Mitch and Candy pt3
Mitch was the first to wake up the next morning. He kissed Candy on his back and shoulders and then brought his sticky cum covered hand from Candy's cock up to Candy's mouth.

Mitch whispered in Candy's ear, "Wake up, sweety."

As Candy started to moan Mitch slid a cum covered finger into Candy's mouth. Candy instinctively sucked it clean. He moaned afterward and said, "God, I thought last night was a dream."

Mitch kissed Candy's cheek from behind and said, "Mmm, no it wasn't a dream baby. Did you like what we did Candy?"

Candy twisted himself around until he was facing Mitch and he kissed him and said, "I loved it but I want to do more, much more."

Mitch kissed him back and said, "Get up and get on all fours like a good boy."

Candy quickly did as Mitch told him. Once Candy was in position Mitch got behind him and spread his asscheeks. Candy tried to look back to see what he was doing and Mitch gave him a hard slap on his ass with his hand and told him, "Eyes front and keep them there!"

Candy quickly stared ahead and wondered what Mitch was going to do. Without warning, Mitch gave Candy another hard slap on his bare ass with his hand.

Candy didn't cry out. He learned not to from all the spankings he got in the orphanage. If you cried out when you got spanked you only got more spanks and harder.

Mitch spanked Candy's ass until it was beet red. He then rubbed his face all over his asscheeks feeling the warmth on his face.

Mitch moaned and pulled his face away from Candy's ass and said, "My God, I miss doing that to a hot sexy ass. I didn't hurt you too much, Did I Candy?

Choking back tears Candy said, "No, I loved it."

Mitch put his hands on Candy's waist and in and licked and planted kisses all over his sore red asscheeks. Candy moaned and said he loved it. When Mitch spread his asscheeks and touched his virgin hole with his tongue Candy squealed like a schoolgirl.

When Mitch penetrated Candy's virgin hole with his tongue Candy moaned and begged him to go deeper. Mitch slowly pushed his tongue into Candy's virgin hole as far as he could and then flicked his tongue in and out of his ass as fast as he could.

Candy moaned, "Ohhh, Goddd! That feels sooo gooddd!

Candy could stay on all fours, he collapsed onto the bed, lying face down. Mitch gave him a minute to recover then placed his hands on Candy's hips and positioned him so his ass was in the air.

Mitch asked Candy if he liked his tongue in his ass. Candy just moaned.

"Well, I have something for that sweet, sexy ass of yours baby," he said.

Candy thought, "He's going to fuck me with his cock now. I don't know if I am ready for that."

Candy felt Mitch squirt some lube in his asshole. Mitch gently ran his hands over Candy's asscheeks and said, "Just relax sweety."

Next, he felt pressure at his virgin hole. He wasn't sure what it was.

There was a little pain when Mitch tried to push it into Candy's ass but again he didn't complain or resist. Mitch had enough experience with anal sex, giving and receiving to know it must be hurting Candy, trying to shove his finger in his ass.

Mitch told Candy, "Bear down like you are trying to go to the bathroom and I can get it in and the pain won't be so bad."

Mitch wanted Candy's first anal experience to be an enjoyable one. Candy did as Mitch told him and the pain wasn't as bad and his finger went it but it was still a tight fit.

Mitch slid his finger into Candy's ass in one slow continuous motion without stopping until it was all in. Mitch just left his finger in Candy's ass and wiggled it around.

"Do you like that my pet?" Mitch asked.

Candy just moaned. There was some pain, but he wasn't going to complain. He had heard that the first time you were fucked in the ass the pain is replaced by pleasure.

Candy had a high tolerance for pain so he knew he could hold out until it started to feel good. Besides, Mitch liked playing with his ass, and he wanted to make Mitch happy. Mitch began to slowly finger Candy's ass.

He asked Candy, "You like that, don't you baby?"

Again Candy just moaned. He could only imagine the pain he would feel when Mitch fucked him with his cock. The pain would be almost too much to bear since he had a monster cock.

After a couple of minutes of finger fucking Candy's ass Mitch said, "I think you are ready for the real thing, don't you baby?"

