Missing Panties scene 4
Stacey meets up with a handsome man named Steve for lunch at a nearby restaurant. The very first thing she notices when she sees Steve was his grey suit and tie, which completed the outfit. Then she had an idea. More like an urge to take charge and she was going to use his own tie to do so.
Stacey walked up to Steve with a wide grin on her face. Her hips just sway drawing his attention to her lower half concealing her true intentions. She wraps her left arm around his neck to draw him closer for a passionate kiss on the lips leaving her right hand to rest on his chest..
Steve wraps both of his arms to embrace Stacey tightly around her waist securing her in his grasp. His hands traveled up and down her back; carefully tracing each of her curves.
When Stacey broke the kiss, she pulled on his tie, which loosen and became unraveled as she walked into the restaurant with Steve in tow right behind her. Stacey struts her stuff in triumph as they walk to the booth. Stacey slides in followed by Steve.
Stacey wraps the grey tie around her neck, then looks at Steve, and says "Do you know what this means," she asked holding his tie outward?
"Yeah. You have my tie that I need for work," replied Steve.
"No silly. This grey tie gives me the authority to do with you as I please as long as I have this tie in my possession," said Stacey.
Stacey puts her hand on Steve's left thigh. She runs her hand up and down the length of his thigh.
The waitress approaches the booth. Steve opens his mouth to greet the young lady when Stacey runs her left hand higher than she has previously before. She gave Steve's balls a gentle squeeze just enough for him to cough. To her satisfaction she just smiled and order for the both of them.
"What did you do that for," asked Steve?
"I told you before. The one who holds this grey tie is in charge," said Stacey as she ran her hand up his shaft.
Steve could deny he didn't like it one bit, but the erection in his pants told a whole different story. Stacey knew she had him right where she wanted him.
Their food arrives. Stacey digs right in to her plate. Without even looking at Steve her hands wondered back to his crotch slowly stroking up and down. Every once in a while she would wrap her hand around the head of his cock sending shivers up his spine each time she did it. She also noticed out of the corner of her eye he wasn't eating his food. She could only smile as his torment had just begun.
Stacey left him alone for a few minutes to let him regain his composure, but more importantly to eat his food. Steve was able to take a few bites before her hand had return back to his crotch. She couldn't believe what happened. She couldn't have done it any better if she actually planned it herself. Steve had missed his mouth causing it to spill on his lap and onto the floor. Not missing a chance to help out Steve, Stacie quickly grabbed a couple of napkins that were on the table and gently rubbed off the food before it could stain his nice suit. She paid extra attention to his cock area. She took great advantage and rubbed his balls too through his suit.
Stacey was taking a few quick glances around to see if anyone was witnessing what was going on in their booth. No one was, so Stacey unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock for a quick suck. A couple quick bobs up and down just enough to get his attention, but also not long enough to gain anyone else's attention. Stacey stuck his cock back in his suit but left the fly unzipped. Steve went to close his fly, but was immediately swatted away by the hand of Stacey.
"I will zip you up when I'm finished with you," said Stacey.
Stacey continued to finish eating her meal and Steve did the same. Stacey finished her meal first and noticed Steve had about half of his plate left.
"Steve I need to use the restroom. Can you let me out of the booth please," asked Stacie?
Steve got up and let her use the restroom. Stacey returned back to the table less than ten minutes later. Something looked different to Steve, but he couldn't put his finger on it right away.
Steve got up to let Stacey have her seat back. Once all settled back in their places, Steve began to eat again.
Stacey took this opportunity to pull out her panties from her pocket. She took her left hand and weaved it through his suit to find his cock. She brought his cock back to life real fast with a few strokes and squeezes. Once she was satisfied he was hard enough, she poked his head though his opening in his suit. Then she took her soft panties and barely rubbing them over his cock head from side to side.
Steve started to squirm a bit in his seat, which brought a smile to the face of Stacey.
She continued the slow pace until his cock was rock hard. Then she stopped, wrapped it around his head and shaft, leaned into it to wrap her lips around his underwear trapped cock. He felt her flick her tongue out and swirl around the head a few times before quickly removing her head and zipping his suit back up.
Steve had a puzzled look on his face.
"Let's go to your car," said Stacey. "So we can finish this."
Steve paid the bill and they both hurried over to his car.
"Go park over there away from everyone," said Stacey with a devilish smirk on her face.
Steve did what he was told to do. He parked the car and turned off the vehicle.
Stacey then reached back down to his pants to retrieve her underwear. She pulled it out very slowly. She knew it would tickle his cock as she withdrew her underwear.
"Now that you're nice and hard," said Stacey. "I want to play a game with you."
Steve just nodded his head.
"I'm going to suck on the head of your cock until you get the tie around your neck perfectly. Do you understand," asked Stacey.
Steve had a smile on his face.
Stacey took his cock out and hand Steve the tie to put around his neck. But to her surprise he was taking his time to get wrapped around his neck. She decided to fix him and started sucking harder.
It caught Steve by surprise at the amount of pressure she was able to put on his head. He began to take her a bit more seriously now as he started to tie his tie.
The closer he got to tying his knot around his neck Stacey would suck even harder causing Steve to pause as she continued to up the pressure.
Steve started to squirm, but Stacey being the woman she was; she wasn't breaking her seal around his cock head for nothing. Just like a pit-bull when it bites down and locks its jaws. She wasn't moving from his cock head.
Steve almost had his tie knotted correctly when Stacey reached up and loosen it again. Steve now had to start all over.
As Steve started all over again, Stacey managed to suck even harder. But this time she was massaging Steve's balls. Steve worked frantically to tie his tie, but Stacey hands and mouth was too much for Steve to handle. Steve unloaded a massive amount of cum into Stacey's warm mouth. Steve's body went a bit limp, but being true to her word, he soon realizes she wasn't breaking the seal even after he came.Steve quickly finished knotting his tie. Then and only then she broke the seal of her perfect lips from around his cock head.
"Damn Babe. That looks a bit purple to me," said Stacey as she got out of his car and went along with the rest of her day.
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