Missing Him...So Much
Me being 5'7", my boyfriend 6ft, his flannel shirt hung to my mid thigh. I could smell him in it, faint, but there. I had to roll the sleeves back, they go past my hands.

I miss him when his work takes him away. Having his shirt on, it makes me feel less alone, silly, but that's me.

I'm laying in bed, his pillow pulled to my chest. We made love the night before he left. For hours we pleasured each other, I felt myself getting wet just thinking about it.

I try to hold back, wait for him, but I can't. His shirt lays open, my hands-his hands caress my breasts. Thumb and finger pinch my nipples. My hands move down, just like he would, taking me.

I miss him, so much, it hurts. My eyes tear, moving down my cheeks slowly. I'm crying as my hand touches. My vagina weeps along with me. I can't stop, when will he come home?

My hand rubs, fingers go inside, I cry in pleasure and sadness. Harder I rub, finger, my eyes close, releasing tears.

He's in me, filling me, making me shudder. My flame takes me as he does, non stop he thrusts. His naked skin under my finger tips.

I feel him as I cry into the night, it's my fingers, but him too. Deeper I finger, not enough, he goes much deeper into me.

Harder I whisper, cry, my other hand rubs my clit. It's like his lips kissing mine, his tongue touching mine. I cry in pleasure under him, chasing my sadness away.

Harder, faster, deeper. My eyes open wide, teary blue. I cum, I cum on him, on my fingers. A lonely embrace of my flame, not having him cum. No matter how many times he makes me cum, makes me a part of my flame. His cum filling me makes me cum one more time.

I cum so hard, feeling my wetness over my fingers. I smile briefly, then cry. When will he be with me? I fall asleep, holding his pillow, my tears drying. Waiting for him.

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