Mom Invites Her Brother's Family for a Sex Party
[Story] Mom Invites Her Brother's Family for a Sex Party

Yesterday evening my Mom said to me, "Melissa, my brother Paul, his wife Cindy and their son Andy are coming over at nine o'clock for another sex party like we had last month. Make sure there is plenty of ice in the recreation room bar because you will be making drinks for everyone again. Your brother Michael should be just about done setting up the video cameras so we can make another DVD."

"Mom, can we switch partners this time? Last month I was with my cousin Andy and you were with your brother. Can I be with your brother Uncle Paul instead? Would that be okay with you?"

She replied, "That fine with me. I watched Andy masturbating last time while I was dancing naked in front of him. I could tell that he really wants to give his Aunt a good fucking."

"Mom, how old is Uncle Paul?"

She replied, "Well, I am thirty eight, so that makes him thirty six. His wife Cindy is the same age and their son Andy is eighteen."

"I think Aunt Cindy is very pretty. Do you?"

She replied, "Yes, she is beautiful and has a fantastic body. One of the first things that I am going to do after they arrive is take her clothes off. Okay, that is enough questions for now. Let's finish our shower together then get dressed for the evening."

Mom and I got out of the shower and dried ourselves off then I went to my bedroom. I selected a white sleeveless blouse, a pale blue mini-skirt and matching color thong panties then got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. I made several trips back and forth from the kitchen to the recreation room carrying ice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, tomato juice and stuff like that to make mixed drinks for everyone.

After I was done, I walked around the room to make sure it is ready. I really like our recreation room. It is very big, but comfortable and intimate at the same time. It has an old wooden bar with six bar stools, a billiard table and three big leather couches for people to view the huge television. I turned on the television and used the remote to select an adult channel. Immediately on the screen was a beautiful young girl having sex with three older men.

Suddenly, I heard my brother Michael yell, "Mom, your brother is here!"

I ran to the living room just as Uncle Paul and has family were coming into the house. My brother and I greeted them then Mom came downstairs. I remember how beautiful she looked wearing her sexy little white dress. The fabric of the dress is so sheer that you can see right through it, so it was easily noticeable that she was not wearing a bra or panties.

Anyway, she went up to her brother and gave him a long tongue kiss then gently pushed him away from her and walked over to her nephew Andy. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips then said, "You are going to my date for the evening. Do you have any objections?"

Andy replied, "No complaints from me. I will be your date anytime you want."

Mom grasped his hand and led him to the recreation room then my brother and Aunt Cindy followed behind them. I looked at Uncle Paul and said, "I hope you are not mad that Mom and I decided to switch partners for the evening. It was my idea, so if you want to be with Mom then just tell me and you can be with her instead."

Uncle Paul replies, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now. Last month I fucked my beautiful tall slender sister for the first time and now I get to fuck her smoking hot skinny daughter."

I took a couple of steps back from Uncle Paul then unbuttoned my blouse and let it slide down off my arms revealing my perky little boobs then unzipped my skirt and let it fall to my ankles. I stepped out of my skirt then said to him, "Okay, I am ready. Escort me to the party."

Uncle Paul just stood there looking at me wearing only my thong panties for a long time, so I turned around and started walking away from him. When I was almost out of the living room, I looked over my shoulder and noticed he was checking out my firm naked ass cheeks slowly moving up and down with every step I took. I smiled then said, "Uncle Paul, are you coming to the party or not?"

He snapped out of his trance then began running towards me. I screamed with delight than began running down the long hallway. As I ran into the recreation room I joyfully screamed again then went over behind the bar and said, "Okay, who wants a drink?"

Everyone took a seat at the bar and I spent the several minutes making mixed drinks for everyone. We spent about a half hour sitting around talking and drinking then Mom got off her bar stool and walked over to Cindy. She said to her, "Would you like to dance?"

Cindy accepted, so Mom said to me, "Melissa, turn off the television and put on some sensuous dance music."

Mom took Cindy's hand in hers and they walked over to the small dance floor in front of the couches. The rest of us continued drinking as Mom and Cindy held each other tight and kissed while slowly dancing.