Candy managed a weak, "Yes."

Mitch said, "Reach around and spread your sexy asscheeks for me like a good boy."

Mitch went to the nightstand and got out the tube of lube and put the tip of the tube in Candy's asshole and squeezed a generous amount in. Then he squeezed some out into his hand and lubed up his cock. Candy was so tight he needed a lot of lube.

Candy again did as Mitch told him. He could feel the tip of Mitch's cock at his virgin hole. He bore down again like he did when Mitch shoved his finger up his ass. Mitch put just the tip of his cock into Candy's ass and he let out a gasp and Mitch asked him if he was ok.

Candy steeled himself against the pain and said, "I'm fine."

Mitch said, "Ok. I'm going to shove more in."

Candy bit his lower lip so hard as Mitch shoved his cock into his ass in one continuous motion that he almost drew blood. Tears were streaming down his face but he didn't make a sound.

"Ahh, so fucking tight baby! Are you sure you're ok? Mitch asked him.

Candy managed a moan.

"See, I told you that you would like it, honey. My God! I can't remember when I have been in such a tight hole, maybe never. I think I will stay in here for a little while," Mitch said.

Every fraction of an inch Mitch moved his cock in Candy's ass hurt like hell, but again he said nothing. He just hoped it would start feeling good soon.

Mitch told him, "Bear down like you are trying to go to the bathroom again sweety."

"But what if..." Candy started to say.

Mitch cut him off before he could finish and said, "Hey, it's just us here and it wouldn't be the first time I had it happen from fucking somebody in the ass. Now on the count of three bear down and I will pull my cock out ok?"

Candy said, "Ok."

Mitch started counting, "One...two...three."

Candy bore down as hard as he could and Mitch slowly pulled his cock out, leaving just the head in Candy's ass. Candy thought, "Mitch is right, the pain isn't so bad."

Mitch waited a minute to give Candy a breather then asked, "Ready for me to put it back in baby?"

Candy said, "Yes sir."

"Ok, bear down just like before, I am going to put it back in without stopping," he said.

Mitch didn't count to three this time he just started shoving his cock into Candy's ass. It went in easier this time. Too easy. Candy knew that Mitch liked to fuck a tight asshole so he stopped bearing down. He knew it would hurt like hell but he wanted to make Mitch happy.

Mitch either didn't notice or didn't care because he didn't stop or say anything. Once he was in Candy's ass balls deep again he just stayed there for a split second and was pulling out again. He started fucking Candy faster, harder. It finally started to feel good for Candy.

"Fuck me, Mitch, fuck my ass good! Shove your cock in me deep! I'm your little bitch boy!" Candy begged.

Mitch sped up fucking his ass.

"Harder Mitch, please! Candy begged.

"So, you like being my bitch huh Candy? Mitch asked him.

"Yes! God, yes! Cum in my ass!" Candy begged.

Mitch reached up and grabbed a handful of Candy's hair and pulled his head and upper body up off the bed so his back was touching Mitch's chest. Mitch kept fucking him and whispered in his ear, "You like my cock in your ass, don't you bitch."

"Yes, yes! Candy practically screamed.

"Tell me what you are Candy," Mitch whispered in his ear again.

"I'm a bitch," Candy cried.

"Whose bitch?" Mitch asked.

"Your bitch, daddy!" Candy cried again.

Candy couldn't believe how much he loved being treated like this. He never in a million years could have believed that being fucked in the ass by an older man could feel this good. He didn't want the feeling to end.

Mitched shoved Candy back down on the bed again and started fucking him as hard and as deep as he could. Candy could feel Mitch's cum filled balls slapping against his ass.

"Mmm, baby! Daddy is going to cum in his little boy's ass!" Mitch told him.

His words were barely out of his mouth before he was filling Candy's ass to overflowing with his cum. Once Mitch had cum until he couldn't cum anymore he collapsed his full weight on top of Candy. Being as puny as he was Candy couldn't hold up under Mitch's weight and his body went flat.

