Mistress' playtime, Pt. 2
I untie you and move you to the bed. I restrain you to the bed by tying your hands above your head, then spreading your legs. By doing this I have great access to your ass. I look at you looking at me, waiting. I leave your nipples and cock alone for now and get to work on your ass. Using lube and a toy. I get between your legs. My nails are sharp but short. I have to really dig into your skin to scrape you and leave red marks behind. I scrape my finger nails up your inner thighs and grab your cock and balls tightly. I pull them up and hold them away from your body, exposing your taint and further down your ass. I drizzle lube down between your cheeks and use a finger to rub it in. I work my finger tip slowly across your ass hole. Pushing in and working the tip into your body. You slowly relax and open. Moaning as I push deeper into your hot, tight ass.

'Such a fucking whore. Aren't you. You love when I fuck with your ass like this. I don't even have to wait. My finger just slides right in.'

You tense a little and I look at you and smile.

'You like my ass, Miss. I know you do. Yes, Miss fuck my ass please.'

You push down more and my finger slides in and out easily. I use the toy and guide it into your ass. Pointing it at your hole and making you push onto it.

'Fuck it, whore. Fuck this toy.'

I push it a little harder but you tense up. I wait a moment then turn the vibe on low and massage your hole. That you like and I am able to keep working the toy deeper and deeper. Once I have it halfway in I turn it up higher and leave it there. I raise up and come back to your cock and nipples. My favorite playtime areas. I love the noises you make when I nibble and flick you here.

'Ah, Miss can I cum.'

I give your balls a smack making you grunt.


I place my mouth on your nipples. They are swollen and when I bite you let out a strangled moan. I keep one hand wrapped around the base of your cock and use my teeth to pull your nipple.

'Oh god, Miss, please. May I cum?'

I let your nipple go. I smack your balls again.

'No. You already released once without asking. This one you work for.'

I move my mouth over to the other nipple. It is swollen and sore. I rub my lips over the surface of your skin. The contact arouses me and I get hot and tingly. My own nipples pucker and get hard. I sit up and turn around so my pussy is in your face and my body is leaning over yours.

'Make me cum then you can cum, whore.'

I use the lube and begin stroking you fast.


With the vibe in your ass, you groan. I continue stroking your cock as you begin licking my wet pussy good. Deep licks and sucking my clit just how I love it. Your tongue flicking my clit then sucking, wanting my juices.

'Oh yea, fuck yes whore. Suck me. Make me cum.'

My whole body heats up. I stroke your cock faster. Reaching lower I turn the vibe up all the way. Your moaning vibrates right against my clit and excites me.

'Oh yes, yes. Fuck that's it. Right there.'

I rub hard against your tongue. Letting you suck me again. Flicking my clit. My pussy melts under your tongue. It tightens.

'Oh yes, imma cum. Yes! Bite me. Fucking make me cum now!'

Right then my pussy squeezes and juices rush out. I flood your tongue with my cum. My clit is still throbbing when you shoot your load. Covering my face, neck and chest with your cum. I squeeze your cock, slowly stroking you. Milking every drop of cum from you before wiping my face. I also rub my juices off my inner thighs.

'You made us so messy, whore. You always make me cum so good. I love it.'

I rub our juices on your face and carefully pull the vibe out of your ass and before I untie you I ask you, 'Did you like that? Was Miss good?'

Though I know the answer I like hearing you say it.

'Anytime Miss wants playtime. I'm ready for it.'

I untie your hands and then cuddle in next to you. Being Mistress doesn't really compare to what I feel right now. Laying with you. feeling light headed. My body buzzing with lust. My skin wet and hot. Most of all my heart being satisfied. How easy it is to play, be a player in a scene. How good it is to be the sub, slut, Dom or Miss that loves each other and the life. Sharing the pleasure, the pain. The joy of playtime.
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