Mom with other man(s)
I really don't know why but from like 6 monts a "fetish/dream" keeps comming in my mind every day:
I think of my mom having hot, wild, passionate sex with other man(s) than my father... and I keep wondering why?

In my fetish I always caught her having wild sex and I look through key hole or window or opened dor or I just hear her how she moans of pure plasure as that man penetrates her like a maniac! The man that fucks my mom is younger than her, taller, looks very good, muscular/atletic build, six pack, and most important with a big 8+ inch juicy, beautiful uncut cock with a huge pink head. Also his balls are huge and produce a lot of semen.
About my mom: she is almost 50, petite, short curly brown hair, cute smiley face with brown eyes and a small mouth with very sensual lips, a sexy voice, beautifull body with big boobs with almost everytime ]erected nipples], a round, beautifull bubble but ass, and a soft, tight pussywich (i can tell you from her panties scent) that smell very good. So, she is still hot and naughty; I bet likes to fuck more than ever.

How my fantasy starts:
One day, my mom said that she goes shoping to buy some clothes and "girls stuff". After several hours she comes back very happy and she shows me what she bought: some push-up bras, some sexy tops, several pairs of thightest se throught black leggings, some sexy white transparent pants, sexy high heels, bright red lipstick, red nail polish and a lot of sexy lingeri: corsets, leggings and manny others. To be honest I was surprised that she bought 20 pairs of sexyest thongs because she was very conservative and she dind't wore the.
There was a dialogue between us:

-Wow, mom! You bought some nice and sexy clothes/things
-Yes, I do
-How come?
-I just want to be more sexy and feminine...
-OH,I understand... but what about the thongs? You didn't wore them?
-Haha, yes... I think that they are sexyer and more confortable than "granny" panties and works better with new thight clothes. Also, from today I will only wear thongs]. You don't mind right? :)
-No mom, I dont!
-Good boy :*

So from now my mom is a very sexy MILF who likes man attention... me and my father, we are amazed how sexy and good she loohs at 50 yo. A lot of man on street turn theyr heads and some wisle, others tries to start conversation with her... one day I saw a young man taking a photo of her ass.
After some time, one day when my father was gone abroad with his job and I was normally on a trip, something happened and I was turning back home 2 days earlier without telling my mother. When I arrived home I heared some voices from my parents bedroom, but that male voice didn't sound like my father's... so I aproached silently and found out mom was with other man in bedroom. Then I started to look through key hole and my view was very, very strange: a young very good loking man with my mom dressed hot as hell!!! (stockings, high heels and a red sexy thong). OMG, I didn't know what to do, but because I was captivated I keept looking... and what I saw was out of this world:

They was joking, playing, cuddling like two teens... then the man undressed and I was amazed by what good he was looking and what big beautifull cock he had.They started french kissing for 5 minutes, then my mom started licking his muscles, neck and six pack like a hungry whore. He then sucked her tits and licked her thight pink wet pussy... she was already in ecstasy, moaning like there was no tommorow. After that my mom grabbed his big beautifull dick and started taking it in mouth... it almost didn't fit his head was big and juicy... It was so hot t see my mom sucking that big dick! She licked his head like it was a neverending sweet icecream on a hot summer day.

After like 10 minutes she started to ride him, but at beginning the head of his dick barelly penetrated her thight pussy. They fucked a while, then the guy putted her doggy style and started pundin her wet pussy very hard (balls deep)... she was screaming, moaning very loud, of pure pleasure. Then the guy wanted a trophy: her sexy, pink, virgin anus! Because my mom was so horny she also wanted! The guy penetrated her ass and started fucking her very hard; she was screaming, moaning, crying because of mix feelings: pain, pleasure, ecstasy. After 7 minutes the guy cummed a HUGE load of hot cum in my mom's little mouth. It was so awesome to see that huge ammount of semen on her sexy red lips and how she swallowed it all, to the last drop, like it wasn't enough for her!!! After that my mom sucked his cock for 5 minutes and they kissed!

Honestly, at beggining I didn't liked, but when I saw how hot the action was, I wanted to see more and I would not tell my dad. I was proud that my mom can be so sexy and fucked, sucked so well that big beautiful cock!

This is my fantasy. Please tell me if you like my story! (part 2 on the way)
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