Missy Joins
I trip over a box I had placed on the floor and kicked it. My damn foot hurt like hell. I was irritable and I knew why. I hadn't any sex in quite awhile. I was willing to take on anything that had flesh on it. I thought again about calling Pam, but she was still on her buying trip. When they last that long, you just know she is getting laid. Was I jealous. You damn right I was, and to top if off I had to make a date for my daughter with Alice. I would not have minded so much if I didn't know anything about it, but shit I was setting it up. I to get that chore done and called Alice. She was more than willing to come over. I told her I would be in the house, but not get in their way. "Carol it is OK if you want to watch," she coyly said. "No thanks," I quickly responded. I told her Thursday morning, which fit into her schedule. I told Elaine. She asked, "What should I wear? Oh mom, you are a sweetheart doing this for me. And from what I heard, a hot fucking sweetheart. Posing nude at the center, you are awesome!" Well, I knew she had been talking to Alice on her own. "Just be yourself sweetie and everything will work out just fine," I replied. I did not explore her statements any further, for I was hoping Alice was not telling all.

Thursday arrived and I was excited as she was. The knock on the door made her scurry up the steps to her room. I opened the door and Alice stood there in an outfit that was perfect for young thing to get horny over and over. "She is in her bedroom upstairs," is all I said. Alice kissed me and thanked me for letting her teach this beautiful young specimen the way a woman makes you feel. The last I saw of her was that cute ass going up the stairs. She wiggled her hips in that sexy manner, just for me. When I heard the bedroom door close, I crept up the steps, went into my bedroom. I took off my clothes and laid in bed naked covered my body, and listened. My bedroom was next to Elaine's and the walls were not that thick.

At first there was a lot of mumbled conversation. Then there was nothing. I could only imagine what was going on, wishing it were me. Finally, I could hear Elaine whimpering. The muffled sound of a squeaking bed with each whimper. The whimper turned into ‘Do me.' ‘Do me!' ‘DO ME!! And then like it was in the same room with me Elaine screamed, "OH MY GOD!" Then quiet. My little girl had found the delight of a woman eating her pussy. More mumbling and then quiet again. I imagined Elaine pressed against Alice's thighs, feeling, licking and sucking Alice's cunt which I had touched so many times. Alice's orgasms were more like a sq-eek, but then a heavy husky bellow that was not understandable. Then quiet once more.

I got out of bed put on my shorts and tank top, and went downstairs to do some bills. I knew it was best if I leave them alone to enjoy each other. Early afternoon, Alice came down the steps and came to me, and kissed me. "Carol, thank you for allowing me to do your daughter. She said it was her first with a woman. We plan on dating if that is OK with you. You have one hot cunt for a daughter, and you should try her if that turns you on," she said. I said, "I am not interested in sleeping with my daughter, but I am glad you enjoyed her." Another kiss for me and she left. The shower was running and soon Elaine appeared in the kitchen.

"Mom, that was awesome. I never thought it would be that much better, than with a man. I understand now why you wanted to be with Alice."

She rambled on and on about the taste and softness of Alice's pussy. She was making me horny, but I controlled myself. She surprised me by saying, "Mom, you have shared with me, and I only think it is fair to share with you. Bob frankly tells me, he would like to fuck you. It would be alright with me if he does. I think you would enjoy him and his friends." "Are you telling me that you did the MFM thing with him and his buddies," I replied. Elaine casually said, "Yes, and it was wonderful to have two things in you at the same time. It was friggin' hot mom, friggin' hot. Just tell me and I will tell him to call you." I just waved my hand as to say, ‘Enough.' She rambled on and on about double penetration then Alice's cunt. I finally went for a walk, I had heard enough.

It did not take long for Bob walk into my patio area. I was sitting enjoying the sun, and he was all eyes. He introduced himself, which I knew from reputation and my daughter's praises. He was at least somewhere in his fifties, bald, wore glasses and was not all that good looking. How he got in Elaine's pants will always be a mystery. Elaine obvious liked what he did to her and even the addition of other guys still found him exciting. I even asked her if he had a big cock and she told me not that big. Followed up with ‘I have had bigger.' When I followed up with that it was a name I had heard by the grapevine, Everett. That figured. I had heard that Elaine had more than one of that family tree. I thought of Jesse and could not blame her.