Mitch just laid there on top of Candy breathing hard, trying to catch his breath. He laid there until his cock went limp and slipped out of Candy's ass. He then propped himself up using his forearms so he wasn't laying on top of Candy anymore.

He then leaned down and whispered in Candy's ear, "That was fantastic baby. Maybe the best fuck ever."

Candy smiled, he was glad he had made MItch happy.

"Now, why don't you get up and clean my cock off like a good boy?" Mitch said.

Mitch then got up and sat on the edge of the bed and Candy eagerly got on his knees and in front of Mitch. Mitch's cock was all sticky with cum but Candy didn't hesitate, he wrapped his hand around it and started to lick the cum from the tip.

Mitch looked down at him and smiled and said, "No hands."

Candy let go of Mitch's cock and put his hands behind him

"That's a good boy," Mitch told him.

Candy used his tongue to lick the cum from Mitch's shaft and Mitch told him, "Don't forget my balls sweety."

Candy eagerly took one of his balls in his mouth and sucked it clean and then did the same to the other ball. He sucked them both until there wasn't a drop of cum left on them.

Next Candy took Mitch's cock into his mouth and sucked it clean. Mitch then asked Candy, "Do you want to fuck my ass sweety?"

Candy didn't know what to say so he just said, "If you want me to."

Mitch stood up and had Candy get to his feet. He kissed Candy on the lips and said, "I asked if YOU wanted to."

Candy thought for a moment, "It might be fun." So he said, "Sure," with a red blushing face.

Candy's cock was bigger than any Mitch had ever had in his ass before. Mitch got on all fours and he looked back at Candy and said, "You need to use a lot of lube, I have never had a cock as big as yours in my ass before."

Mitch saying that made Candy feel good. Mitch said, "Do just like I did when I fucked you. Squirt some lube in my ass then finger me to lube me up good."

Candy gladly did as Mitch told him. Candy shoved his index finger up Mitch's ass and Mitch let out a low moan. Candy started out by fingering him slowly at first then Mitch begged him to go faster. Candy was happy to oblige.

As Candy fingered his ass Mitch pushed his ass back onto his finger every time he shoved it in him. Mitch then begged Candy to fuck him with his cock.

Without having to be told Candy squirted some lube into his hand and stroked his cock a couple of times for extra lube. He then slapped Mitch's ass hard and asked, "Do you really think you deserve to be fucked?"

"Yes, I do! Please fuck me!" Mitch begged.

Mitch reached back and spread his asscheeks with both hands Candy touched the head of his cock to his hole then told him, "Push back on my cock, make it disappear in your ass."

"Yes, master!" Mitch said and slowly pushed back making Candy's cock disappear like Candy told him.

Candy was amazed at how good it felt as Mitch slowly pushed his ass back onto his cock. If he had known it felt this good to fuck a guy in the ass he would have hooked up with some of the boys at the orphanage when they offered to let him fuck them.

Once Candy's cock was in Mitch's ass up to his balls Mitch looked back at Candy and begged, "Fuck me like the slut I am Candy, please!

Candy smiled and put his hand on MItch's hips and said, "Ok, I'll fuck daddy's ass if that is what he wants."

"That's what daddy wants," Mitch begged.

Holding Mitch's hips he slowly pulled his cock from Mitch's ass, all but the head then he slowly slid it back in up to his balls again. After he did this about half a dozen times Mitch begged Candy to fuck him harder. Candy gave him a hard slap on his ass and told him to shut up.

Candy said, "Put your head on the bed and your ass in the air, like a good slut."

Mitch quickly and eagerly did as Candy told him. Until now Mitch had been on all fours. Now his arms were lying at his sides on the bed. Candy fucked Mitch's ass with long slow strokes a few more times, teasing him.

Candy then slammed his cock into Mitch's ass as hard and as fast as he could, then asked Mitch, "You want me to fuck you like that?"

Mitch said, "Yes, but faster, please, faster!

Candy was more than happy to accommodate him. He started to fuck  him in fast short strokes, only shoving about half his cock into Mitch's ass. Mitch loved it.

He kept saying, "Fuck my slutty ass hard baby!