After a couple of songs Mom gently pushed Cindy away from her and took a step back. She reached out and unbuttoned Cindy's blouse then Cindy relaxed her arms and let it slide down to the floor. Mom then unzipped Cindy's skirt and pushed the skirt and panties down to her ankles. Cindy stepped out of them then turned around so Mom could unclasp her bra.

All eyes in the room were on Cindy's beautiful naked body as she turned around to face us. Mom reached out with both of her hands and began fondling Cindy's big firm breasts with their hard nipples. After a short while Mom put her arms around Cindy and began kissing her while running her hands all over her gorgeous naked body.

Suddenly, Mom got down on her knees and buried her face in Cindy's pussy!

Cindy started going wild with pleasure as Mom kept flicking her tongue in an out of her. Mom has a really long tongue and I know from experience how it feels.

Anyway, Cindy grabbed the back of Mom's head with both her hands and started humping her face!

Cindy began shouting, "Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm going to orgasm any second now! Please don't stop! Oh my God."

Suddenly, Cindy became still and her body was trembling. Mom gave her an orgasm!

That was too much for my brother Michael to take, so he hopped off his bar stool and ran over to the dance floor. He quickly stripped naked then picked up Cindy in his powerful arms and carried her to one of the big leather couches. He laid her down on it then mounted her missionary style and they began fucking.

Cindy said, "Oh God your big cock feels so fucking good inside me. Fuck me Michael. Fuck you Aunt Cindy. Give your Aunt Cindy a good fucking. Fuck her good. Fuck her!"

Because we were at the bar it was difficult to see them, so we picked up our drinks and went over to watch. Uncle Paul stood next to me and gently fondled my firm little ass cheeks while we watched my brother Michael fuck his wife Cindy.

After five or six minutes Michael started picking up speed and was giving Aunt Cindy's pussy a really good pounding. Her breasts were flopping wildly around on her chest and she was screaming, "Oh my God I'm going to cum again!"

Suddenly, Michael abruptly stopped fucking Aunt Cindy and ejaculated in her. Aunt Cindy closed her eyes and I could see her whole body tremble again. Michael waited a few moments then pulled his cock out. I helped Aunt Cindy up from the couch and we all went back to the bar for another drink.

After a while Mom stood up and asked Andy if he wanted to play a game of pool. He accepted, so Mom racked the balls and let Andy go first. His first shot didn't knock any balls into pockets, so it was Mom's turn to go next. Mom looked at Andy and said, "I like to play pool naked. Would you mind if I took my dress off?"

Andy immediately replied, "I was hoping you were going to say that."

Mom unbuttoned her dress then let it slide down her arms onto the floor revealing her lean toned beautiful body. She picked up the dress and threw it over on a chair then got into position to make her first shot. She leaned over the table and her big firm breasts with their hard brown nipples hung down giving all of us an excellent view of them.

After a while Mom had to lean over and stretch way out across the table. The position really showed off her shapely round ass and Andy finally got the courage to touch it. Mom just remained leaning over the edge of the table for a little while as Andy ran his hands all over her naked backside.

I could tell that Mom was enjoying the touch of her nephew Andy's hands on her bare skin. She waited a minute then stood up straight and turned around to face him. She unzipped his pants then reached inside and released his cock from his briefs. It sprang out and she began jacking him off.

Mom looked directly into Andy's eyes and said, "Honey, are you ready to give me a good fucking?"

Andy immediately replied, "I sure am. Let's go over to the couch."

Mom said, "No, I don't want to go over to the couch. Let's do it right here so everyone can sit at the bar and watch us."

Mom then turned around then leaned over the edge of the pool table and supported herself on her elbows. Andy quickly took off his clothes then stepped behind her. He moved his cock up and down her pussy a few times then we all watched as his cock slowly disappeared inside her pussy. They began fucking and a few minutes later Mom excitedly said, "Andy, start pulling my hair and slapping my ass!"

