Missing Panties scene 2
Stacey gets a call from the bar for a pick up to take a drunk home. She jumps in her go-cart and heads down to the bar.
She arrives at the bar and asks "Who is the lucky guy I'm taking home?"
A drunken man turns in his chair barely coherent with a slurred speech and says "The ride is for me babe."
"Get your things and I will wait for you outside," said Stacey.
The man was a new one she hadn't seen before. He was rather attractive she thought to herself.
"Wait right here. I will be back. I need to use the bathroom," Stacey said to the drunken patron.
The man just grumbles.
A few minutes passed before Stacey reemerged from the bathroom. She grabs the patron from the bar and walks him to her golf cart.
"Where are ya heading," asked Stacey?
"Green Street," replied the drunk man.
Stacey is driving down the road trying to keep her passenger awake long enough so he doesn't fall out of her cart while driving. She noticed the man was beginning to slump more to the right, which was to close for her of him falling out. She stopped the cart and gets out.
Luckily I'm always prepared for such cases Stacey thought to herself. In the back of her cart she has some thick tie down straps. She latches one behind the man closest to the road and attaches the other in-between her and the drunken man. She ties the two ends together to secure her passenger in place. Once she feels comfortable she is back down the road again.
They get a few miles down the road before the mans dead body weight is loosening the straps, so she reaches over to pull the strap tighter, but hit a bump in the road, which caused her to accidently brush his lap. The funny thing was the guy seems to become a little alert. She needed to test a theory of hers. She brushed her hand again over his cock and got him to stir a bit. Now she had an idea to keep her drunken passenger alert.
She rubbed her hand all around his crotch making his cock grow with each light soft stroke. He begins to open his eyes. She unzips his pants and sticks her hand down with her fingers touching his balls tickling them as her hand slides down his cock. She pulls his cock out while driving down the road.
The drunken man is now wide awake. It may be due to the simple fact of the cold air hitting his cock as they are going down the road. His cock was now solid as it could possibly get. She starts stroking him up and down twisting her palm over the tip of his cock.
The man closes his eyes as Stacey tightens her grip around his cock. He lets out a groan. "Oh yeah. Stroke it for me baby," said the drunken man. "That feels so good."
Stacey picks up the pace but not enough to make him cum. She wants to make sure she pulls out a big load from his balls.
The closer they get to his house the faster she pumps. She can tell his cock is ready to explode. She can feel the vein pulsing on his shaft, so she let go.
The man looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. "Why did you stop," asked the drunk man.
"So I can get these," said Stacey as she pulled out a pair of her panties from her pocket. She wraps her underwear around his cock. She began to stroke him again bringing him dangerously close to an orgasm, but stopping again.
"Come on baby. Stop teasing me and make me cum," said the drunken man.
Stacey was taken back a bit by his demands. "I will fix him," she thought to herself.
She began stroking him faster and faster as they approach his block. She felt his vein pulsing again and she knew he was ready to shoot his load all in her panties. She picked up the pace with almost lighting speed stroking his cock up and down.
"Yeah baby. I'm so close to cumming," said the drunk man.
She continued her pace until she had that familiar feeling a cock was going to explode. She looked at the drunk man in his eyes and just smiled as she let go of his cock.
"No!" screamed the man.
Stacey just laughed as she saw his cock twitching. A few twitches later and she saw the fruits of her labor appear as his cock began to dribble cum out of his cock. A wet stain appears on her panties.
"That is what you get for being so demanding," said Stacey. Iwas going to let you cum real good, but you got impatient and fucked it up."
"I'm sorry," replied the drunk man.
"It's a little late for that, but I will tell you what," said Stacey.
"What," asked the man?
"You can keep my panties as a memory of me. Heck if you wish; go ahead and cum in them at your house. This is your souvenir from me to you," said Stacey. "Now get
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