"As you know, I have been dating your daughter for quite awhile now. She is quite the woman in bed. My friends and I can't get enough of her. She brags about you being a hot number and we all thought maybe you would like to join us."

"I am not interested in sleeping with my daughter."

"Well, how about just me and the guys?"

I will admit it had been awhile since I had my lips parted and I do mean my lower lips. I was very much tempted to say yes, but when I did, I mades the stipulations that we would do it here, no sucking each other in front of me, and not in front of Elaine.

"That can be arranged lovely lady."

I could not believe I was that horny to have signed up for this. I guess it was Elaine's ranting and raving about him, made me curious. He was coming over, but calling to make sure Elaine's was not here. After two false alarms, we hit the right time. He was bringing on guy, and asked, "You got any problems with a black guy?" I casually said, "No," thinking of Jesse's big cock in me. "See you soon, baby!" was his last remark before he hung up. I have a lot of people riding me bareback, and so far I have been lucky. I guess I was thinking if I was pushing this all a little too far.

True to my natural I got dressed all sexy for my guests. A low short black dress did the trick and I greeted my new friends at the door. Bob was his usual get up, a tee and jeans. The only time he came close to dressing up was a picture Elaine showed me that they had posed for a local swingers newspaper. Every time I would see that in her room I could not believe one more time she was fucking him. Bob's friend was a young black man, Everett, who looked to be high school age. He had his shirt open and his pants riding low. So typical. Bob asked, "Where we going to be? Your bed or somewhere else?" When I replied my bed, it was funny he started heading that way. He obviously was fucking my daughter here when I wasn't around. By the time we got my bedroom, Everett had his shirt off and his pants unzipped. When they hit the floor, I gasped, he was every inch as much as Jesse. When I turned around Bob was nude and he wasn't handsome or a large cock, but there was something about him that wanted me to put out for him.

They both came after me like a tag team in wrestling. They had me out of my dress in no time, and because I wore nothing underneath it, I was ready to fuck. There hands were everywhere. No place on my body that was not explored. Ears, hair, toes, underarms and of course all the obvious places men love to explore on a woman. Bob said, "Me first. When he gets done with you, you will be loose, and I want you tight on me." Bob started on me pushing me down on the bed and proceeded to make love to me like I had not felt in a long while. I wanted him to keep going but he shot in me too quickly. He was just an opening act for the main attraction and when I felt that slip in me, I was happy to have Bob's cum as a lube. For a young man he did have staying power. It is not that often when I have been fucked that long by any man. As I approached climax, Bob was dangling his cock by my mouth. I sucked it in because I wanted to taste me on him. We did have a delicious mix. While I sucking, it overcame me and I orgasm ed and almost passed out. That was so violent on me and Everett did not stop. It took it no time for him to make me fire again. Bob's ability to recoup got me a mouthful of cum. I showed it to him then swallowed. He then told me that they liked to do double penetration. I had fantasized about it before but never had the experience. Everett rolled on his back and had me lay on top of him. We managed to get it in me, while Bob was using his and my wetness to lubicated my ass. He stretched me with his fingers and then took his cock and slowly pushed it in my ass. What a fucking sensation! They seemed to work in sync. I wondered if they good feel each other inside me. I planned to ask them when they were through using my body for their pleasure.

They both went into the bathroom and I could hear the water running. I knew what was coming next. "Honey, I know we ain't suppose to, but would you mind terribly if Everett and I sucked on each other just a bit?" he asked. "Go right ahead," I said, "I am going to go douche in the bathroom. Just tell me when you are all satisfied." It was quite a day, me blowing them, they blowing each other with me not present, and the best of all getting fucked by both of them. And best of all my new experience of being double penetrated. And now I know what mesmerized Elaine with Bob, and I would not pick on her about it again...
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