Moonlight Delight (PART ONE)
Oh hell, another night where I can't sleep. It is only 2:00 and I have woken up several times already.

The ceiling fan above the bed was making little flickers of light as the full moonlight hit the spinning blades. They were not spinning fast, but enough to keep the air moving nicely. Of course all I could think about was the scene from Apocalypse Now where he was in the Hotel room in Saigon.

What a stupid thing to think about, I laughed at myself. And I then looked around the room. It always looked different at night with the lights off and only the moonlight coming in through the half open blinds.

Suddenly my mental wanderings were brought back to the immediate, Shannon. She let out a little moan and adjusted herself with a half roll, now lying on her back. She was absolutely beautiful in this light. Not that she wasn't all the time, but when she is sleeping and so peaceful, and vulnerable, she turns me on even more.

The blanket had already been kicked to the floor soon after we went to bed, and all that was left was the thin silk sheet. It lay draped across her body partially exposing one of her naked breasts and a shoulder. I could see her nipples clearly as the silk lay across them, and one of her legs was straight while the other was opened and slightly bent. The sight was wonderful.

I rolled over on my side and slowly pulled the sheet down, fully exposing her full round breasts. A lot of larger women have big breasts, but not many have as nice as hers. Hers were not only large, but full, and the placement of her nipples was perfect.

Her nipples were slightly larger than a pencil eraser, and her areolas were a bit larger than a silver dollar. Yes, perfect.

Her head was turned to the side, and her shoulder length dark brown hair fell to the pillow leaving her neck exposed. I love kissing her neck and it always makes her nipples rock hard. So I lean in and gently kiss her on the neck below the ear. She lets out a contented moan.

Her neck smells like the vanilla and coconut body lotion she likes to use, and knows I love the smell of. And I kiss her some more, trying not to wake her, but wanting to enjoy her.

I notice that indeed my kissing was making her nipples hard, they really stood out in the moonlight. I can not resist. So I begin kissing my way down her neck. I kiss where the neck meets her shoulders, and then her shoulder too. I kiss the upper part of her chest where the breast starts to rise, and the smell of her lotion is intoxicating.

I am now almost to her nipple, and I begin to just use my tongue. I gently press it into her breast and work in little circles until I get to her nipple. I wet my tongue again and slowly work around her nipple, barely brushing the hard nipple.

She lets out another soft moan.

I now wrap my lips around her nipple and gently suck it into my mouth. It is slightly salty, and that with the smell of her body lotion is wonderful. And she lets out a louder moan, and moves her hips in a small gyrating motion.

Oh my God she is so sexy. My cock begins to throb.

I now start to suck harder, taking my tongue and pressing her nipple against the roof of my mouth. This is causing her gyrations to intensify, becoming more like little hip thrusts. And I can see her tightening her ass.

This is so wonderful, but I have to have more. So I being to work my way down her belly with small kisses. I try to stay away from her sides though since she is very ticklish and i don't want her to wake up yet. But even so, her belly begins to quiver. This drives me crazy!

As I near her chubby mound, I begin to faintly smell her womanhood. The mixture of light and clean pussy, with the body lotion is beyond explanation. My mouth begins to water in anticipation of what I am about to do.

Shannon is completely shaved, and it allows me to really enjoy her completely. And I keep pushing the sheet down, now it is almost to her knees. And her one bent leg offers me a wonderful view of her pussy. She has only slightly visible lips, having the flesh create more of just a slit.

I run my tongue over the cleft, and gently push it inside. She moans again and instinctively spreads her legs wider.

The taste of her pussy is mild but noticeable. And I have to have even more.

I very carefully slide down the bed and off of it. Removing the rest of the sheet, I climb back onto the bed between her legs. And when I get to her knees I begin to kiss her inner thighs.

Working my way up to her pussy, I leave a trail of pre-cum on the bottom sheet.

When I get to where her legs and crotch meet, I take special care to kiss and lick the crease of the leg. And I also kiss her ass-cheeks.

She smells like heaven and her hip movements are driving me wild. But I want to take my time.

Now I run my tongue up her slit again. This time all the way from her asshole to her clit. She moaned much louder this time, as my tongue brushed over her now hardening clit.

I take my fingers and gently part her lips. The smooth surface of her pussy is beautiful and glistens in the moonlight. I can smell her womanness stronger now.

I kiss the smooth area inside her lips, and then take her clit into my mouth. She pushes back against me and moans again. I suck her clit and use my tongue to probe the hole. I can't help myself, and I moan with pleasure, sending vibrations into her clit and pussy.

She pushes her hips into me more and her hands reach down and touch my head. But I can tell she is still asleep though.

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