulled them down, forcing his cock down against its will and began to drop to my knees once again, brushing my face lightly against his tummy and abdomen until his erection bounced back into its natural position slapping my face. It was firm and very warm as I nuzzled it against my neck. I watched Kristen's eyes widen and her lower lip get sucked slightly in between her teeth. I patted the blanket on the floor.

"John, lie here." I said softly but sternly. He nodded, sat down and laid back. I rubbed his leg and sat up.

"Come Kristen." I said motioning for her to stand in front of me to which she complied. I looked her over and placed my hands on her thighs just over her knees. I heard her take a deep breath and watched her breasts protrude in front of her. My hands began to glide up her thighs and then around the backs of her legs, finally resting on her ass cheeks. I was getting a little excited as I could feel the flow of energy in my groin. I then began to pull myself into her until my face was against her pretty little camel toe.

Slowly I pulled her yoga pants down, revealing a pretty pink thong and pressed my face against her while pulling the pants all the way down to her ankles, encouraging her then to step out of them. I began to stand and pressed my breasts against her while rising to meet her face to face. My hands traversed her face and when she smiled and looked into my eyes, I kissed her softly. Slowly raising her t-shirt she raised her arms and allowed me to pull it up over her and her breasts danced beautifully as they fell from the material.

I stepped toward John and stepped over him, kneeling at his other side and patted his tummy. Smiling at Kristen I urged her toward me.

"Come straddle his stomach and kneel like I am doing." I said as I looked at John for an acknowledgement that it was ok. John seemed to have agreed and I watched Kristen put one foot at his side and then step over him, placing the other foot at his opposite side and she began to slowly lower herself onto him. I moved John's penis out of the way and it began to swell against my palm. "Lean back on your hands and come forward just a little bit." I directed, and she complied with a touch of reluctance. I could tell she wasn't sure what I was going to do.

I closed my hand around John's semi flaccid penis and began to massage it within my hand while bringing my lips to Kristen's belly button and I began to kiss her lightly while working my way down her abdomen until I met her lips with my lips. My tongue began to explore her labia, guided by my lips as she leaned back a little further and began to relax. I felt her take in a deep breath as Johns hands folded over her shoulders and rub her neck.

Kristen's lips were like velvet as my tongue rolled over and through them and a smooth sheen of liquid slowly filled all the areas within. I drew John's erection toward Kristen's clitoris and placed the head of his cock against her little button as my fingers spread her lips. As a droplet of his seed slowly encapsulated her swelling clitoris, my tongue stretched out to meet the two. Kristen began to shutter and I let the head of John's cock fall between her lips but it just rested there and began to pulsate. My hand began to stroke both Kristen's velvety lips and John's throbbing head until I began to spread her lips with the tip of his cock. I lightly pushed down and watched Kristen's flower suck him in and I followed the tip of his staff with my tongue until she was sucking in the two of us. I could feel the ridge of his helmet glide along the bottom of my tongue until my lips were wrapped completely around Kristen's hood.

Kristen began to moan as she moved into John's cock and pushed it further into her. My tongue darted from one to the other until John's cock was completely gone and I was left only with his testicles to tease. I sucked them in until he moaned and then forced my tongue into Kristen's lotus, squeezing it between the two and curling it up toward her g-spot. John began to pull out and I enveloped the base of his stiff member with my lips and tongue. He began to forge his way back inside her and we all continued this dance for several minutes until Kristen eventually lay back on John's chest.

John had paused his thrusts momentarily and I wrapped my fingers around his thick harpoon and pulled him out of her. Squeezing him tightly just below his crown, I began to twist my hand around his tool and pressed my tongue into Kristen's beautiful opening.

"Oh my God!" Cried John and Kristen simultaneously as they both took in a deep breath and laughed slightly together. I stuffed John's thick head inside my mouth and began to suck him in, then I pulled him out and I repeated this many times over the next few minutes until I guided his cock back into Kristen. I held my fingers against the back side of his head and pushed it against her g-spot. John began to rapidly thrust himself into her and she let out an obvious cry of both pain and pleasure. He continued his stroke as she became louder and louder and then she began to push into him. Eventually she matched his strokes with her hip movements and let out a scream that was nearly animalistic. A steady, slow flow began to seep from her hood as she seemed to be in a state of suspended animation, her muscles clenched around John's staff.

"Oh shit," cried John as he began to shake. I moved my lips to the base of his cock and felt the flow of liquid through his urethra. I pushed my fingers under his erection and pulled up on it. It was a struggle but eventually his head popped out and a thick stream of cream flew through the air in an arc toward me and finished against my lower lip leaving a puddle of sweetness in the corner of my mouth. I quickly planted his head between Kristen lips just under her clitoris just as he began to thrust out another stream. A pool of thick liquid accumulated at the tip of his cock and I began to push him back into her. The head of his cock popped and disappeared between Kristen's lips and John began to thrust his hips again, sliding effortlessly through the glistening lubricant.

John stopped and slowly pushed as much of his cock as he could into Kristen and held his position, pulling her back into his chest and coaxing her to lay. I placed my face against Kristen's abdomen and began kissing her hood and darting my tongue over John's cock and lapping at all the drippings. The taste was fantastic as John began to slowly thrust his cock in and out of her, sliding past my tongue with each slow stroke. Again I removed John's cock from Kristen and placed it into my mouth, squeezing out the very last drop and folding my tongue around his softening penis.

Pushing my face into Kristen's swollen lips I began to slowly push my tongue into her and then I kissed her lips and lightly sucked them. My tongue waited patiently beneath her opening as a small flow of semen began to trickle from her and it danced upon the tip of my tongue momentarily before quickly racing toward my throat.

We all lie there momentarily until John began to stir and Kristen rose up off of him. We sat facing each other with our legs crossed and discussed our wonderful session for nearly 30 minutes until we all got up and got dressed. It was a fantastic time.
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