Whenever candy was close to cumming he would slow down and fuck Mitch in long slow strokes. He wanted to make the pleasure last as long as possible. Mitch was now begging Candy to cum in his ass. Candy decided it was time. He wanted to see what it felt like to cum in a guy's ass.

Candy started to fuck Mitch's asshole as hard and as fast as he could. It didn't take long for him to cum. Candy shot spurt after spurt into Mitch's hole.

"Yeah, fill my hole with your cum baby," Mitch cried.

Once Candy was done cumming in his ass, Mitch rolled over onto his back and said, "Fuck me again baby."

Candy got into position and slid his cock into Mitch's ass again. Fucking him in long slow strokes again. Mitch pulled Candy's face to his chest and put a hand on the back of Candy's head and maneuvered a nipple into Candy's mouth. Candy gladly sucked it. Both of them moaning.

Candy raised his head up from Mitch's chest and as he slowly fucked his cum filled ass he wrapped a hand around Mitch's cock and jacked him. He looked up into Mitch's eyes and smile and said, "Cum for your little boy daddy."

Mitch just moaned.

"Cum on, if you want me to cum in your ass again you need to cum for me," he said.

Mitch had his arms at his sides on the bed clutching the bedsheet in his fists and said, "I'm... Trying!"

Sloppy sounds were cumming from Mitch's ass since it was already overflowing with Candy's cum. Every time Candy shoved his cock into Mitch's ass some cum squirted out and onto the bedsheet. Candy jacked Mitch's cock as fast as he could.

"Come on, I don't cum again until you do," Candy told him.

All of a sudden Mitch shot cum from his cock. It shot so high it hit Candy in the face. Candy's hand and face were now covered with Mitch's cum. Candy brought his cum soaked hand to Mitch's mouth. Mitch licked it clean without having to be told. He moaned and licked every last drop of his own cum from Candy's hand. Sucking on each finger.

Just as Mitch was licking the last drops of his own cum from Candy's fingers Candy shot another big load into Mitch's ass. Not all of it went into Mitch's ass this time. Only about half made it into Mitch's ass.

As soon as Candy started to cum he pulled his cock from Mitch's ass and sprayed his stomach with his cum. It shot so high that Mitch got a facial, which he loved. Mitch open his mouth to try and catch some of Candy's cum in his mouth as he kept shooting his cum onto his face.

Candy then licked up his own cum from Mitch's stomach and face cleaned of cum they kissed for a few minutes. Mitch then told Candy, "That was fantastic baby! I haven't enjoyed a fuck that much in my life!"

Candy Just smiled and blushed.

"Now I think you need to clean all your cum from my asshole and off the bedsheets," Mitch said.

Candy didn't hesitate. Mitch got on his knees and turned around and put his ass right in Candy's face. He then reached back with both hands and spread his cheeks and said, "Eat up baby!"

Candy said, "Yes, Daddy!"

Then he put both hands on Mitch's hips and buried his face between his asscheeks and started lapping up his own cum out of Mitch's asshole with his tongue. Mitch just kept asscheeks spread and moaned. candy was making all kinds of slurping sounds. It was such a turn-on Mitch thought he was going to cum again.

Once Candy had cleaned every drop of his cum from Mitch's asshole he had him turn over onto his back again so he could clean his cock and balls of cum that had run out of his ass.

Just as Candy was about to take Mitch's cock into his mouth Mitch said, "Hey, Let's get into the sixty-nine position, do each other at the same time."

Candy smiled and said, "You read my mind."

Mitch wanted to be on the bottom so he had Candy get into position on top of him. Candy laid on top of him and waited for Mitch to take his cock into his mouth and then he took Mitch's cock into his mouth. As they sucked each other Mitch grabbed Candy's asscheeks with both hands and pulled him to him so he could take all of his cock down his throat.

As he sucked on Candy's cock Mitch spread his asscheeks and fucked his ass with a finger from each hand. Candy sucked Mitch's cock and moaned.

As Candy enjoyed taking Mitch's cock down his throat and having Mitch such him and finger his ass, he thought, "God, I don't ever want this to end. I could stay with MItch forever."

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