Andy immediately grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back then slapped her ass several times. A few minutes later Mom's ass cheeks had red hand prints all over them and Andy was really giving her a good fucking.

Suddenly, Andy urgently said, "I am going to cum any second now. Can I cum inside you?"

Mom yelled back, "No, I want you to do it in my mouth!"

She pushed Andy away from her then quickly got down on her knees. Andy shoved his cock into her open mouth and began feverishly fucking her face. Within just a few seconds he abruptly stopped and ejaculated.

A few moments later Mom leaned back and his cock popped out of her mouth. She swallowed several times then he helped her to stand up then they came over to the bar and ordered another drink.

We sat around for a while talking and drinking then Uncle Paul said to me, "Well Melissa, it looks like our turn is next. Are you ready?"

I took off my panties and walked around the bar to where Aunt Cindy was sitting. She swiveled around in her chair then I stepped between her legs and we began passionately tongue kissing each other. After a while I began kissing her neck and worked my way down to her breasts. I spent a long time with each of them gently sucking and biting their hard nipples.

Suddenly, I bent over at the waist and buried my face in her pussy!

I sucked her clit and flicked my tongue in and out of her for a couple of minutes then stood up straight. I looked into Aunt Cindy's eyes and asked, "Are you sure it's okay with you if I let your husband fuck me?"

Cindy smiled then said, "I'm looking forward to watching you two in action. On the way over tonight he mentioned that he would love to fuck that skinny body of yours."

I gave her a quick kiss then walked over to the billiard table and sat on the edge with my legs wide apart to show off my smooth shaved pussy to everyone. Uncle Paul finished his drink then came over to me and took his clothes off. I leaned back on my elbows then he buried his face in my pussy and started sucking my clit. I watched him for a while then gently pushed him away from me and said, "Do you see those two brick construction blocks over there in the corner that are about eight inches tall?"

He replied, "Yeah, I saw them earlier and wondered why you have them in the recreation room."

I said, "Bring them over here by the billiard table and set them down about two feet apart."

Uncle Paul did like I said then I stepped up onto the blocks. He smiled then said, "Oh my God, now I know what you use them for."

He stroked his cock back and forth several times to make it harder then stood between my legs. I then guided his cock inside me then we began fucking. After a short while I said, "Well Uncle Paul, how do you like fucking me in the standing position? I like other positions too, but this is my favorite."

He replied, "This is awesome. I can grab and hold on to you ass cheeks while I fuck that tight young pussy of yours."

I replied, "Uncle Paul, your cock feels so fucking good inside me. We should start having these sex parties more often."

Uncle Paul slowly fucked me for about three or four minutes then started speeding up. He began using his legs more and his powerful upward thrusts would almost lift me off the brick blocks! I started yelling, "Fuck me Uncle Paul. Fuck you sister's daughter! Fuck her! Give her a good fucking!"

Suddenly Uncle Paul stopped and I felt his big cock ejaculating inside me. A wave of illicit erotic pleasure swept through my whole body making it tingle. It was awesome!

He waited a few moments and pulled his cock out of me then I assumed my duties as bartender made more drinks for everyone.

After a while I noticed that my brother Michael was staring at my naked body and slowly masturbating. He sure is a horny bastard. He just fucked Aunt Cindy less than two hours ago and he is ready to go again!

Note: Actually, I emptied several Viagra capsules into Michael's drink about an hour earlier and did the same thing with Andy's drink. Please don't tell anybody.

I took a few steps over to Mom and whispered in her ear, "Michael wants to fuck again but I've had enough for tonight. How about taking care of him?"

Mom smiled then I walked back over to Michael and said, "Apparently you are still horny and want to fuck your

Michael replied, "Yeah."

I said, "Well, you can fuck again but it's not going to be with me. Turn around..."

Michael swiveled around on the bar stool and saw Mom standing on the brick blocks.

As he stood up and started walking towards her with his hard cock sticking straight out from his body, I looked over at Andy.

Guess what? He was staring at his naked mother Cindy while slowly masturbating.

For the next thirty minutes there was a lot of mother fucking going on!

[End of story]
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