Missing You In Velvet Land
Oh! My Dear... I miss your thoughts... your words... for they sooooo... flame my passion.

My imagination has no boundaries when you fuel my fire with your words...

When I think of us together, my thoughts of you swirl in my mind like an uncontrollable wind that needs to be calmed.

Before you enter me, I want to suck you, I want to suck you long and slow, to take you in my mouth and feel the heat of your cock against my tongue, to suck your balls and play with them in my mouth.

Grab my hair, my ears and thrust yourself deep into my mouth. I will surely gag as your cock hits the back of my throat and your balls slap against my chin... but I will not stop sucking you, while one hand wrapped around your engorged shaft, the other caressing your swollen balls...

Oh yes! I'll caress and tug those swollen balls, and squeeze them gently in my hand, the other on your shaft, matching the rhythm of your thrusts, pre-cum sliding down my throat and wetness dripping down my thighs in readiness. I don't want you to cum in my mouth though, I want you fuck my pussy first and prolong my torment, make me wait...

You withdraw from my mouth and your huge cock sways tantalizingly in front of my face... You tease me by running the tip of your engorged cock around my lips as I hungrily wait before you push me down onto my back to force my legs apart and plunge yourself deep into my hot, wet cunt...

Oh yes! Fuck me with your huge cock, feel my tight pussy stretch to accommodate you. I will gasp with both pleasure and pain arching my back as I feel you slide all the way in hitting my cervix as I am filled with your cock...

I push my hips towards you wanting more... wanting you to fuck me hard as I return your thrusts with equal vigour and urgency... "Fuck me, fuck me slow, and fuck me hard!"

You piston in and out of me, withdrawing to your full length before plunging back deep within me.

Oh My Dearest! You make me cry out with pleasure as my breasts jiggle beneath you as I wrap my legs around you and pull you tighter to me...

Oh My Dearest, it would be a pleasure to feel you inside of me as I call out your name and wrap my legs around you widening my hips allowing you as much access as you want to fuck me hard. We would move in sync with each other... hard... powerful thrusts.

Yes, it hurts a little, but the pain is pleasurable, and I force back on to you... hungry for the pain and the feeling of you inside me...

Your desire is also mine, our lips part and our tongues find each other's and we kiss with force and lust.

Your cock feels so good and my sacred tunnel milks it as I thrust hard back on to you... with your fingers on my clit, you make me writhe with desire, I'm so close to coming.

I want to feel you cum, to feel you flood me with your hot spunk, to cum with your cock inside me so you can feel me tighten around you as you ejaculate...

Your kiss and your desire push me over the edge and with a familiar buck of the hips as you empty your hot spunk deep inside of me. Your cock is bigger than ever and I cry out as you surge within me. You feel me tighten around you as you cum and spasm in your own delight.

Your cock stretches my love tunnel as it swells with orgasm and the heat of your spunk so warm and slick making me cum, I convulse with orgasm, your cock hard in me... I cum again even though I am exhausted from the first...

I know your cock is still hard in me and you want to fuck me more... for I know you can't stop wanting me...

This is what you do to me with your naughty thoughts... your naughty words... they create heat between my legs...

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