Missing Panties 1
The missing panties
Stacey calls a pool service to service her pool. She wanted her pool to be ready in time for the summer. She set up an appointment and waited for the pool guy to show up.
The pool guy was running late, but at least he called to tell her he was sorry and running late. He had some unexpected maintenance on a pool before hers.
Stacey started drinking her glass of wine when her doorbell rang. She goes to the door and it's the pool guy.
"What can I do for you today ma'am?" asked the pool guy?
"Just check to make sure everything is working good and clean it out please," replied Stacey as she seductively sipped her wine.
It was a hot day, so it wasn't unusual for a man to work with his shirt off. It didn't take long for the man to sweat. Stacey saw how his muscles were moving as he worked around the pool. He was in good shape for a man in his late thirties.
"Is this your last call for the day," asked Stacey through a window in her kitchen?
"Yes ma'am," replied the pool guy.
"Would you like some wine," asked Stacey?
"That sounds good. Thank you," said the pool guy.
Stacey poured a drink for the guy, walked out by the pool, and sat down. Stacey was wearing jeans, but had on her bathing suit underneath. She stepped out of her jeans as the pool guy was approaching her for that glass of wine. Stacey revealed her sexy body to him camel toe and all.
Stacey had one of those bodies that a man just couldn't resist and she knew it. What ever body feature a man would like she had. She had a great pair of tits, a nice firm bubble butt to match her thick and wide hips and thighs.
"Before you leave I have to make sure the pool is to my liking," said Stacey. With that she jumped into the pool. "It feels a bit warm in here. Do you mind if you check the temperature of the pool," asked Stacey?
The pool guy takes off his pants and dives into the pool.
Stacey has a smile on her face as she swims to the other side of the pool. Once there she pulls out a pair of her panties from her breast and lets them float to the top.
"Um. Excuse me sir. I don't think you cleaned my pool correctly," said Stacey.
The man sees a pair of panties floating by and Stacey just smiling. His cock began to twitch with excitement.
Stacey grabbed the pair of panties and fit it on his head. "It looks great on you," said Stacey with the biggest smile.
He pulled them off of his head and threw them onto the side of the pool where his pants laid. The pool guy trapped her in a corner of the pool. He acted as if he was going to kiss Stacey's neck, but instead he took a deep inhale of her scent.
Stacey did give him her neck so she wasn't going to fight him if he wanted to kiss her.
The man grabbed her breast while sucking and blowing on her ear lobes. Then he made a trail of kisses from her ear lobe down to the middle of her breast.
Stacey uses this opportunity to wrap her legs around his waist. Then she rides up and down on his stiffening cock. She quickens her hips as he picks up the pace of him sucking on her nipples. Stacey is moaning as she grabs his hair and forcefully secures him to her breast.
Stacey pulls out his cock through his boxers and starts to jack him off getting it as hard as it can get. She pushed aside the part of her bathing suit that was covering her pussy and let his cock slide inside of her. She gasp as the cold water was now hitting her pussy and the fact a monster cock was slowly entering her womb inch by inch filling her up.
Stacey ran her tongue over her lips with pleasure as he began to pump his cock in and out.
He was exerting so much force that waves of water were splashing against the pool side. He paused for a moment to readjust her. He put both of her legs high in the air holding her butt so she wouldn't drown. He picked up the pace of pounding her. You could hear the waves they were creating as they splashed against the wall harder.
He was running his tongue down her legs while he keeps up fucking her. Her moans got louder and louder as his thrusts got harder.
Stacey managed to turn around to where the pool guy's back was up against the side wall. Stacey again re wrapped her legs around his waist and leaned back to get the right angle as she bucked her hips up and down making sure to hit that sweet spot on the man's dick giving it that little extra squeeze. She was riding him with everything she had. They both were moaning loudly as she both quickly were approaching an orgasm.
The man placed his thumb on her clit and rubbed it vigorously. Stacey began to pant as she drew very close. She couldn't take it no more and let out a satisfying moaning sigh. Her body went limp just as the guy came.
"I hope you come back tomorrow to clean my pool of your little man swimmers," said Stacey.
"Oh I will be back anytime for you," said the pool guy with the biggest smile on his face.
They get out of the pool. The man puts on his clothes and leaves.
Stacey dried off and was gathering her stuff after the pool guy left when she noticed her panties were missing. The only thought she had was did he leave wearing my panties. If so he didn't have to make a hasty retreat. I would have loved to see a man in my panties.
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