Moonlight Delight (PART FOUR)
As we continue to kiss, my cock begins to reach it's full hardness again. "This is not over" I breathe into her mouth as we kiss.

My hands begin to explore her body, this time with more force. I am not VERY turned on, and I don't think I can be gentle any more.

I kiss Shannon's neck and work my tongue into the muscles. This drives her wild, and she moans loudly.

My mouth works its way to her breasts as I take a nipple into my mouth holding it with my teeth. My tongue works over its hardness. I feel the dimple in its top and try to work my tongue into it.

I slide my hand down between her legs and without ceremony or hesitation I thrust three fingers deep into her. Her belly rises as her back leaves the bed. A gasp leaves her lips and she thrusts her head back. Her neck so inviting.

"Fuck John!" she cries.

I suck harder on her nipple as I work my fingers into her, she is so tight. But I am so in need of her that I have to push it. I put in another finger. She gasps again as I push into her.

I now slow down my hand movements since I know she is stretched farther than she is used to. But her soft "oh my God, oh my God" tells me I am giving her what she wants.

Fuck it, my hand is slick from her juices and I have to do it, I tuck my thumb close to my other fingers and push into her.

It will not go. Her pussy is so tight that when I reach the point where my base thumb knuckle the resistance is so strong that I don't dare push more. So I work what I can in and out of her.

Shannon now reaches down and is grabbing my hand! She is helping guide it in and out of her pussy. "God damn John, this is so fucking good" she pants.

My cock is literally flowing with precum now. Seeing my hand move in and out of her like that in the moonlight, her hot pussy tight around it, her moans and complete compliance, my God......

"I have to have more baby" she says and pulls my hand harder.

"Are you sure baby?" I ask tenderly. A tenderness that is completely opposite of my desires.

"Yes" she says softly.

I remove her hand from mine and put it on her belly. But she takes both hands and grabs the sheets.

I push into her.

There is resistance.

My hand does not want to go in.

I push harder, my arms straining.

POP! OH MY GOD! My hand broke through the tightness with a sudden rush.

I was now kneeling there with my full hand deep inside this beautiful woman. And her body was literally shaking now. Her breath was so ragged that it sounded like she was having the biggest orgasm of her life.

(more follows)
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