Moonlight Delight (PART TWO)
To make sure she didn't wake up yet, I eased up a little. I just ran my tongue around her now perfectly hard clit and over the smooth insides of her pussy lips. Her taste and smell was driving me crazy.

When her breathing became more normal, I began to move lower to the opening of her pussy. Her juices were really flowing now, and I could see them waiting for me to lick them up. How could I refuse?

I lapped up all of the juices and worked my tongue around the opening of her pussy. I could feel the heat from her excitement against my face. And my nose was brushing against her clit.

It was intoxicating. Pure and simple pleasure. And I bean to work my tongue into her pussy. forcing it open as I stabbed it in and out. It really gave the tendons on the underside of my tongue a workout.

But I loved fucking her with my face. I loved feeling her juices on my lips and in my beard.

Shannon began to moan again, and this time she did more than touch my head, she actively grabbed it with both hands. "Oh baby" she said, "that feels wonderful".

Her hips began to gyrate again.

Since she was now at least partially awake, there was no need to hold back. I reached my arms under her ass and legs, and as I slid back off the bed I pulled her to the edge. Her pussy and ass were now just slightly past the edge of the bed, just the way I like them!

While kneeling on the floor I now had perfect access to all of her. And I immediately went back to business. My mouth sucking her clit and then fucking her pussy. Her juices were really flowing now and they dripped down to her tight pink asshole.

I followed the trail of her juices, licking every drop. My tongue making circles around her anus. I flicked at it, my tongue making daring motions. Her legs tensed up, and she squeezed her ass in pleasure.

I could see her asshole spasm and it was telling me it wanted more. So I now pushed my tongue into it. It was so tight. I had to literally force it into her. And she moaned again as she raised her hips to meet my probing tongue.

"Oh my God" Shannon said as she pulled my head tighter into her crotch. This drove me wild!

I could not take it any more. My cock was throbbing and literally spasming on its own. It was so hard that it stood up straight and almost touched my own belly.

I stood up, making sure her legs were still on my shoulders. And I thrust into her.... hard. One long push into that steaming hot pussy. Her boobs rocked and almost hit her in the face.

A huge gasp left her lips and her eyes opened wide. She arched her back off of the bed as my cock was thrust deep inside her.

"OH MY GOD JOHN!", she nearly yelled.

I grabbed harder on her hips and began work my cock in and out of her like a piston. I could see it glistening in the moonlight each time I pulled it almost completely out of her.

Her tits were rocking with each deep thrust, and she was grabbing the bottom sheet with both hands, which now were like rock hard fists. My balls slapping her asshole each time I drove into her.

I could hear my own breathing in the still night, the squeaking of the bed as I rocked into her, her moans of passion.

Shannon was now moving her head from side to side almost in sync with my thrusts. She was licking her lips and her breath was ragged.

I reached forward and grabbed a tit in each hand. Her nipples pressed into the palms of my hands. And I began to squeeze her tits with each thrust.

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