Missing Panties scene 3
Stacey was babysitting for a friend of hers because Danny wanted to go out on a date with a woman he had met earlier in the week. Stacey had been around the kids before so she thought nothing of it.
Danny wasn't gone all that long before he returned from his date when he saw the hottest thing he could have ever walked into. Stacey was rolling around on the floor with the boys wrestling around with them. Stacey hadn't noticed that Danny had walked in because the boys were keeping her occupied.
Stacey had on a long flowing dress that was form fitting but not too tight either. As she was rolling around her dress started to rise higher and higher. Stacey finally gained control of the boys as she was on the dominate position. Her hands secured the boys hands to the ground and her knees were on the side of the boys knees sticking her ass in the air a bit.
Danny just sat on the couch watching to see what happens next when one of his kids blows his cover.
"Daddy! Yelled one of the boys with excitement.
Stacey looked over her shoulder to see Danny sitting on the couch. She immediately got up and tried to explain away how it looked.
"No need to explain. I know my kids like to wrestle around a lot," said Danny.
Stacey felt a bit embarrassed as she was blushing until she saw the bulge forming in Danny's pants.
"I take it your date didn't go well" asked Stacey?
"Not really. She was boring and then things got out of hand, so we decided to call it a night," said Danny.
"I should get going home too it's getting late," Stacey said as she was getting up from the floor.
Danny noticed as she got off the floor she spread her legs to balance herself, which gave Danny a perfect view up her skirt. He noticed she had on red panties. Danny loved the color of red panties. "Why don't we catch a movie on the television while I put the kids to bed," asked Danny? "That is if you don't have any plans for the night?"
"I wouldn't mind that at all," Stacey replied.
Danny handed her the remote and said "I will be back in fifteen minutes. Once the kids are asleep I will be all yours."
Stacey just smiled searching through all the channels on the television.
Danny being true to his word he was back in about fifteen minutes. "So you find anything worth watching," he asked?
Stacey hit the mute button followed by the last button.
Danny's eyes widen at what he say. She was watching a porn movie. "Maybe we should watch this in my..," was all he got out before she got up from the couch and straddled Danny on the couch.
Stacey leaned into his ear and whispered "I saw how you were looking at me when my ass was in the air. Would you like to feel it?" she asked as she slowly rocked her hips forward the length of his hard cock and back down. Her breast was hanging right in his face. He could no longer resist the temptation when she grabbed the back of his head with a firm grip and brought his head into her breast as she continued to ride the length of his cock.
Danny turned the channel back and unmutes the television just in case one of his little diamonds was to come out of their room.
Stacey got off of Danny and got on her knees in between his legs. She blew hot air from her mouth on his solid cock through his pants. Then she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. First she was just playing with it. Flicking her tongue around the head, running her tongue up and down his cock where the veins ran, followed by a nice good suction on the head.
Danny began to squirm with anticipation of what was about to happen.
Then she began to suck on his cock for just over a minute but that entire minute she was giving everything she had. She was moving so fast he thought he was going to explode, but Stacey had other plans. She stopped abruptly, stood up and said "Not so fast."
Stacey saw that look in Danny's eyes that has been on the faces of countless other men and she knew she had him. He was in full desire mode and she was going to take full advantage of it.
She stood up from the floor to only turn around and let her ass rub up the length of his cock. You want to feel that I bet. Will here let me help you," she said. She lifted her dress just enough to where the bottom of her dress went over his cock head and slid back down to where her ass was making full contact with his cock.
Danny grabbed Stacey's hips when her ass made contact with his cock. He also let out a groan of pleasure.
Stacey was doing a sexy little ass dance on his cock. Bouncing up and down and swaying her hips all around. She could tell his lust was building again so she slowed back down. She decided to change things up a bit, so she went for the last stroke with her ass she was above his hard cock, grabbed the cock and stuck it between her thighs as she slowly came back down his pole.
Danny could feel her hotness through her panties. He grabbed her hips even tighter.
