Moonlight Delight (PART THREE)
I love the way her boobs feel in my hands. They are large and firm, and didn't sag like some other larger women's breasts do. And when she is on her back they don't fall to her sides. This makes it so much easier to just bend forward and suck on her hard nipples as I fuck her. And so I do.

My cock is slamming into her as my mouth finds her nipple and I begin to suck hard. Her hands grab my head and she moans loud.

"I want to suck your cock baby" she tells me. So I stop sucking her nipple and pull out of her. Moving to the side of the bed I stand with my cock at ready. She rolls to her side and while wrapping a hand around the base of my pussy soaked cock, she slides her lips over the head. MMMMMM I moan.

She takes the head of my cock into her mouth and uses her tongue along the underside just below it. She works the glands below the head like a pro and is driving me wild. But I need more. I push my cock deeper into her mouth.

Because her hand is still wrapped around my cock, I can only get so much into her mouth. But even at that, I begin to fuck her face. My cock moving in and out of those moist red lips. Her eyes are closed and she is really enjoying this. Her hand slowly twists my cock as I pump into her mouth.

I slow down my movements to see what her reaction will be. And she instantly fucks my cock with her face at the same pace I was doing. So I stand still and watch her work my red swollen cock. She is a pro.

Then while she is sucking me, I reach down and find her pussy with my hand. She lifts her leg so I have better access. And I play with her pussy lips. Spreading them and moving her juices around.

I then take one of her lips and give it a little pinch. She moans and squeezes my cock hard with her hand.

I push her back down on the bed, which makes her let go of my cock. And she lets out a little whimper.

"Hold on baby" I reassure her. And I climb onto the bed with my knees on either side of her head. My balls are above her face and she smiles.

I lean down and begin to suck her clit. And she lifts her head up and takes my balls into her mouth. Her hands are slowly stroking my cock.

This is driving me wild. I begin to kiss all over her, her thighs, her pussy lips, her belly, her clit..... fuck Shannon makes me crazy.

I then begin to push my fingers into her tight pussy. My mouth working her clit. I am about to cum. But I don't want to yet. So I then get up and stand beside the bed again.

I spread her legs wider and begin to fuck her pussy with two fingers. My other hand is rubbing her belly and breasts. God I love her curves. Shannon has the hottest body I have ever seen. Plump, but tight, something to grab onto.

She begins to really move around now. One of her hands finds my cock again and her other one begins to work her clit. I can hear the wetness off my fingers going in and out of her and her playing with her clit.

"Pinch my nipples" she commands. And who am I to refuse? So I pinch her nipple, and pinch it hard. "OH MY GOD" she screams.

Her legs straighten out and clamp my hand in her pussy, as she raises her ass off the bed. She is making little bucking motions and her belly is rippling. Fuck Shannon is hot. She is cumming on my hand, and her hand squeezes my cock so tight I think she is going to rip it off.

"FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" she yells. Her spasms continue. "Oh my God!"

When she relaxes she looks over at me and says "Get your fucking cock over here!" And pulls me toward her. She uses both hands and works my cock as she sucks me with a passion that only Shannon can have. The moans she is making while working my cock are driving me crazy.

"Cum in my mouth baby, please cum in my mouth" she begs.

"You want it baby" I ask, knowing the answer.

"I NEED IT!" she barks back.

I begin to pump my cock in and out of her hot mouth. Her hands tugging on my cock.

I feel my balls tighten, drawing up close to my body. The head of my cock begins to swell.

Shannon takes her hands and grabs my ass and now is full on face fucking my cock, pulling me into her mouth. My cock going down her throat with every thrust.

My cock explodes into her mouth and throat! I am literally seeing stars. My legs begin to buckle and they are shaking. Eruption after eruption of hot cum is forced out of my cock. Shannon keeps sucking it as best she can. But some is working its way out of the corners of her mouth. God she is sexy.

I keep shooting into her mouth for what seems like forever. And she is now milking my cock with her hand to get as much of me as possible.

And when I stop my own spasms, I back away from her and lean down. Taking her head in my hands I kiss her on the lips. I smell my own cum, and taste its salty and tangy flavor. I use my tongue to clean up the cum that had worked its way out of her mouth.

Our tongues now fight with each other in a passion's dance. I can't get enough of her.

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