Mitch and Candy pt2
They kissed again and Mitch nibbled Candy's ear as he nibbled his earlobe, If you spend the weekend, we could have more fun. Candy said I'll stay as long as you want me to.

Candy then asked Mitch if HE could see HIM naked since HE was naked. Mitch didn't answer. He just took a few steps back and slowly undressed. Candy couldn't take his eyes off him. Once Mitch was naked, Candy just stared at his cock.

Mitch told Candy as he slowly stroked his cock as Candy stared, Why don't you return the favor? Candy's face turned beet red, and he said, You mean...Mitch finished it. Suck my cock.

Candy hesitated, and Mitch said it was OK. He didn't have to if he didn't want to. Candy didn't say anything. He just dropped to his knees in front of Mitch. He then wrapped a hand around Mitch's cock and slowly jacked it.

Candy looked up into Mitch's eyes and said, I've never...Mitch told him it was OK. Just do what he did to HIM when HE sucked HIS cock. Candy did just like Mitch told him. He licked the precum from the tip and then tongued his pee slit. Mitch ran his fingers thru Candy's hair and moaned.

Candy tried to take Mitch's cock down his throat up to his balls, but he kept gagging and choking and couldn't. He took Mitch's cock out of his mouth and looked up at him, and said, I can't...Mitch told him it was OK to just take what he was comfortable with and not force himself.

Candy didn't say anything. He just stopped trying to take all of Mitch's cock down his throat. He wrapped his hand around the base of Mitch's cock and could only suck on about four inches of his cock without choking. He jacked Mitch's cock as he sucked him.

Mitch kept running his fingers thru Candy's hair and called him a good boy. He told Candy to fondle his balls with his other hand like he did when he sucked him. Candy did as he was told, and after a couple of minutes, Mitch was breathing hard. He asked Candy if he was ready for his cum. Candy didn't answer. He just started sucking his cock faster.

Mitch started moaning and said, Fuck Candy, you are such a good boy. Mmm, I love your hot little mouth. After about thirty more seconds, Mitch was cuming. He shot half of it into Candy's mouth and then pulled his cock out and shot the rest on Candy's chest.

Mitch helped Candy to his feet and kissed him, tasting his own cum. Next, he kissed down Candy's neck to his chest and licked up his cum. Candy smiled and said, Mmm, I think I'm in love.

Mitch said I'll show you to the guest room now. Candy asked, Can't I sleep with you? Mitch kissed him on the lips again and said, Of course, you can, now get in bed. As Candy turned his back to Mitch to get into the king-size bed, Mitch gave him a light slap on the ass with his hand.

Candy didn't object; he just climbed into the bed. Candy said he liked the bed; it was big and soft. He laid down on the bed on his back, put his hands behind his head, and asked what they were going to do now.

Mitch said It is getting late, and we need to get to bed and sleep. When he saw the disappointed look on Candy's face, he said, Hey, we have all weekend. We can just lay around the house and not even have to get dressed. And you know, I've been thinking. Maybe you could just move in here with me. Would you like that, Candy?

Candy smiled and said, You mean it? Mitch smiled back and said, Of course, I mean it. But you will have to be a good boy. Candy got on his knees and started begging and said, Yes, I promise to be a good boy and do ANYTHING you want.

Well, you can start by getting ready for bed as I told you, Mitch said. Candy gave him a mock military salute and laid down on the bed on his side with his back facing Mitch.

Mitch turned out the light and got into bed behind Candy, and snuggled up behind him as close as he could. He pulled Candy's ass, snug up against his cock. Candy didn't resist, but he said, I thought you said we weren't...Mitch cut him off and said, We aren't. Just stay right like you are. Candy froze, staying as still as possible.

Mitch put one hand on Candy's shoulder and used his other hand to guide his cock between Candy's asscheeks. Candy gasped, Mitch, please. I'm not ready for that yet. Mitch shushed him, saying, It's OK, I am not going to do that. Mitch didn't penetrate Candy's hole. He slid his cock between Candy's cheeks like his ass was a bun, and his cock was a hotdog.

Mitch moved his body, so his cock moved up and down between Candy's asscheeks. There see, that's OK, isn't it? He said. Candy moaned, Mmmmmm. Mitch pushed his cock deeper between Candy's cheeks until it was rubbing against his hole. Candy really liked that.

As Mitch kept sliding his cock up and down between Candy's asscheeks, his moans got louder and faster, and his breathing got more shallow. Mitch reached around and slowly stroked Candy's cock. He gradually stroked him faster and faster. He sped up his strokes between his asscheeks too. He wanted them both to cum at the same time, and soon they were doing just that.

Candy was shooting cum all over his own stomach, and Mitch was shooting his cum all over Candy's back. Mitch kept jerking Candy's cock until he stopped cuming and kept sliding his cock between his asscheeks until his own cock stopped cuming.

Soon they were both fast asleep. Mitch's hand wrapped around Candy's cock, and his cock still wedged between Candy's asscheeks, Candy's chest and back covered in cum.
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