Mom's New Life
After grieving for almost a year and one half, after my father passed. My mother finally came out of her shell. She started her new life slow but became more active in the gated community where she lived. I was happy to see her the company of others after that long period being done with the world.

I found out she actually went out on a date with a man from the community. I guess it can be a little overwhelming when a strange man comes on to you after that many years of marriage. I did know she had a short affair early in their marriage, but that was more of a quickie than a real relationship. I knew because I heard her and my father arguing about it. You would think they would forget about it rather than keep bringing it up. It certainly didn't bother their sex life. As a teenager, I heard many a night their bed squeaking like crazy.

I know that I got my figure from my mother as my father's side of the family was pretty flat-chested. My mother still had a good figure, and it didn't surprise me that the men in the community were hitting on here, once she came out of her shell.

"Honey, I am surprised men my age are so horny."

"Mom, any of them clean out the cobwebs down there."

"Carol, how could you ask your mother that?"

"Mother, we are two grown women. I am sure we can confide in each other about our sex life."

"It would be different."

I knew my mother knew about my bisexuality but never has said a word of acceptance or judgment. She just let my brother and me do what we wanted when it came to sex. I really don't know if she knows about my brother's wife or her granddaughter. I am certainly not going to be the one that tells her that they are bi also.

"Mom, do you have a favorite among your dates."

"What do you mean by favorites?"

"Are you sleeping with one yet?"

"With two actually. What do you think of that, Miss Hot Panties?"

"Two! Once you get going, you are a hot mamma."

"They came on to me as a pair. Ted and Ben were different. It was almost like a tag team match in that wrestling stuff."

"I would imagine that it can be difficult to handle."

I watched my mother as she relayed her thing with Ted and Ben. Telling me, they came the first time together and always did, but never individually. Her excitement portrayed her. Any negative comment she would have made at that point would be ignored by me.

"They would talk about me, how gorgeous I looked, right in front of me. Even talking about my body in the most descriptive terms."

"Mom, that is sexy."

"I expected one of them to at least kiss me the way they were talking, but neither of them did."

It is evident to me by the way she was describing it that the two gentlemen were setting her up for a threesome. When she told me they bought her a see-through teddy but never asked her to wear it, I knew these two older men were good at making an older woman feel wanted. I was getting horny myself wanting to hear that she fucked them.

"The next time they called to come over, I put on the damn thing and looked in the mirror. My old breasts were totally exposed, and the crotch of it was pulled up into my lips down there."

"Mom, you can call it your pussy with me. What happened when they saw you?"

"Ben, look at what we got here. I told you she would look hot in it."

"Damn, that is fuckable, Ted."

"Well, dammit, Ted, ask the woman if she wants to have two horny men make her bedroom dreams come true."

Mom told me that Ted came to her and kissed her for the first time, while she stood there in the teddy and thigh high stockings. Ben started taking pictures of her and Ted. She told me that she never felt this horny with my father. She said she felt for his penis and took it out of his pants and held it while he kissed her.

"Ted, how about me? Is it my turn?"

Mom said she was surrounded by two men who wanted to do her, and she was more than willing. She lay on my father's and her bed, and let two gentlemen fuck her until she was exhausted. During that afternoon, she said she gave them both oral sex, but they did nothing oral to her, which disappointed her.

"Mom, are they still doing you."

"At least once a week."

"But nothing oral on you?"

"No, and I miss that part. Your father was very good at it."

I was somewhat jealous of my mother at this point, hoping a couple of men would treat me the same way.

"Mom, I am pretty sure there are plenty of women in this community who would be more than happy to go down on you. With your body, they would love it."

"I know, I know."

The way she responded to that statement, she apparently had already been propositioned by some woman. She just hadn't decided to take that step. I decided to finally open up about my bisexuality. I said, "Mom, daddy may have been good, but there is nothing like a woman going down on you."

"Honey, I always wondered why you went that way when I know you were sleeping with women while being married to Will."

"It is just better, mom. Now tell me, who is the woman that has propositioned you?"

"Mrs. Carter."

"Effie Carter! Oh wow! Who would have thought. The men call her Miss Prude."

"Well, let me tell you..."

My mother then told me how she went on a sightseeing bus tour with the community, and Effie Carter sat down in the seat next to her. Mom never expecting anything out of the ordinary with the reputation Effie had in the community.

"At the first stop, exploring some cave, in which I had no interest. The driver a nice looking black man, told us it would last about an hour. He saw me roll my eyes and winked at me. As we got off the bus, he called me back to the bus."

Mom told me how she slipped away to the group, and he said to her that he would be on the bus with the air conditioner running, and if I wanted to come back from the group, he would like that. She said she did just that and boarded the bus once again.

"Glad your back, May. Go on to the back of the bus, I have something to show you."

"Oh, mother, you didn't. You are getting a little rambunctious in your old age."

She told me she went to the back of the bus, and there was a bench seat across the back. She sat down, the driver followed her back. Looking up, he had his penis in his hand.

"Would you like to hold this, May?"

She told me she did, as it was a cock like she had never seen in the flesh. It was heavy and hard. She said she tried to put it in her mouth, but she only succeeded in licking the head. Eventually, she did get the head in her mouth. She told me after a few minutes, he stood up and had her lean back on the bench seat. He pushed up the skirt of her sundress and pulled her panties down. He got down on his knees and proceeded to give her pussy a workout. He made her cum. She said it was so wonderful and it had been so long. She loved it. They then traded places, and he pulled her on him. She straddled him, and he worked his cock into her pussy. She rode him until he came. She said she never been filled up like that ever.

"Mom, you are a whore."

"Yes, just like my daughter."

When the group came back to the bus, Effie inquired what happened to her. When Effie sat down next to her, mom thought that she could either smell him on her or just the smell of sex. Effie spent the next ride to the attraction talking to her, while she touched her for emphasis for everything she said. Either her leg was the target or her arm. Her hand always placed on her leg with a swipe of her thumb on mom's leg. Mom's arm was held with the back of Effie's hand pressed against the halter top of her sundress. Effie spent the rest of the trip staring at her cleavage.

The trip came to an end, and getting off of the bus, the driver whispered to her, "Never told you before, but great tits, May." Effie wanted to know what he said, and mom said he just thanked her for the tip. Oh god, what a tip it was. Effie then asked mom if she would take her home, or else she would have to call a cab. Being they were going the same way, mom told her yes. When they got to Effie's house, she invited mom in for a cold drink. Mom said she was probably still in a dreamworld of getting ate on the bus. Mom told me that she planned to go on every bus trip available that he was driving, and planned to fuck him with every stop they made. My mother, the whore, liked the BBC.

When mom entered Effie's home, she sat in the rec room as Effie went to get the cold drinks. When Effie returned, she was carrying the glasses and had left her dress and bra in the kitchen. The only thing she had on was panties and a garter belt holding up high thigh hose. Effie handed her the drink and kissed mom. Mom surprised herself and took the big step. Effie kept kissing her and feeling her, undoing her dress and unhooking her bra until they were both equally dressed. She pushed mom on the couch, and mom was ready, so she opened her legs, and Effie ate her pussy eagerly.

Mom was openly excited talking about Effie going down on her. She apparently fell in love with it, and Effie was a regular guest at mom's. What surprised me the most was that she went down on Effie and loved every minute of it. The way she talked about it got me wet. I had to ask, "Mom, would you like me to go down on you?"

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