Stacey loving the attention now closed her thighs trapping the cock between her smooth skins. She didn't clamp down to hard because she wanted his cock to be able to slide between them. She raised up to where she could barely feel the head of his cock at the back of her legs and whispered "I want you to fuck my legs as if you were fucking my pussy."
Danny didn't waste a single second and began pumping away. The pre cum that was leaking from his head was lubricating her smooth thighs after every single pass. He started off slowly but quickly picked up the pace to where his balls were slapping away at the back of her legs. Stacey moans in ecstasy.
Stacey sensed he was getting close for the third time tonight so she opened her thighs and got up. She turned to face Danny and with a smirk on her face began to remove her panties. She stepped out of her panties and picked them up from off the floor. Then she took the panties that was in her hand and wrapped it around Danny cock for a couple of stroke with the lacey red panties. Then without warning she let her panties slide down his cock just hanging there as if it were a flag on a pole.
Stacey then climbed back into Danny's lap in a reverse cow girl position. She was teasing his head with her sweet entry point and using her panties to rub on his balls at the same time. Danny's breathing became heavy with all the sensations that was going on. After a few minutes of teasing she let his rigid cock into her pussy. She gasped as his cock slowly stretched her insides apart. Once her pussy fully devoured his cock she slowly rocking her hips back and forth picking up the pace as she placed her hands on his knees for support.
She looked over her shoulder to see Danny's reaction. All she saw was his eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open enjoying every single second of what she was doing to him.
Stacey must have been close to cumming because she rocked her hips violently for a few seconds and collapsed her elbows on the couch. Stacey had to give herself a few minutes to recover but more importantly she wanted to prolong his orgasm as long as she could.
Stacey stretched out and grabbed Danny's ankles while still maintaining Danny's hard cock inside her. She looked up and mouthed the words "Fuck Me."
Danny began pumping away on her pussy. His lust has built up to where he was ready to unleash the inner beast that was inside him. Gripping her waist tight as he thrusted with all his might, ramming his cock ever so deep into her pussy.
Stacey was moaning with pleasure she her second orgasm was building up from the relentless pounding she was receiving by Danny's hungry cock. She couldn't hold out any longer and came for the second time.
Danny felt the rush of her fluids entering her tight hole which made Danny want to cum so badly, but Stacey took control once again and told him to stop and help her back up.
Stacey knew what she was doing to him. Cooling him down every so often. She wanted Danny to build up a nice huge load for her before he was allowed to explode. She wanted him to feel the biggest orgasm he has had in god knows how long.
Stacey got up and turned to face Danny once again and sat on his lap letting his rigid cock slide back into her wet pussy. She arched her back backwards which caused her hips to thrust forward and placing her hands behind her on Danny's knees for support and rode him like there was no tomorrow.
Danny was feeling all over her breast as she continued to ride him for all her worth.
Stacey was swaying her hips all around in circles up and down back and forth, trying everything to get herself off for a third time. "Oh yes!" she yelled as her third orgasm took over. This time Stacey didn't stop moving and wanted Danny to cum, so he got really into it when they heard the unmistakable sound of a door opening.
Stacey and Danny both froze hoping they just needed to use the bathroom. That wasn't Danny's luck.
One kid came out and asked what we were doing because they were being loud and was having trouble sleeping.
Without missing a heartbeat Stacey replied. "Were wrestling just as we were earlier remember?"
With that the kid turned around and went into the kitchen to make himself something to eat.
"Surrender! Give it up," Stacey yelled followed by a whisper so low only Danny could hear it. "Give your cum to me now." Stacey could feel Danny's cock twitching inside her. She knew he was ready to explode, so she decided to give him a little help and began pulsing her pussy muscles tightly around Danny's cock.
Stacey knew it was only a matter of time before his cock couldn't take the pressure anymore and she continued until she felt the first hot rope of cum gushing out of his cock followed by several more pulses.
Danny grunted as each shot took over his body.
"Daddy are you ok?"
"it took Danny a second to realize what was going on before he replied. "Danny is fine. She just applied a lot of pressure, but I'm fine."

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